The Words of the Werner Family

Marriage and Family Forum in Argentina

Miguel Werner
November 28, 2011
Translation: Rosetta Conti
UPF -- Argentina

Anisacate, Argentina -- UPF-Argentina organized a marriage and family forum on November 28 in Anisacate, a small town in the Cordoba province of central Argentina.

The meeting started with the welcome address by Mr. Ruben Varga, director of the Family Federation in Cordoba province and host of the event. Welcoming songs were also performed by the CARP university group that has its main center in this province.

Afterward, Lic. Miguel Werner, Secretary General of UPF-Argentina, introduced two videos: one showing the worldwide activities of UPF International and the other showing the different activities developed by UPF-Argentina during 2010. All this framed the core of the gathering, which was focused on UPF's Marriage and Family Initiative.

After a coffee break, Prof. Gustavo Giuliano expounded on the topic of "The Family as the School of Love," and Mr. Carlos Varga, president of the Family Federation of Argentina, spoke about "The Family and the Blessing," emphasizing the value of marriage from the perspective of spirituality. The conference included an introduction to the work of UPF Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon, especially the celebration of international and inter-religious marriages and strengthening bonds in the family, which is considered the main cell of the society and a divine institution.

Finally, all the couples who attended the meeting received a certificate of participation. Among them were Ambassadors for Peace, people living nearby, couples coming from the nearby town of Alta Gracia, and parents of some of the students. All of them expressed their gratitude for everything they received on the occasion.

The meeting concluded with refreshments and some artistic performances, including a special poem by Prof. Ismael Rossi in honor of Don Giovanni, the oldest participant, who was about to celebrate his 83rd birthday. Everything took place in a warm, family-like environment that lasted until midnight.

UPF considers marriage and family fundamental bases for creating a culture of peace. Inaugurating this initiative in Anisacate has a deep significance for Argentina. This attractive mountainous region combines historical memories through its 19th-century Russian Orthodox chapel, Jesuit buildings, and a name that comes from an ancient native people (Comechingon people) meaning "heavenly village." In this place UPF planted a living seed with the expectation of expanding and developing it in other places of the interior of the country during 2012. 

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