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Art Festival and Day of Solidarity in Buenos Aires

Miguel Werner
October 19, 2013
Secretary General, UPF -- Argentina

Buenos Aires -- A lovely art festival and day of solidarity was shared on October 19 at the Peace Embassy in Buenos Aires organized by UPF-Argentina in order to raise funds for all their initiatives and activities. Anticipating Mother's Day, which was celebrated the day after, there were different tables of sellers and two spaces for artistic numbers, with an interval to allow people to look at the works of art and taste the international cuisine.

Two dance groups took part in this event, "Corazón folklórico" (Folkloric Heart) and "Alas de tango" (Tango Wings), directed by Tomás Saitta and José Robles, respectively; and the Ballet "Huellas del Folklore" (Traces of Folklore), by Marcos Daverio and Elsa Ortíz. The band "Cuñas en la laguna," led by Aurelio Cunha, offered Latin-American rhythms and folklore; and the duet Nicolás and Tobías Melgarejo offered national and melodic rock. Japanese representatives Hiroko, Hiroyo, Emi, Kanami and Kayo performed songs in their mother tongue, dressed in traditional attire. Estrella Maciel and Luis Valladares provided the comedy show "Entre cuento y canto" ("From Tale to Song"), and the lyrical corner was in charge of Bernardo Del Guercio and Alba Rosa Contardo.

In the food category, there were various delicacies from Arab pies to sushi, including the "sweet" stand, with delicious cakes and chocolates, some of which were gift wrapped for Mother's Day. There were also fine items that could be purchased to give as presents displayed on the tables which were around the lounge. There were the most diverse handicrafts, tea boxes, carved soaps, origami, Arab carpets, plants, jewelry, mandalas, ornaments, etc. As the people responsible for each stand were introduced, a group of international volunteers were recognized for the different tasks they did in the Chacras Foundation of Buenos Aires.

UPF-Argentina is grateful to everyone who took part of this happy event, which was also an opportunity to be together as brothers and sisters, in this second art festival and fundraiser in 2013.


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