The Words of the Werner Family

Father made it possible for Martin Perter and Paul Werner to represent the European Family at the WACL Conference

Paul and Christel Werner
August 7, 1971
Essen, West Germany

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

Since the universities closed their door for the summer, only the streets and parks are left for witnessing activities. But here in Essen we found out, that right now more students than before are walking down "Kettwiger Strasse". Therefore some of our member, who are working for Principle full time, start witnessing there at 9:00 a.m. We have many new contacts and are happy for each person we can teach at the center, hoping that he might understand the Truth and Father's Will for him. It is always a hard battle and much indemnity has to be paid, to bring just one person into the family.

On the other hand, time is so precious, as communism is well on the way to swallow more and more nations. We are still under the deep impression of two films we got from our ministry of political education and which we showed at Headquarters. One of them was about the development of Communism in Russia, including the time of terrible persecution under Stalin, and the other one showed the life under pressure and fear in East Germany and their hope for salvation. These people would be grateful for the freedom we take for granted. We have to spread the Principle quickly to make our young people realize the danger of Communism.

We are deeply grateful, that Father made it possible for Martin Porter and Paul to represent the European Family at the WACL Conference in Manila, for the invitation to Japan and Formosa but most of all, that they may go to our Homeland to be with our Parents. We know, it is Father's work to bring about greater results in the European development for His dispensation.

On their way to Manila they were able to stop in Delhi for two days to visit Heiner Pause, our missionary to India, and his first two members -- a happy re-union with so many experiences to share.

Friedhilde Bachle, our missionary to Sweden, had to leave the country right after her return from the European Conference. Back in Germany she applied for a new entry and working permit and the Swedish Consulate told her, that within 4 to 6 weeks she might be able to return to Sweden. In the meantime, Laila, the first Swedish member, is carrying on the work, hopefully praying for her return.

An interesting report as to the percentage of people accepting the Principle reached us from Berlin. Out of 130 people studying the Principle 21 accepted the Truth, yet only 9 of them dedicated their lives to Father's Work. But the figure of people being witnessed to get 130 people to study, could not be determined. It runs into the hundreds and even thousands.

We are still continuing our witnessing on Sunday mornings in front of the Catholic churches here in Essen and in the other cities as well, right after the services. Groups of three to four members are assigned to the different parishes and we have good contacts there. Sometimes we can talk to the ministers or chaplains and some of them are really troubled as they feel the impact of the Principle. We also many books again this month, but only person to person.

Sometimes, when the streets are empty on Sunday afternoon weather permitting we drive out into the country to study Principle, to sing and share amidst Father's creation, where we enjoy the flowers and little bees, the trees and the birds, singing to glorify our Father. Full of joy and grateful for everything His hands have made, we return to the center for another week of witnessing and teaching to make known to all people, that Christ, our Savior, is on earth.

In the Name of our True Parents,
Paul and Christel Werner 

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