The Words of the Werner Family

National Report on Germany

Paul Werner
October 31 -- November 2, 1970
Second European Conference
Essen, West Germany

The Master talked in 1969 of the special blessing for Germany and how he was praying for Germany. We had 30 people in the Alfred Strasse center which was full. We made an indemnity drive of 120 days of fasting for a new center. On the first day found this center. It has 1,600 sq. yards of living space, with a printing shop, photographic laboratory and washing room and workshop in the basement. We collected 20,000 Marks from a house collection to obtain it. Most of the furniture in here are gifts from people and we are very thankful to our Father for this center.

In addition we have 12 other centers in major cities including Nuremburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Bochum, Dortmund, Oberhausen, Duisburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Heidelberg and three other places. We plan five more by the end of the year. The Essen headquarters has 36 resident members with at least four visitors at any one time, Frankfurt center has 12, Berlin 5 and there are at least two in the other centers.

Our witnessing methods are simply we go on the streets and talk. Once in a while we use sandwich boards and we try to utilize a certain area to build up the spiritual vibrations there. We do many things to attract members, using pamphlets, reading out loud, praying out loud and our Sunday services which began a few weeks ago attracted twenty visitors. We sell chapters of Principle at I D. Mark and have printed 1,000. Musically we have violinists, guitarists, pianists and a ballet group of seven.

At Heidelberg our University group is called the Tongil Gruppe, and we began there with a campaign sticking 1,000 posters up around the University. We operate also in Munich, Berlin, Bochum which are also University towns.

West Berlin is difficult with many communists there.

We have tried the churches but there are mostly only old people and Satanic priests. We have three people on the Anticommunist work and they have approached the Ministry of Culture from whom they have tapes. For the WACL conference we gave out 10,000 pamphlets. Our idea is to work from all the centers at a specified time throughout the country giving out literature.

For Business our engineering office is doing well and has a turnover of 10/11,000 Marks per month. We are prepared to open anything up.


Leader: Paul and Chrystal Werner

Headquarters: 43, Essen, Adolf-Schmidt Strasse 15, Tel. (02141) 707237

In Charge Business Affairs: Paul Werner, Hans Winkler

Member In Charge Federation for World Peace and Unification: Paul Werner.

Members in Charge IFVC: Hans-Werner Spiess and Annette Bierau

No. of full time members: 74

Total No. of members: 86

Total no. of centers: 12 (+3 small)

Addresses of Other Centers

1. Gesellschaft zur Vereinigung des Weltchristentums E.V. I Berlin-Wilmersdorf Sigmaringer Str. 34, Tel. Siegrun Kuhaupt

2. GVW, 463 Bochum Essener Str. 23, Tel. 6 72 46 -- Leader: Edeltraud Streidel

3. GVW, 41 Duisburg-Hamborn, Wilfriedstr 2a, Tel. 40 01 66 -- Leader: Adelheid Huhnergardt

4. GVW, 46 Dortmund Kielstr 68 -- Leader: Marlies Wetekam

5. GVW, 6 Frankfurt/Main Hochstr 48, Tel. 29 26 35 -- Inge Kick

6. GVW, 2 Hamburg 13, Jungrauenthal 24 Tel 488286

7. GVW, 69 Heidelberg, Zahringer Str. 35 -- Leader: Heiner Pause

8. GVW, 8 Munchen Kagerstr 10

9. GVW, 85 Nurnberg, Rothenburger Str. 51a -- Leader: Annemarie Muller

10. GVW, 42 Oberhausen, Duisburger Str. 223 Tel. 2 36 31 -- Leader: Christa Jensen

11. GVW, 7 Stuttgart-West Johannesstr 54, Tel. 62 38 96 -- Leader: Margita Mergita Merkel 

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