The Words of the Werner Family

Divine Principles pamphlets distributed by Unified Family members in Germany

Paul and Christel Werner
June 1970

German Family on the street

Our Unified Family members in Germany are spreading Divine Principles pamphlets of on the street and the translation of the pamphlet is as follows:

A new age has started in 1960.

God has revealed his ultimate truth to a great master in the Orient! The symbols and parables of the Bible are fully explained in this new revelation.

The Kingdom of God is now being established on earth thru Christ.

All religion will be united in this new age under one leader. Man can attain perfection for the first time in history. "Perfection" in God's sight differs from the conceptions of man.

We are living in the "Last Days" of the New Testament Age and in the first days of the Completed Testament Age. God has male and female aspects in his being.

God, the subject, created man as his object for the exchange of love.

During his period of growth, man is under the indirect dominion of God or under the law of creation.

After reaching perfection, man comes under God's direct Dominion of love.

There is no eternal damnation even for the greatest sinner. Every human soul in the spirit world can reach higher realms through his own efforts.

The distance between God and man is according to the love of a person towards God. 

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