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Ultimate Source

David and Tacco Hose
February 28, 1999

Good morning. This morning you see the sunshine of a spring morning outside your big window. Although spring is yet some weeks away, still you see hope and new life in your front yard as the birds already are making their preparations for what they will do this year. March, the month to come, will be very much a springtime month because you have many plans as you get on with things that you have to do, and as you look at this hoped-for trip to Reno, which I want to encourage you to take.

There is much for Me to say to you this morning. I have been bringing a thought into David's mind that I want to express, but he is experiencing some difficulty to yield to Me because he has had such an enjoyable morning. He was in the bottom of his boat, basking in the sunshine and just floating along. I asked him to jump into the water, which seems to be rather chilly for the moment. He is asked now to let go of the side of his boat and allow himself to sink into the depths of this ocean. . .

I want to speak to you about knowing, real knowledge. This is a very tricky subject because you live in a world that is full of libraries and the thinking of so many people and their conclusions about what is life, what is reality, where you are going, and what you truly know. What if I told you that so many of your conclusions, the things that you hold on to as fact, could compare to the conclusions let's say, of a small group of people who live deep in the jungle and have established their reality of the world without ever having traveled outside their small territory? This is a poor analogy because the reality of where you are coming from historically is even more extreme.

It is not only the obtaining of knowledge that is important, but where and through what process that it comes. Many will go to the library to seek knowledge; many will go to the university to listen to learned men and women. "Who am I? What is life? Where is all this experience going? What is my destiny? How will I reach that destiny?" Such questions ultimately cannot be answered for you by any library, by any college teacher, even by any guru in the world.

This knowledge was originally intended to be directly related from Me to you in our relationship. However deeply someone else finds that knowledge and offers it to you (through a book, through a sermon, through a college course), the source is a substitute source. I gave you an eternal existence so that stream of knowledge, which also equals love, will be forever flowing directly between Myself and yourself with no substitute means or secondary word. You are to receive it firsthand in your sharing with Me. Our relationship is the knowledge-source that was intended for you.

Of course I don't mean that you shouldn't strive in school or go to the library to gain the knowledge; much has been understood and recorded from the past of how to live and how to establish a community of people, a civilization. When it comes to the intimate reality of your own life (this matter of "Who am I? Where am I going?"), it's so important that the channel between you and me be opened and the sooner in life the better.

To the extent that your life and experience have guided you to this door of communication with Me, then this life and this experience are good (however happy or tragic, heavy or inspired...whatever your experience has been that has brought you to this door).

You're living in a time right now where many people are opening up to many new things; they are seeking that first-hand communication with Me. And yes, there are many intermediaries, not only in the physical world but in the realm of spirit, who seek to represent Me through their own experience, and communicate what they are seeing and knowing.

Every night you listen on your favorite radio program to many such people. But I still want you to know that the most vital knowledge connection that will come to you is through our direct communication. There is a verification process that's built into you whereby very personally and deeply you can verify what you have experienced and received from Me. This is hard to put into language; I will try to show David a mental picture at this point, but it is very difficult to get it through him and into English.

Let Me say that there will be many concepts coming to you, and already are coming to you, from many sources, spiritual and physical. It's not important that you know all of these things at this time. You may say, "The more I know, the more I can understand and see; then I know what to expect and how to live." Of course, but true knowing has to do with a direct connection with Me. As you need each new understanding and ask for guidance for each new step forward in your life, I will give it to you.

Somewhere out there this morning -- perhaps on the radio, over the Net, or in a book you might pick up -- there is much metaphysical knowledge for you. My question to you is can you absorb it at this moment? Do you need it for your immediate walk? It seems that it would be perfect if you could just take everything immediately, but how will you digest it? This is the important point. How will you use it for the path that you must take today? It's like training one of your children. Each of your five children is at a different stage; what you say to one is not what you would say to another. At nine years old you can't just pour everything out to your son, especially metaphysical or spiritual teaching, as you call it; he can take only so much; so it is with you too.

Do you realize how much I know? And it always has been so because I am at the very heart of creation. If I were to flood you with all this right now you would not be able to function. You cannot put the Pacific Ocean in your living room. It would blow out the walls. It would be like looking into a light beyond your capacity, that is so bright and overwhelming it would wash every thought out of your mind. You would be left in shock.

In terms of your destiny and your ultimate identity, I'm not concerned that you know everything about everything at this point. What I am focused on is that you really make the knowledge that I give you a part of your life as you take this step-by-step path. I will work in many ways to reach you (through a friend, through a book), but I want you to understand that these are secondary sources, and not the Ultimate Source. When you recognize that Ultimate Source (that interchange between you and Me), then all of those secondary sources can enhance that Ultimate Source.

