The Words of the Werner Family

Because of our anti-communist activities the communists met to decide whether or not they should exterminate HSA

Paul Werner
May 1971

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

This month again started with a wonderful day, the birthday of our True Parents. We could feel the joy of the birthday celebration in our homeland and we gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for sending our beloved Parents at this particular time in history. How we all longed for being with them again especially on this day.

All 21 centers in Germany are firmly established now and our members are on the go day and night to search for Father's children. You can imagine the joy at headquarters, when the telephone rings and one center after another report new members coming into the family. Here in Essen people are complaining already about being contacted a dozen times or more as we are witnessing wherever we go.

In order to find new witnessing possibilities we changed our Sunday-morning service to Saturday night. This gives us all Sunday morning to visit different churches for witnessing. We found out, that the late masses are fairly well attended by at least part of the catholic young people and we have some very good contacts there. But the protestant churches are giving us a sad picture of church life, as the services are attended by only a few old people. Good Christians agree with us, that something has to happen in our time to save mankind and are so sure, that Jesus will come back and fulfill his promise. But when we tell them the truth, they turn their backs just like the Israelites. Many people though recognize the Principle as true, but dislike to engage themselves in the big task of restoration, as they are all too satisfied with what they have, even though they admire our total dedication and engagement.

The communist situation is most alarming here in Germany. While the self-satisfied West Germans are sleeping the red ideology is being infiltrated into the Government, offices, factories etc. Practically people of all walks of life are affected, but the main targets of the communists are the universities, colleges and all other schools, to reach the youth of the country. The "Red Cells" as they are called, are causing the Government severe headaches already. They are extremely active, especially in West Berlin, where 70% of all the students follow Marxism already. In Frankfurt they counted about 3,000 active communist university students and in the cities of Bochum, Freiburg, Hamburg and Heidelberg the situation is just as bad. In all cities, incl. Essen, the "Red Flag" the official communist newspaper is being sold openly in the streets. Never before have they come out into the open like that. There is a direct confrontation of good and evil on Kettwiger Strasse now.

Because of our anti-communist activities the communist met in Bochum to decide whether or not they should exterminate HSA, in Essen, but for the time being they put off a showdown and are watching us very closely. We need more members quickly in order to be really effective in our anti-communist work, as the communist threat in West Germany is more dangerous than anyone ever dreamed of.

On February 11, we finished our third 7-month course and passed the 100-mark of active membership. Father has blessed us abundantly and the whole family united in deep thankful prayer for making all this possible thru our beloved Parents. We realized, that this is only the beginning of the great task ahead of us and we resolved to go forward totally committed with all we have and are to help build Father's Kingdom as fast as possible.

We are thankful for our new brothers and sisters. May they grow quickly to become strong warriors for Father.

We visited quite a few of our centers and found our families in good spirits, searching and witnessing day after day. New members are coming to headquarters from different centers to be trained and it is always like a miracle, to watch people change in a short period of time.

With a heavy heart we realize, what a high price the blessed families in our homeland are paying for the restoration of the world. We are always with you in spirit and Prayer. May Father give you new strength and joy every day to accomplish the mission.

We are sending our love to Father, Mother, the Children, Mrs. Choi, to you and our brothers and sisters everywhere.

In the name of our True Parents 

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