The Words of the Werner Family

We sent two missionaries for Norway and Sweden

Paul and Christel Werner
December 10, 1969
Essen, Germany

Ingrid Schneider [Jorgensen]

Friedhilde Bachle

Dear Father and Mother

With deep joy in our hearts we like to report the following:

1. On December 1. 1969 the Federation for World Peace and Unification was officially recognized by the German Government. Attached we are sending you the photographic copies of the registration papers for the Federation.

2. On December 3, 1969 Christel and I left with two missionaries for Norway and Sweden.

a. On December 4, 1969, upon our arrival in Oslo, INGRID SCHNEIDER [JORGENSEN] was appointed our first missionary to Norway in Oslo.

b. On December 5, 1969 we left FRIEDHILDE BACHLE [BECKER] as our first missionary to Sweden in Stockholm.

Both girls started their mission in good spirit, happy and thankful to our Heavenly Father and to you for entrusting them with such an important mission and determined to give all they have to find Father's children.

Enclosed are the pictures of our two girls who took upon themselves the great responsibility to lay a foundation in Norway and Sweden for the restoration of these two beautiful counties. They are hoping to greet you there very soon.

The German family is sending you all their love and is longing to be with you in person again.

Paul and Christel Werner 

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