The Words of the Werner Family

Three Years of Mission in Austria

Paul Werner
June 1968
Vienna, Austria

With a thankful heart to our heavenly Father and our True Parents I want to write to you. The Divine Principle mission in Austria started May 18, 1965. For the first year I could not find anybody that would accept our Master's teaching. Today, one month prior to the day of the third year of my Austrian mission April 12, I would like to report as follows;

With our beloved Father's help:

1. The Austrian Family consists of 29 members.

2. In the city of Vienna there are two centers:

a) Headquarters with 10 and more members;

b) Second center with 7 members (varying)

3. City of Graz, one center, 5 members.

4. City of Linz, one center, 3 members.

5. More than 100 public lectures in a public hall were given by almost all of our members.

6. Training of members is going on steadily.

7. Invitations and reading material is being given out constantly.

8. As the first small business in Europe we have opened up a kindergarten in Vienna with a capacity of about 45 children. Three of our girls are working there,

9. All centers are well-equipped with furniture, typewriters, printing presses, small organs, etc.

10. On March 8, 1968, we sent Bernhard Maierhofer to Zurich, Switzerland, to open up a new country for our heavenly Father. Switzerland is the eighth country in Europe to be missioned.

My love to you all and wishes of greatest success for all of your missions.

In the Name of our True Parents, your brother.

Our Mission in Austria
Christel Werner
Vienna, Austria

Beloved Family,

I just want to add a few words to Paul's report. On February 22 we here in Vienna rejoiced with all of Father's Family in the whole world at the news of the big wedding in Seoul What joy for our heavenly Father.

Parents Day was another day of great joy for the Principle Family. Our girls from Graz and Linz came to Vienna to join in the celebration. We all gathered in our Leader’s room, and Paul explained the significance of this day. In our prayers that followed we sent all our love and gratitude to our Leader and Mother in Korea. We could feel the presence of our Father and the longing for His children. Oh, may we be aware of this at all times and bring joy to His heart.

Most of us were able to stay home for the long three-day-weekend, so we took advantage of this fact and had a three-day training session. Twenty-six of us attended this session. We studied chapter by chapter, discussed many questions and managed to get through the whole book. Our studies were only interrupted by our meals and short walks in the nearby park. It was a fruitful weekend for all of us and everyone benefited greatly and learned a lot. Sunday afternoon arrived all too fast and the time came to say good-by to our girls again. But they went back to Linz and Graz filled with new strength and energy.

Since we are physically so far apart, we enjoy meeting you all through the newsletters and are already waiting for the next one. Most of all we are longing to hear about what's going on in Korea. Thank you for sharing with us some of Miss Kim's words of love and wisdom, but we do need much more of this. You know, the questions and problems you have, we have too, so please let us take part in your meetings with Miss Kim. Someday we'll be so happy to see you all again. Until then, Father's Family will continue to grow. May we all go on working for Him filled with His love and wisdom.

Love to each of you in our beloved Parents' Name. 

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