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Towards a Paradigm Centered on Values - Youth Of 19 Nations Participated In A New Leadership Seminar In Argentina

Miguel Werner
January 23, 2007

Some 200 young people from 19 countries, mostly from South America, with them some citizens from Haiti and the Dominican Republic, concluded a 15-day International Seminar entailing a new model for leadership in a natural environment: an ex Convent in the countryside of Vicente Casares, a place some 51 km distance to the city of Buenos Aires.

During this meeting, which lasted from January 7th to 21st, an intensive program was carried out with diverse activities, complemented by conferences and workshops to challenge oneself on the artistic and sports-centered level to break limits -- including a walk of 23 kilometers. All this was held under the motto: Substancializing a New Paradigm of Leadership for Latin America and the World by Incarnating Essential Values".

Divided in 17 groups, with the dynamics of competition, cooperation and the overcoming of personal limits, all was centered on 4 basic axes: "Team Work", "Having Great Dreams", "Living for the Sake of Others" and "Becoming Owners (Responsible People)". All of this to form a leadership centered on values, where it was affirmed, that God cannot be absent; that means, considering the affairs of Power, Money and sheer Knowledge, as it is happening so often in this individualistic and materialistic culture.

"I was surprised by the spirit of unity achieved between the different participants, so palpable and easy to perceive, that it was almost possible to touch it. Our nationalities had become secondary and this gives a lot of hope and is a concrete sign of the times for a complete integration of all of Latin America in the future to form one solid nation," was the opinion of Carlos Varga, Seminar Coordinator and President of CARP in Argentina, one of the organizers of the event.

CARP is a NGO with a long trajectory working in different countries and developing different programs destined to build character with the integration of values. In this frame, these young people will do at least one year of intercultural and/or inter-religious work, service projects, campaigns in sexual values education, similar challenges and activities to further a more global formation seeking to broaden the conscience and the public commitment to construct a "Culture of Heart" (Love).

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