The Words of the Werner Family

Young People Are Preaching a New Religion

Paul Werner
October 20, 1971

The following is translation of the article which was published in "Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger" on October 20, 1971, entitled `lunge Leyte predigen eine neue Religion."

Above the picture it reads: Young people are preaching a new religion.

Underneath the picture it reads: Passers-by in the Schildergasse showed great interest in the discussion about a "new religion".

It was not the Vietnam-problem nor a discussion about abortion and also nothing in the field of politics and yet crowds of people gathered in the "Schildergasse" for discussions.

A dozen young people of the "Gesellschaft zur Vereinigung des Weltchristentums" (HSA-UWC.) proclaimed a new religion, where usually advertisements take place or self-made jewelry is being offered for sale.

They present a "completely new theology" with the aim to overcome all differences between denominations and religions in the world.

With their practical hints like "be nice to each other" they hardly met with any opposition. 

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