The Words of the Werner Family

Visiting you in Korea was long cherished wish came true

Paul Werner
September 2, 1971
Frankfurt, West Germany

Dear Parents,

A long cherished wish came true, when Martin and I set foot on our homeland to meet you, Mrs. [Won Pok] Choi, President [Young Hwi] Kim and all of our brothers and sisters. I am deeply thankful to our Heavenly Father for making this visit possible. While carrying all the problems and burdens of the whole universe you always managed to take time out for us, patiently answering our many questions, showering us with the warmth of your love. We took all these experiences back with us to use grateful for everything we have heard and see. I was very much impressed by the humble dedication and service of our Korean family members and I would like to thank each one of them. Thank you, Father and Mother, also for the beautiful gifts. Christel was very happy about the gift.

We had a pleasant flight home and I used the long hours on the plane to make plans f or the German mission. Immediately upon my return to Essen on Friday morning I mobilized all the district-and center-directors to be at Headquarters the same night or early the next morning, as unfortunately the next morning, the wire I sent from Seoul reached Essen garbled. But still it worked out very well and we had the meeting on Saturday and Sunday.

After my report about the trip to Asia and especially to.-ur homeland we discussed plans concerning the future development. One of the changes was moving the German Headquarters from Essen to Frankfurt in order to work more efficiently, especially in regard to the student movement. Essen is a wonderful training center, as the facilities can accommodate many people.

The members are now working full time for the Principle and especially with students.

As soon as the meeting was over on Sunday afternoon, we loaded the cars to move to Frankfurt. On Monday morning our work with the students at the University of Frankfurt began. Most of the students will return for the fall term in October, however we had good contacts already.

On Aug. 29, 1971 we established the first Holy Ground in the university city of Aachen. This city is very important, as it is situated at the border of France, Belgium and Holland. The center of the Ground is a healthy, beautiful oak-tree, typical for Germany. At this great historical event all of us felt the tremendous high atmosphere, as the spirit world was rejoicing with us over the victory for Father. Our girl members working there for the restoration of this city were glowing with joy and gratitude to Father and to you.

Since Monday we are driving an average of six hours a day and established other Holy Grounds in Sarrbriicken (near the French border in the south-west), in Kassel (near the border of Eastern Germany) and in Freiburg (near the Swiss border). Tonight we will be in Heidelberg, tomorrow in Nurnberg, then Munich, Stuttgart etc.

We feel a great urgency and longing to reach many young people and to prepare the way for your coming. All the German family rejoiced over the good news of your leaving for America shortly. Many and varied are the conditions of preparing for your arrival, e.g. eating just plain rice for a number of days, fasting, prayer chains starting at 6:00 a.m. throughout Germany, contacting a certain number of people every day, studying principle late at night and early in the morning to become effective teachers, etc.

Father and Mother, thank you again for all your blessing. I hope, that brothers and sisters will have the privilege to be with you in our beautiful homeland in the future.

In the Name of our True Parents,
Paul Werner 

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