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Celebrating International Women's Day in Argentina

Miguel Werner
March 11, 2010
Secretary General, UPF-Argentina

Buenos Aires and Tucumán, Argentina - For the past few years, the annual activities of the Women's Federation for World Peace, Argentine chapter, have begun the first week of March, in connection with the worldwide commemoration of the International Women's Day. Thus on March 11, 2010, WFWP-Argentina held its first events in Buenos Aires and Tucumán.

The Buenos Aires event took place at the Peace Embassy, and the program included a PowerPoint presentation about notable international women, including WFWP founder, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon. There were additional musical performances, poetry readings, and special recognition of four Argentine women for their outstanding commitment to society. The program concluded with a sampling of typical dishes from a variety of countries prepared with love by international women.

More than 100 people attended this initial gathering; some were old friends, but many also came for the first time.

The atmosphere was profound and harmonious, according to impressions reported by long-time supporters and well as newcomers.

The Mistress of Ceremonies was Ambassador for Peace Mrs. Tamara Revythis, and she graciously led the participants through the intense program. The new president of the WFWP-Argentine chapter, Mrs. Rosetta Conti Castellón, spoke about the life of the founder, Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon.

Three performers, an adolescent girl playing a violin, an Indonesian woman singing a traditional song of her country, and an older woman singing a tango and melodic songs of Argentina, represented the different ages of women in the audience. They delighted the gathering with their special performances.

The women honored for their dedication to living for the sake of others represented different aspects of serving society: Mrs. Norma Frick, for her effort to integrate handicapped people in the workplace; Mrs. Lucrecia Potenza, for promoting ethics and morality through her civic association; Mrs. Gloria Prestía, for her voluntary work to help the poorest schools in the northern regions of Argentina; and Mrs. Dora Medina, for her dedication as a loving nurse to the sick.

The program lasted more than two hours, and people stayed on and enjoyed one another's company until late in the evening.

On the same day, March 11, another event was held in San Miguel de Tucumán, capital of the Tucumán province. The event was organized by Mrs. Norma Alcaraz, leader of the Women's Federation for World Peace in this northern region of Argentina, in connection with the mayor of the city, Ambassador for Peace Domingo Amaya, and several women Ambassadors for Peace. They commemorated the International Women's Day with artistic performances and gifts. 

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