The Words of the Werner Family

We returned from the third European Conference in Vienna

Paul and Christel Werner
July 7, 1971
Essen, West Germany

Father has led thru another month of great activities. With a strong determination our members went out into the streets of their respective cities to witness. The Frankfurt family decided to start an all-night prayer chain, taking turns every hour, until someone accepts the Principle. Their strong faith combined with their actions had a wonderful result. After the twelfth night two boys accepted the Principle. Full of joy they gratefully expressed their deep love and thanks to Father and our True Parents. Many and varied are the conditions being made in each center to be able to bring forth more fruit for Father's Kingdom.

We have been visiting Berlin twice this month to support our large family there. Even though our girls have been attacked and persecuted by communists frequently they carry on their fight for the Father with deep conviction and great enthusiasm every day. However they have to carry some means of protection with them. It is almost unbelievable, that about 80% of the population of West Berlin has turned to communism.

We put special emphasis on our anti-communist work this month. One of our members, trained for this purpose, visited our centers one by one, holding anti-communist lectures for our members for about five hour each, followed by discussions, to inform everybody about the great and imminent danger of communism by explaining their ideology. Some districts close to Essen were invited to come to Headquarters over the weekend for anti-communist training.

As we had just acquired a new 16 mm movie projector we were able to show the films from IFVC, Japan and some films of the communist practices in the DDR (East-Germany). These films left a deep impression on our member who are resolved to fight a good fight for Father.

Two days ago we returned from the third European Conference in Vienna. Mr. Kuboki, Mrs. Kuboki and Mrs. Yoshida attended the conference for two days. We were very happy to meet them and are grateful for their inspiring talk about the progress in Japan, especially in the anti-communist field, which showed us very clearly, that we have to work quickly and effectively.

We are grateful to our parents for instituting the conference, giving us an opportunity to meet, discuss, share and plan ahead with all the national leaders in Europe to fulfill Father's dispensation. The German family supported the conference with a 120 hour prayer chain from June 24 thru June 29.

Friedhilde Bâchle, our missionary to Sweden, came to Essen with one of her girls, to drive with us to the conference. Ingrid Schneider, our missionary to Norway, stayed in Essen with part of her Norwegian family on her way back from the conference to Oslo. It has been a wonderful reunion after so many months.

Christine, one of our girls who had been kidnapped by her parents, in back at the center continuing her work for Father. She had to undergo a thorough check-up by a psychiatrist in a hospital, who found her to be perfectly normal, and therefore the parents had to let her go.

We are grateful for all our new members and are praying for those who are studying the Truth now in our centers, that they might understand Father's plan for mankind and be willing to join us in the battle.

We are with you in our thoughts and prayers especially on July 4. May our Parents be surrounded with much love and joy.

Filled with much expectation to me.t our Parents personally in the near future, our members are working hard to find Father's children.

Satan is attacking viciously causing much heartache especially to a young married couple, who gave up their home and family life to devote themselves completely to Principle. Their little two-year old girl being taken care of in our Hamburg center, has just been taken away by court action on the grounds, that the parents belong to a sect and are not leading a normal family life, thus neglecting the child. In reality of course the little girl was very well taken care of and happily growing up in our center. Satan really takes his share, but we have our Heavenly Father on our side. We know, we have to experience a little bit of what our Parents have gone thru, to be one with them.

Our prayers are always with you and all the family in Korea. May father turn all your tears and suffering into joy.

All our love to Father, Mother, the Children, Mrs., [Won Pok] Choi, to you and all our brothers and sisters everywhere.

In the name of our True Parents,
Paul and Christel Werner 

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