Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

The Age Of Ancestors Doing Separation Of Spirits Instead Of Angels

Dae Mo Nim
July 7, 2002
Words at the 528th 2-Day Workshop
Chung Pyung Training Center, S. Korea

On April 4th, February 22nd on the Lunar Calendar, the Liberation Ceremony of 6,000 Years of Providential History was held. Since the date of the liberation ceremony, today is the 95th day. On the 12th of July, it will be the 100th day. Then after the 100th day, the spiritual atmosphere on earth will significantly change. So what are we doing to adjust before the 100th day comes?

Up to now, there were five angels with you, and when the workshop participants changed, the angels went inside of the members and separated spirits from the membersí bodies.

Take for example, that you attended this weekend workshop, but the following week you donít come and some other members come. No matter who comes to the workshop, the angels go into the membersí bodies and separate spirits from their bodies.

But from this hour, these angels will all go to Heung Jin Nimís training center. Therefore, I said to the angels that they worked hard. I am truly grateful. I make a prayer to pledge, and also I feel sorry for them. The reason why is that when I wanted them to quickly take out the spirits from the membersí bodies, I spoke to them in a loud voice, "Take them (spirits) out quickly."

But from now, their mission has ended and they will go to spiritual world. They will go to spiritual world, receive praises and love from God, and after a period of time, they will come back here. Until they return, you need someone to separate spirits from your bodies. Do you need someone or do you not need someone? But from now, angels will not be given. But then, who will be given? Your ancestors. Blessed ancestors will be distributed. Therefore, your ancestors who became absolute good spirits will go inside your bodies and will become ancestors who will separate spirits from your bodies.

It is very good. Why is it good. Whose relationship will be bigger? The relationship between you and your ancestors or the relationship between you and the angels? The relationship between you and your ancestors is bigger. Also, what kind of relationship exists is that among your ancestors there are ones that had a relationship with the spirits that are inside your bodies.

This is a point to worry about, but for a certain period of time the ancestors will stay at the training center even when you leave the training center. When you finish your workshop and go out of the front gate, your ancestors will come back here. And when you come next week, your ancestors will separate spirits from your bodies. Therefore, you should come frequently and separate spirits from your bodies.

Then, how many of your ancestors will go inside your bodies? Five angels went inside your bodies, but knowing that six ancestors, three couples, will go inside your bodies, you should pray earnestly.

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