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"Roads and Bridges for Peace" Is Theme of 6th International Poetry Contest

Miguel Werner
June 23, 2014

Buenos Aires, Argentina -- "Roads and bridges for peace" is the theme of the sixth annual International Poetry Contest organized by UPF-Argentina. It is open to writers, poets, students, and all those who feel inspired to express content of universal value on this theme in Spanish. Winners will be announced at the International Day of Peace program in Buenos Aires, Sept. 21, 2014. Deadline for submissions is July 31, 2014. Poems may be sent by email to

Winning poems of the first five annual poetry contests were published in the anthology UPF Argentina "Sentido y Paz," which was released at an April meeting of la Sociedad Argentina de Escritores (SADE -- Argentinian Society of Writers). See

"Roads and Bridges for Peace"
In conjunction with the International Day of Peace 2014

"Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed" -- Preamble of UNESCO's Constitution (1945).

1. Objective: Despite historical disappointments and conflicts that are still in force, a world of peace is still an indispensable imperative, an inescapable moral duty, a possible goal, and task to be achieved. Culture, particularly literature, can make a contribution, based on common values of universal brotherhood, transcending boundaries, traditions, and religions. It is expected that this aspiration, which is both an individual and a universal longing inscribed in the hearts of peoples and cultures, will be embodied in the writings of the VI International Poetry Contest of UPF-Argentina, this year under the motto "Roads and bridges for peace." This is connected to the International Day of Peace 2014, date set by the UN by Resolution 36/67 (1981), to "commemorate and strengthen the ideals of peace in every nation and every people and among them."

2. Formalities: The VI International Poetry Contest "Roads and bridges to peace" is open to writers, poets, students, and anyone who feels inspired to express a content of universal value about this subject. Each participant may submit one poem, in Spanish, and shall state on the paper his/her personal data: name and surname, origin (city, province, and country), phone number, and an e-mail address in order to learn the jury's evaluation and the award-winning poems. The format shall be a poem written in verse not to exceed one page of an A4 size paper. The poem may be sent by e-mail to:; or mail to: Av. Rivadavia 755 -- 3° Piso "F" (C1002AAF), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

3. Beginning of the contest: June 1, 2014

4. Deadline: July 31, 2014. Meeting of the jury: August 12-22, 2014

5. Jury: Prof. Bertha Bilbao Richter, literary critic and member of the Hispanic Cultural and Literary Institute (ILCH); Ms. Liria Guedes, writer and Band of Honor of the Argentinean Society of Writers (SADE) and member of the American Association of Poetry; the writer Mabel Fontau, Girdle of Honor of the SADE, member of the Hispanic Cultural and Literary Institute (ILCH); writer Mabel Fontau, Band of Honor of SADE and member of the ILCH and Gente de Letras; poet Donato Perrone, from the Ateneo Poético Argentino "Alfonsina Storni," Coordinator of the Lyrics Corner from Café Tortoni and representative of the Poets Group Livres de Santa Catarina (Brazil); and a local representative of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF); all of them are Ambassadors for Peace of the UPF. The jury's verdict will be final and shall have power to determine any question not covered by these rules.

6. Patrons: the writer and poet Juana Alcira Arancibia, founder and president of (ILCH) and chief editor of the international literary magazine Alba de América; the Brazilian poet Marina Fagundes Coello, bilingual writer (Portuguese-Spanish), ILCH member and member of various literary circles of distinguished trajectory in America; and the writer and poet Nélida Pessagno, vice president of SADE and titular counselor and main counselor of the foundation El Libro.

7. Awards: The winning poem will be read by the author, or someone chosen by the author, at the award ceremony. They will also receive a Certificate of Recognition and the poem will be publicized nationally and internationally. Four Honorable Mentions, five Special Mentions, and two Mentions will be awarded, with their respective certificates. Each person who wins one of these distinctions will also receive gifts, and their poems will be included in the anthology as a way of promoting the values of a culture of peace.

8. Awards Ceremony: The presentation of awards will take place at the celebration of the International Day of Peace in an artistic, cultural and inter-religious event that will be held on that date established by UN Resolution 36/67, organized by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) of Argentina on September 21, with further details to be forthcoming.

9. Organizer: UPF-Argentina, whose international slogans are: "The hope of all ages is a unified world of peace" and "One global family centered on God," organized this fifth annual International Poetry Contest sponsored by the Fundación Educativa Internacional (FEI).

10. Participation in this contest implies the acceptance of these terms. 

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