The Words of the Werner Family

60 members participated in a weekend-training-session

Paul and Christel Werner
December 1, 1971
Frankfurt, West Germany

Mr. Paul Werner is lecturing

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

With all the activities going on, time just flies by. We are grateful to Father and our Parents for all the blessings during the past month.

Especially on Children's Day we felt so close to all of you as we gave thanks to our Father for giving us True Parents at this time. For the celebration about 60 members of the German family gathered in Essen and also participated in a weekend- training-session. The main emphasis was put on studying the Principle in depth, but there was also time for center reports, singing and sharing and some entertainment by our family musicians. After weeks or months of hard struggle in the field a family gathering even on a small scale like this is a time of great joy and we found, that even the nights are too short to share all the experiences. Each family departed on Sunday uplifted and with a thankful heart, determined to search for Father's children still more vigorously to lead them into the true life.

Last week we were happy to welcome Mr. Sasakawa from Japan at the Frankfurt airport. During his stay in Germany we had dinner with him and very interesting talks.

60 members attend the weekend seminar

Our revival team was very active in southern Germany with great success. At present they are covering the Bonn- district, witnessing and giving out handbills to members of the government in our capitol city. Our Korean brother, Doek Whan Kim, joined them for a week and Soon-Ja Yu from Kassel for two days, participating in all their activities. They witness and preach in the streets from morning to night without food or anything to drink, carrying the posters all the time. It is extremely hard since the weather turned cold and snow-or heavy rainstorms are sweeping the country. But at night, when people come to the center to listen to Principle, their faces are aglow, as the struggle in the streets is paying off.

After working hours all our members are out in the streets, rain or shine, approaching people from all walks of life and confronting them with Principle.

The time is drawing nearer, when our True Parents will leave for their world tour. After long years of anticipation they will be with us again. We all want to be ready for their visit.

We are sending all our love to Father, Mother, the Children, Mrs. [Won Pok] Choi, to you and all the family.

In the name of Our True Parents,
Paul and Christel Werner 

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