The Words of the Werner Family

Report from Austria

Paul Werner
November 7, 1965
Vienna, Austria
New Age Frontiers -- December 1965

Greetings to you all! For six months now the truth of God has been taught in this country. Many people have heard it but have not decided either way. Satan is really getting mad at me. I'm working in a Calvinist Church with 7 individuals, including 2 ministers. The powder bag is about to blow. Let me tell you about the days you all prayed for Austria. Satan is also reading the newsletter. I figured as much but was still not careful enough. Sunday was the first day. Friday noon I bought an apple and did not wash it but just wiped it on my coat. After two bites something said, 'Don't eat any more.' It Has already too late. I was poisoned by the insect spray on the apple. I felt like I was going to die, with cramps, etc., until Sunday morning when I got up and gave a 5-hour speech. I also talked all afternoon Monday with 5 people. Our prayers are being heard and answered, and powerfully, too!

Let me thank you all, brothers and sisters, for what you do for our Heavenly Father! In helping each other, we are helping our Father and Master to reach the goal faster. I am convinced that we can speed up the development of our countries if we put more effort into it. For this I pray and work day and night, and know that this country will grow fast as it should.

Look at our Master and see what one man can do! Let's take him as our real example, and soon the universe will again become the possession of our Heavenly Father. If our hearts flow over with love, mankind will know from whom we come, and sooner or later they will move to the side of God where they will find fulfillment of their highest expectations. A great part of our message to men is our own life. They will recognize us by our fruits. So let us shine into this dark and Satan tyrannized world until the full light of the new heavenly sun shines into each human heart and reflects our Creator's purity!

My love is with all of you in the name of our Master! 

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