The Words of the Werner Family

All life comes from the family

Paul Werner
November 1, 1970
Morning Service at the European Conference

Paul Werner (Germany) addressing at the conference

All life comes from the family. In the world of minerals there are families, that differ in their chemical composition. In the realm of plants we find families of higher and lower plants. In the realm of animals we know about eight families and the smallest human society is called family too. Translating this word from the Latin language it means something intimate, where you are close together.

God has made the family as a basic cell of all kinds of life. What are the elements of a family? It consists of a center, the subject and his objects. Something of the same kind that belongs together is called a family. Let us examine this by looking at the first family. God created twin people, Adam and Eve who should establish a family with Him in its center, governed and growing according to His divine principles. It should grow to unity with Go in its center. Man was created for this purpose.

But at first this had to be done, God's idea was to see this family united. Adam and Eve, who were created as children, were to grow and establish a family.

What are the conditions for such a community? Adam just like Eve should have personally grown to perfection. They had to show as individuals, that God could rely on each of them, before they could be blessed by Him.

The conditions that were necessary to qualify for the blessing and establishing a family are growth, development of their spiritual and physical potential, development of their creative talents and the growing response of God's love.

A family is made out of father, mother and children. God was Adam and Eve's father and mother. He created the surroundings for His children and made everything so that His children could be happy. They had the best talents for opening themselves, beauty and truth.

They to goodness only needed to follow their father's advice, to obey Him and they would have been able to have the highest happiness. However what is happening today with His children? What's happened to his idea?

"Hear 0 heavens and give ear, O earth: for the Lord hath spoken, I have flourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me" (Isaiah I, 2)

The children have gone away from their father, they have not listened to Him, their confidence in Him was not great enough to make them obedient and Listen to father's word in the moment of temptation. God's family couldn't be built on earth.

Can we guess how deep God's sufferings and disappointment were because His beloved children had rebelled against Him?

Though God was full of sadness, His love was steadfast and He tried already with the next generation after Adam and Eve to establish His family.

But this didn't succeed. During the whole process of restoration we see that family plays an important part. Noah took his family with him into the Ark, Abraham restored the family symbolically in co-operation with his wife and nephew Lot. Moses' family had to work with him and pay indemnity to establish the foundation on which God could work.

Jesus came to restore the family lost under Satan's dominion. However it could not be realized because of his crucifixion. Afterwards for almost 2000 years no family in the entire world could fulfill God's plan.

It was found out in social science, that the family determines everyone's future life. Youth criminality, drugs, longing for alcohol, the most parts of misbehavior and mental illness have their roots in the failings of the parents.

The evil had been brought about into the world through the first parents and has been handed down from generation to generation.

Children do not have a natural respect or love towards their parents and parents do not have divine love for their children. The true relationship between parents and children is broken, the relationship that binds them together is egotistical love. Malachi said that someone would come to "thru the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers."

Almost in every generation we notice a revolution of the youth against their parents. Today we see greater gap between parents and youth. Today the break between parents and children is already so big that it can't be overcome anymore.

We can see that what we have within us we give to our children in the future. When father and mother are depressive and melancholy, quarrelsome and angry, what kind of atmosphere can be created at home? But when father and mother are happy and friendly isn't the whole house full of happiness?

The more we will become one with God's will, the more we will become a divine personality, and the more we can give to our children.

"Thus we are children, thus we are heirs too" this is said in the letter to the Romans. When we fight to be God's children, we can inherit his kingdom. But we need an example to create a divine family. Why does God need a family? God made man as his object to share His Divine love. Man, has to qualify to be this object. He is not able to become God's real object during his childhood but only after reaching perfection he can respond to God's love in full. Just like in the family man learns three kinds of love, he must be able to respond to God's love of serving Him in capacity of President of His European Conference for these past two years. In serving in this way I feel I have learned many things and for this I am so grateful to Our Father.

I would especially thank the German Family for all their wonderful hospitality, their concern and love has been such an inspiration to me, as well as to all members of the family.

As we go on in our fight against Satan, let us vow to win the victory here in Europe and support our Homeland and all nations in the months ahead. Let us truly vow to become one -family under Our Father and bring a new world in as short as time as possible. Our Father has waited 6,000 years for this great moment when his son would reveal Satan's crime. He is depending on us to work as quickly as possible to bring at long last Peace on Earth and good will to men. I know that by 'this meeting the world is uniting more, Heaven and Earth have come closer together, our spirits and bodies have become more united. Truly our homeland and Europe have knitted a tighter bond. Now I would like to present Father's President of European Conference for the next two years: Peter Koch. Congratulations Peter. We know this has been Fathers choice, May you do much for Our Father in these two years and throughout eternity. 

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