The Words of the Werner Family

Representatives from 17 nations listened to Teddy Verheyen's report on his visit to Korea

Paul and Christel Werner
May 28 1970
Essen, West Germany

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

Everywhere in the whole house we still feel the presence of our brothers and sisters from all over Europe. Representatives from 17 nations, united in love and harmony, listened to Teddy's report about the activities in Korea and Japan. What joy it was to hear about the different projects in our homeland, about the preparations for the big wedding in September and about the anti-communist conference in Tokyo.

With great enthusiasm we all learned the WACL Song, Toraji and Oorie Sowanun Tong-Il. We felt so close to our Parents and all our brothers and sisters in Korea and Japan. Father's spirit really was present all over the house. It would be so good, to get a report like this more often. The conference is over and the last delegates left Essen this afternoon. Our hearts are full of joy and each member of our family is so grateful to our True Parents, who made this big united European family possible.

On May 1st, our second missionary (another girl) left for Berlin to help build a stronghold for Father in this divided city.' Last week they found our first member there. She is going to move in as soon as possible.

On May 11, we started the second year of our mission in Germany with a prayer meeting at the Holy Ground in Berlin, the first Ground blessed by our Leader in 1965 in this country. The rain came pouring down, but there was sunshine and warmth in our hearts as we felt Father's presence among the four of us. All the centers in Germany were united in prayer that night, giving thanks to the Father for all His blessings; for our goal of 42 new solid members had been reached. With new determination to bring forth more fruits for the Kingdom, the German family stands behind our Parents and all our Korean family.

On May 16, we picked up our second member from Norway at the airport in Dusseldorf. Ragnhild spent ten days with us and was very happy to have the opportunity to take part in the European conference. She is determined to work hard upon her return to Oslo together with Ingrid and Johanna, the first Norwegian, girl, who accepted the Principle completely during her three-week stay in Essen.

Today we opened up our second center in the city of Duisburg. Since this city is a very important city, the first center was founded in the city. Now we have six centers in the Ruhrgebiet (vicinity of Essen).

Thursday, May 28, is a very special day for the family. Suresh Patel, our member from India, will leave for New Delhi, India. For weeks and months we have been preparing him for this great mission. He feels the weight of responsibility for his heavily populated country, enslaved by the false doctrine of re-incarnation, and he is well aware of the fact, that it is not going to be an easy task. May Father bless his work and may the spirit world be of service to awaken his people, that they may be open for the Truth. He will do his best, to make Father and our Parents happy.

Again we have contacted young people by the hundreds this month and even our Norwegian girl talked on Kettwiger Strasse, although she had some language problems. Many people from foreign countries are being contacted, like from USA, France, USSR, Ethiopia etc. and they come to the center to hear the Principle. Several new members moved into the Essen center; two of them were found in Frankfurt. We are deeply grateful for each one of our family.

We haven't encountered any communist opposition as yet. People in West Germany are satisfied with the present conditions and are used to the fact, that East Germany is under communist control, meaning, it doesn't bother the majority very much. May the anti-communist movement and especially the forthcoming convention in Tokyo be successful and the communists be defeated in Korea, Japan and elsewhere in the world. Satan has to be subjugated, so that all people may live in freedom and harmony and become one happy family, centered on God.

We are sending all our love to Father, Mother, the Children, Mrs. Choi, to you all our Korean brothers and sisters.

In the name of our True Parents,

Paul and Christel Werner 

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