The Words of the Werner Family

We sent missionaries to Munich and Stuttgart

Paul and Christel Werner
August 26, 1970
Essen, West Germany

Ballet-dancing group, Essen, Germany

Many and varied were our activities during this month. We are so thankful to our Heavenly Father and to our True Parents for all the joy and blessings.

As letters were going back and forth between Seoul and Essen the whole family shared in the excitement and anticipation in regard to the great events to come. Every member is involved in the preparations, spiritually as well as physically. Especially our five chosen candidates take their preparations very seriously as they are well aware of the great privilege. All European candidates will leave Paris together on September 14, 1970.

As the month of August was vacation month for some of our members, we intensified our witnessing. The girls, instead of enjoying their free time had a strong urge to witness all clay long every day. So in teams of three they went into the other cities of the Ruhrgebiet where we have centers, like Bochum, 'Oberhausen etc., helping our members there in witnessing and teaching. Two girls went to Frankfurt for a week aid one to Berlin to reinforce our stronghold there.

The Essen family welcomed many visitors from other countries as well as from all over Germany. Maria Pascher [Kiley] from the New York family surprised us with a short visit; Annemarie Ochner was sent to us by Friedhilde Bachle [Becker], our missionary to Stockholm, Sweden and Unn Riebe by Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen], our missionary to Oslo, Norway. Unn was the third Norwegian girl visiting Essen to see Principle in action. Annemarie Ochner from Stockholm was shown the urgency of the time we are living in now during her stay in Essen, and upon her return to Stockholm she changed all her plans for the future and decided to follow Principle and help Friedhilde by spreading the Truth in Sweden. She is our first Principle member in Sweden and Friedhild, and all the family is very happy about it. Maria Pascher shared with us some of the experiences of our New York family. It is wonderful to see people from different countries unite into one happy family.

On August 11, Paul, Christel and Klaus Werner looked back on seven years of missionary work for the Principle, which took us from California to Germany. Austria and back to Germany. Our hearts were grateful to Father and our True Parents, for leading us that far. We started our eighth year with new plans for the development of Germany in Father's dispensation and the announcement that we are going to open up two new centers in southern Germany.

On August 13, 1970 one of our girls left for Munich and on August 17, 1970 we started the center in Stuttgart. Two of our girls, that is one for each of the centers, are going to follow within the next week or so. In Munich we already found a suitable apartment within a week's time, although people kept telling us, it would be impossible to find housing in Munich. Father always provides- everything we need and more. Now we have 10 main centers in Germany.

With great joy and enthusiasm our family ballet-dancing group came into existence as soon as our studio was finished. Ann, one of our members who is a ballet instructor, is drilling the group every day from 6:30 a.m. and from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. with ever new ideas for their graceful endeavor, thus being really creative. Whoever tried ballet dancing knows, that it is truly hard work to get the body under complete control-Principle in action.

We are happy, that after much work and preparation our new song books have left the press and are in circulation. Even though we couldn't open the doors of our meeting hall for the public yet because of some more regulations like steel doors, fire extinguishers etc., we have our Sunday morning services with 40 to 50 members attending. So our some books are greatly appreciated.

We again welcomed new members into the family and are grateful 10 Father for blessing the efforts of all the members and leading us to such wonderful prepared people. Thus our foundation in Germany is expanding.

Klaus Werner spent two weeks of his school-vacation in Amsterdam with the Dutch family and all of August with our London family. We are thankful to Teddy and Pauline and to Dennis and Doris for giving him the opportunity to' take part in their family life and activities, their witnessing campaigns and their hours of sharing, thus widening his horizon in regard to Father's work. We hope he has been a good representative of the German family by serving other nations. I am Alexander of the English family stationed here in Germany, frequently joins the family in Essen when he is on leave, and we are sure happy to have him.

For the second week now we have the plumbers in the house. They are rubble and dust to be cleaned up every day. But the ones that spent all last winter in the cold house sitting at the table in coats to keep warm, will greatly appreciate the heat and all our guests for the corning European Conference will find a warm center.

To fill the growing need for more transportation facilities the family decided to get an additional VW-Bus. Just today the car was delivered and put to use right away for witnessing downtown. The whole family is happy about this newest acquisition.

During the last week our center was the target of destructive youth hands. They not only disturbed our prayer meetings, our group singing in the meeting hall etc., but tried to break into the door by force. The youth problem is really growing throughout the country and we have to even act faster, to show them their goal in life. Well, as one of the protective measures we decided to get a big dog. So "Assi" came into the family, a pure-bred Germen Shepherd, five months old. She is a beautiful animal, but not yet trained and not quite housebroken, which creates problems now and then. She really enjoys being loved by so many people, while the members are learning to become Lord over creation on the basis of principle.

Again we printed 500 copies each of the third and fourth chapter Study Guide (German translation). The Truth is being spread constantly.

All our love to Father, Mother, the Children, to you and all the family.

In the name of our True Parents
Paul and Christel Werner 

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