The Words of the Werner Family

Suresh Patel will leave for his mission to India on May 28, 1970

Paul and Christel Werner
April 24, 1970
Essen, West Germany

Dear Mr. Choi,

Thank you very much for your letter. We are always overjoyed, when we see a letter with your handwriting in the mail.

Suresh Patel will leave for India on May 28, 1970, exactly 40 days after your confirming answer arrived.

As for as we can remember, Father blessed ground in New Delhi in 1965, is that correct? Could you please give us a detailed description of the exact location of the Holy Ground and a picture of it, if possible? We would like to give Suresh the information before he leaves for India, so that he may pray at the Holy Ground upon his arrival and his mission from there.

We were so happy to hear of Teddy's [Verheyen] experiences and about the activities in Seoul. We are always so hungry for news from our homeland.

Here in Germany our movement is going strong. Many and varied are our actions, to bring the people in contact with the Truth. It is so refreshing to see many teenage-girls join our family, even though their parents are opposed to their being active in our group.

All our love to Father, Mother, the Children and to you.

In the name of our True Parents

Paul and Christel Werner 

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