The Words the Hose Family

Spiritual dictation received from Heung Jin Moon

David Hose
March 12, 1987 early morning

Brothers and sisters, I am your lord, Heung Jin Nim. I have so many things to share with you, but, honestly, you cannot bear them yet. I have waited for this day ever since my Seunghwa, more than three years ago. You have called my name millions of times, but I was only able to come to a few of you. It was just a few who truly believed in what my Father said I could do by the nature of my ascension and my standing in Heaven.

Even now the door is just opening. I want now to share many things, but at this time you still have so much difficulty in really believing. Please believe! Please! It will change your life -- and isn't that what you want, isn't that what you suffer for? I understand you, I know you so well. I am your brother, not only some distant "Lord" to you. I live in the realm of the heart -- the heart of God and your own heart. Please believe that I can know you and give you all that you have suffered for.

The realm of Heaven is standing open now; my Father has opened it. No one helped him for most of his life, until Mother came. You must know what a truly great woman she is. You have followed them faithfully at some levels but failed to understand at the deepest levels. That is where I want to help you. I have been given that responsibility by Father. The only condition, once again, is your faith, your trust, your belief. With these, you and I can achieve what we have lived our lives for. Please believe!

Take One Step

You cannot yet know the treasures that are just around the corner. It is all still conceptual to you. But just one step, one step -- and you will see the reality.

Think of it this way, brothers and sisters: You have been walking and taking many steps, but you have not known the right direction. I have the compass -- the heavenly compass that points the way to Heaven! Take even one step in the direction I will show you and you will see such results that you won't believe your eyes. Believe me.

But, it will not happen by reading this letter, received by your brother. It must be your experience. That is the key to Heaven -- your own experience. Do you understand? Up to this time, because of the work of my Parents, the word of God has been plentiful in our church.

You know about those volumes of Father's speeches that are being printed in Korea. But you must understand that without your openness to God's word in your own heart, all those precious words of our Father become only words. They should be like living seeds that go into the fertile soil of your heart -- the heart of belief. Then you will know why Father is insisting on publishing all those speeches.

He is not interested in just documenting dead words. Those volumes, all those speeches, are a "seed factory" for you. Again, your heart is the factor. Think of all those who have proudly studied the words of Jesus, even memorized big sections of the Bible, but missed the key point and became the very Pharisees and scribes that Jesus had to fight all his life. That is one major reason Father has had such a fight with other Christians. Heart is everything, not memory, not a mind full of theological facts.

You sit here at Barrytown, called by my Father, but do you understand why you are here? Do you know why he called you? Not to be students alone. Many have come and gone from this place, but so few really knew why they were here. So much expense, so much time! Please believe me, I must say these things to you now so you will know why you are here. Don't lose Father here! Without him this place cannot benefit you -- no way.

Thank you if you understand what I am saying. You are such beautiful children -- each one handpicked by my Parents. Yes, that is true! God knows you down to the hairs of your head; you are not here by accident. I want you to know how much I love you. You are God's special children, chosen for such great service. Don't ever forget that. I want to walk these halls with you. This was a favorite place of mine when I was physically on the earth. In fact, you know I was coming back home from this place the night of the accident. I loved it here and often thought I would like to go here someday. Now I am your classmate, your fellow student. Please walk with me to class, let me have lunch with you: I am your best friend.

Now is a time when Father needs you so badly -- not for your knowledge alone, but for something more. It can be gained here, but not easily. You must search more than in all these books! Please believe -- you have so much to give. The knowledge you receive here will be your ammunition, but the force to propel the ammunition must be found in the realm of the heart. Search diligently, brothers and sisters -- you don't know how fortunate you are to be here.

I Love You

How is your prayer life? It is not easy to keep it up, is it? I know, even I struggled before. But now the spiritual realm is ready to help you with even your smallest sincere effort in prayer. I am here for you. I long to help you more than you can ever know. I love you, I love you, I love you -- a million times! Please use me; I have no other purpose. Without your understanding my heart, I am so very lonely. Please believe me. I am not a "spook"; I am your living brother. Give me one chance -- satisfaction guaranteed!

God bless you, my brothers and sisters. This is the end of the letter -- but I am with you always. Remember, all you need do is believe.


Your brother Heung Jin Nim
(Your fellow student)


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