The Words of the Werner Family

Testimony on Departing for Germany

Paul and Cristel Werner
New Age Frontiers - April 1, 1964
Sacramento, CA

Our Beloved Father, Miss Kim, Brothers and Sisters:

After going through the turbulent war years and finally the four years of war prison camp, I was very tired of anything that did not constitute my full peace and freedom. Our God seemed to have taken His hand off of mankind. Churches were diminished to almost nothing. Did we learn our lesson? I, myself, lost two brothers in the war. My parents had to flee twice, looking for refuge in West Germany, losing everything they had established during their lifetime. Besides me, four of my brothers were taken war prisoners for a length of time up to four years. Why all of this was my question? God, our Father, had spoken to us in various ways. Did we listen?

In April, 1953 Cristel, my wife, and I left a very disillusioned and war torn Germany for a better future. We expected the fulfillment of our wishes in Canada. With our six month old baby boy, we came to Canada. How we had so much peace, not even God disturbed us. On the end of a town we lived a very lonely life. During this period God put us through many tests. Did we understand? Did we learn? America was the Promised Land.

We entered the United States (Cleveland, Ohio) in 1957. Our God started a new dispensation for my family. First we had to pay indemnity for entering into our Canaan. My wife, having two serious operations, was almost taken away. My son, Claus, was also very sick and was operated on. Finally, I developed a blood clot in my leg and almost died. After recovery, God let us take (materially) a deep breath.

In November, 1961, we moved to Sacramento, California, where we anticipated the fulfillment of our materialistic dreams. God spoke to us through our lives in various ways. We had now received, physically, in fullness. What about our spiritual life? A longing for a deeper relationship with God, our Father, guided us through all those years, but our hunger could not be satisfied by the Lutheran or any other church that we approached.

Our preparation period in the desert came finally to an end.


How could I accept anything so extremely revolutionary as the ultimate Truth? How could I let anybody speak of a Jesus other than the one I knew, and let him get away with it? What made my wife and I accept this Message?

Today I have the answer. Because It Is The Truth. It says, "And the truth will make you free"! Oh Father, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you have made us free -- free of materialism, free of churches and their doctrines, free of people's opinions, but most of all free of ourselves.

America is so beautiful, so rich and so pleasant to live in. We have grown to love it and its people. We have seen its beautiful mountains and seas, the cities and cornfields. We are thankful for letting us breathe the air of personal and political freedom. We are thankful for the years that we could call ourselves one with you. We are thankful for every helping hand that was stretched out towards my family. We will always treasure you in our hearts, where we have a special place for you. Above all those things that we appreciate so much, we have found something here in your friendly country that has a much higher value than money, beauty, and political freedom. Its value cannot be put into figures. It cannot be described with beautiful words. It is of everlasting value. The fulfillment of all hopes and dreams, the stilling of hunger and thirst. We have finally been reunited with our Father, from whom we have been separated so long.

Oh Father, how do we deserve Your grace? Why us? Why do You let us see what many great prophets and great men in the earlier times longed for and died for and could not see? Father, you have turned my life upside down, You have taken my material foundation from under me and replaced it by a foundation that is built of blood and sweat and tears.

Father, I thank you for Your Son, our Master! He has endured the most! He has become the most in my heart! His greatness is taking a tremendous form in my life, in my heart! To have a real Father that guides you with heavenly wisdom and love, that lets you grow through His example to Perfection, to the ones with You. God, our Heavenly Father; He has given us a real family, real brothers and sisters! I never thought something like this was possible. What streams of love come forth from Your followers, Your real family! This is the Kingdom!!! The Kingdom of our Father. Father, in you we have found our home!!!

Father, let us be thankful. Let us take this precious gift that we have received from You and show it to the entire world! Let everyone have a part in it! Set us bring mankind back to You. Let us help in a great way to establish your Kingdom on earth quickly, so that Your grief may be stilled, Your heart may be healed, Your tears may be wiped away! Father, give us Your heavenly power and wisdom. Give us the gifts, that we can use them as spiritual weapons, and most of all, fill us with Your Divine Love, now and forever!

Father, without You we are nothing. With You we are like mountains, like a waterfall that ever seeks to flow with ever fresh water. Father, our hearts long for the speedy establishment of Your Kingdom where Your Divine Love shall reign forever and ever!! We are now leaving for Germany and Europe, where we will do our part in Your great construction project to remodel the universe! We pray that we may be of great use to You and Your course. Let us pour the concrete, Your Word quickly, so that Your house may be finished soon, and all mankind can live in it as one, Your family, with You as our beloved rightful Father, forever and ever!

This we pray from the bottom of our hearts with every breath of our soul. Love, Paul and Cristel. 

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