Unification Sermons and Talks

by Dae Mo Nim

The Appearance of the Blessed Family for True Parents

Dae Mo Nim
January 23, 2002
Chung Pyung

True Parents taught us what the fruit of the knowledge is and that a false history was started due to eating the fruit. So God's providence of restoration was due to these causes. True Father had to go through even the suffering places that Satan could not slander to record the history of Fall in the Divine Principle.

After setting up the condition of indemnity that Satan could not accuse. Teaching us in detail what the fruit of the tree of knowledge is, True Parents made us take out the sin's root and gave us rebirth as a new men. If we do not remove evil spirits or take off the original natural of Fall because of not knowing the existence of evil and if we go to spiritual world with this condition, what would happen? Family members need to think of this. Thinking of this fact there will be many changes in the life of family members. We should always thank True Parents for the great graces and love.

In spiritual world, there will be a situation for you to kneel and deeply thank True Parents for the Blessing. True Parents gave us the Blessing that was been planned for complete people. As setting up the conditions of indemnity personally, True Parents have led us, though we were not complete.

Therefore following every life of True Parents we should make our appearance developing. Overcoming every condition of indemnity we must keep the position of "True Children" for the love of True Parents who are praying for us. Having gone through the suffering way, True Parents have set up the conditions of indemnity and gave us the Blessing. That there has been a history of suffering as a providential history of restoration, we should thank God and True Parents with folding hands.

Now, meeting the new millennium members should make your appearance with which you can be proud of yourself to history and to your descendents and even to God in spiritual world. You should do your best to have this appearance. Please remember that this is the way to be filial and to make True parents happy.

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