The Words of the Werner Family

Now we have total of 12 Principle centers in Germany

Paul and Christel Werner
September 25, 1970
Essen, West Germany

Dear Mr. Young Hwi Kim

This has been a full and active month again and we thank Father and our Parents for each experience and blessing in the course of restoration here in Germany,

In view of the forthcoming WACL Conference in Tokyo we intensified our anti-Communist work within FWPU. 10,000 handbills headed: "Never Communism" were printed in one night and distributed on Saturday, Sept. 12, 1970 in downtown Essen (copy and translation attached). The people were very much in favor of our action and admired us for doing this publicly. They took the pamphlets and folded them up carefully to read them at home. Some persons even requested a whole bunch of them, explaining that they want to put them into the mailboxes of their neighborhood. Surprisingly very few were thrown away and picked up by our members afterwards. On Saturday, Sept. 19, 10,000 handbills were given out again. This week we changed the time of distribution to Friday night and again handed out 10,000 pamphlets when the "Kettwiger" was swarmed with shoppers. By now the communists got angry openly. Some of our members were threatened that they would be beaten up if they would be caught alone.

On Sunday, Sept' 20, at about the time of the big WACL Conference in Tokyo our two appointed specialists on the ideology of communism gave their first anti-communist lectures, explaining the nature and aim of communism. The night before we head a tape called "The Red Religion" which was given to us by the Social Democratic Party (SPD). It was very informative.

For the success of the WACL Conference and for the great blessing to take place in October the German family fasted a total of 420 days. Daily family prayer at 22: 00 p.m. started in July for this purpose, and is still continuing.

After weeks of preparations spiritually as well as physically the great day arrived and for five members of our family a dream came true. On Sunday, Sept. 13, 1970 our bus left Essen at 6:30 a.m. loaded with our five solemn and happy candidates, suitcases and sleeping bags en route to Paris, the first step towards the big event. We had a happy family reunion with our brothers and sisters from France, England, Austria and Holland. The atmosphere was high as our hearts were giving thanks to our Heavenly Father and our Parents for making this day possible. Each one of the 16 European candidates gave a short testimony and expresses their gratitude for the great privilege to be able to travel to our home and to be blesses by our True Parents and Japan to attend the important WACL-Conference. On Mondays morning, Sept. 14, we all went to the Holy Ground right near the Eiffel- Tower and then finally the moment arrived, when our group boarded, the big plane, each one happy and beaming. We then headed for home right from the airport. We are thankful to Reiner, Barbara and the French family for all their love and energy they put into arranging the trip and our stay in Paris.

We are happy and deeply grateful to report, that we were able to open up two new centers in southern Germany this month, one city is in Heidelberg and the other Nurnberg. Now we have a total of 12 Principle centers in Germany.

Upon entering Heidelberg to look for a suitable apartment memories on our first visit to the city and castle with our Master in 1965 came back so vividly and our hearts were full of joy that we could start in this university city with about 15,000 students.

Within a day Father supplied us with a center, almost a miracle for conditions there. Our two boys are quite active already and have good contacts. Our student group there will be known under the name of Tong-Il-Group. Being students they could paste hundreds of posters on fences, old walls and boards all over town and distribute them at campus and everywhere in the streets. We feel, that Father is really happy about this new station in Heidelberg.

We are so thankful for our new members, who followed Father's call and moved into the center May they grow fast to be strong fighters for the dispensation.

A great inspiration to all the family are the letters arriving here from our candidates in Tokyo. Our Japanese brothers and sisters are really powerful warriors for Father and our five members there are very much impressed by the spirit and enthusiasm of the Japanese family and feel the deep bond of love uniting us all. As we read about all the activities and the time of their sharing together the spirit urges us to push forward even faster here in our actions. How important it is to use all our energy only for our mission, that restoration may come about fast.

We are sending all our love to Father, Mother, the Children, Mrs. [Won Bok] Choi, to you and to all our brothers and sisters across the miles.

In the name of our True Parents
Paul and Christel Werner 

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