The Words of the Werner Family

It was like an invasion of God's army

Paul and Christel Werner
January 2. 1971
Essen, West Germany

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

As we are looking back the past year, we are most grateful to Father and our Parents for all the blessings. It has been a very eventful and successful year, and many things have been accomplished for Father in our homeland and all over the world.

For all of us here in Essen these past two weeks have been very exciting, as headquarters was preparing spiritually as well as physically to receive our missionaries from all parts of Germany for the holidays. They were all too happy to be home again for a few days after months of hard struggle in their mission fields. Each one of the 70 to 80 members, gathered at headquarters, had a different story to tell of what they experienced while searching for Father's children, and how Father led them and cared for them in most wonderful ways. Some of us gave their testimonies or special talks and lectures. Very intensive question and answer sessions led us deeper into Principle. As a special treat we showed movies and slides of last years and this year blessing and also from our Leader's visit in 1960. All of us, and especially our younger members, who haven't met our Parents personally yet, were overwhelmed and we felt so close to all of you in Korea and Japan.

In spite of all other activities we continued witnessing full force on Kettwiger Strass. It was like an invasion of God's family and people were very much impressed by the large number of young people working for God.

For the great day, God's Day, we prepared ourselves and the house and at 11:00 p.m. New Year's Eve we had our God's Day ceremony. Father and our Parents were really presented as we dedicated ourselves to them and to the mission in the year of 1971. The atmosphere was high as we greeted God's Day and the New Year with prayer and Korean songs.

Celebrating with us were Ase from Oslo, a member of our Norwegian family, who is spending three weeks in Essen, and Christine Redmond from the English family, who arrived a few days prior to New Year's Eve. We are happy to have them with us.

During the month of December we started a special action. Each morning at 7:00 before going to work a bus-load of our members drives up in front of big office buildings or factories. Carrying our posters (sandwiches) they distribute pamphlets -containing some major points of the Principle. The reaction of the people is very good, even though most of them are not quite awake so early in the morning. They admire the dedication and enthusiasm of so many young people shivering in the frosty morning air to work for Faller and we get remarks like: "Is this the morning paper from Heaven?" At quitting time in the evening we are standing in front of the same buildings to witness to these people. Since they have had time during the day to read the flyers, we have a good base to talk. Some of them are studying Principle now.

The goal for our third seven-month-course, which will end by Feb. 11, 1971, was to have 21 centers established in Germany. We are happy and grateful to report, that this goal has been reached before God's Day that is by the end of Dec. 1970. The six cities, which brought the total up to 21 centers are: Dusseldorf, Koln, Bonn, Aachen, Kassel and Saarbrucken. The whole family is rejoicing over the strong base for Father. Much indemnity has been and is being paid for these centers, and each missionary is experiencing the Father's heart as the bitter struggle goes on day after day.

On Dec. 29, 1970 we sent another missionary, Heiner Pause, to New Delhi, India. As we saw him off at the airport, we felt the deep need for salvation of this so heavily populated country being in the grip of Satan.

Right now 5,000 copies of the German translation of Miss Kim's "Divine Principle-Study Guide" are being printed and will be ready for distribution in a few weeks. They will be sold for DM 7, (about $ 1.75) per copy. Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu's book is being translated now.

We are especially grateful to our Japanese family for sending us the film about communism, which we also showed during period.

May we fight hard, brothers and sisters all over the world, and give our best to the Master in the year 1971.

All our love to Father, Mother, the children, Mrs. [Won Bok] Choi, to you and all the family.

In the Name of Our True Parents

Paul and Christel Werner 

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