You will become more and more sensitive to the relationship that we have, to that internal flow of knowledge. Then when you read a book, hear the word of someone on the radio, or listen to a friend, and it has meaning and something good for you, you will be sensitive to it right away because that Ultimate Source is fully functioning in your life.

Without opening to that primary channel of knowledge and love with Me, there are so many who become flooded as they take in the many thoughts and ideas of this New Age. This is a repeat of the phenomena of thirty years ago with those you call the hippies. Their "secondary source" was drugs. Yes, drugs opened up certain receptors within these people that exposed them to insights and understandings that they couldn't have possibly received within their normal lives. The problem was that without the Ultimate Source of a relationship with Me they were flooded over with too much information. At the very least the insights just floated away after the drug wore off. After weeks and months and finally years, the question is, what do you have left? What will you do with it? This is My concern.

I do not say to you that it isn't good to be open to the book or the new insight that comes from the radio or from informed friends. But more and more within your life open yourself to that Ultimate Source channel with Me. Then you will know how to absorb those things, and learn how to use that which is given through secondary sources. Do you understand? This is very important.

Here ultimately is the real meaning of the real knowledge: You are knowledge itself. You are a direct expression of My knowledge, a direct expression of My love. That is why I created you.

When I say Ultimate Source, I am the root and you are the bloom. And for the bloom to blossom there must be a solid channel to the root. That's what I mean by Ultimate Source. Then the sunshine comes and the water comes, and all are utilized very well. Without a clear channel from the bloom to the root, the flower has no living connection to it's own foundations, and the sunshine and the water will mean nothing.

A simple but very important analogy is the difference between a living rose and a paper one which simply looks good but is not alive nor connected with a root. The knowledge within your world today is extremely vain in many ways. People know a lot, but that knowing is greatly from secondary and tertiary sources, unconnected to that Source within which is ultimate. There is a dry feeling in spite of all the knowledge and all the sources of information and experience. People are flooded and become bored with life. They are looking for something more. Here we have a world of paper roses waiting for the blooming of a real rose.

Each of you, please continue to work day by day on opening the door, on letting go of your boats. This will allow you to utilize everything that comes to you from any source with a wisdom and a steadiness which will make way for tremendous growth. This is the important thing.

I know you have many questions about matters of preexistence and reincarnation, and many things that come to you from friends and various sources. It is not important that you know everything now. Come to know more and more from within yourself: knowledge substantiated by our relationship and connection. However much you know from any other sources won't mean a lot to you until this. This is why somehow some things can't be embraced by you yet. It doesn't mean that they're not true, it simply means that you're working on building that foundation which can allow you to be fully conscious of what is reality and what is not.

I'm going to leave it at that this morning. I'm very happy to know that you've made a determination to go to Reno this month. I encourage you. Don't allow yourselves to slip into the feelings despair because not every day has a good check coming in and you're not sure if you're going to have enough to go. That is not the important thing. Just set your determination and be ready to go, and thank God for all of those good people who have supported you physically for so long.

I'll ask Tacco to pray.

I want to continue. David went off and had a nice Sunday morning omelet prepared by his daughter, but something kept coming back because I want to further clarify.

As I said before, your language is very inadequate to communicate that which I want to say. And here again we have the case of a secondary source of knowledge -- language. You may think that the English language is profound, especially in the creativity of a Shakespeare or any such great writer, but it is still a secondary source of knowledge.

This is why I have said to you many times that the only way you can come to know is through your own inner self, which I have poetically called the language of the heart. For within, are many shades and subtleties that are so far beyond the limited three-dimensional world of language that you have incorporated through the centuries. Whatever that language be, it is a secondary source of knowledge.

I want to underscore and clarify that you should not interpret what I said to you this morning to mean that you needn't be open to what I have called secondary sources of knowledge, understanding, or wisdom. But it is in opening yourself to grow in your relationship with the Ultimate Source -- our own inner, most intimate relationship -- that you will then know clearly how to integrate those secondary sources of knowledge.

Further, without developing that inner relationship with Me your reality becomes identified with those secondary sources of knowledge, and there is not an integration with your true and authentic being. This leads to the problem of identity. You become all of those secondary sources, and you may indeed sound profound, but the real key is what you have built inside. Knowledge and identity. Again, the connection of the bloom and the root.

Finally, I want to say, when you look back into the very fundamental brands of religion, fundamentalism as a whole, you will find a group of people who have identified a secondary source of knowledge (for example, the Bible or the Words of Jesus) and proclaimed it to be the Ultimate Source, and that seems to be enough for them. And when this is misidentified as the ultimate source, then ironically those same people will be shutting themselves off to the true Ultimate Source that is within them.

They may even resist the promptings that I want to send through their channel from their root, which to them I Am. They may think of it as "a temptation from the Devil" so to speak. They may judge new knowledge that wants to come to them, not only internally but from other secondary sources; new knowledge may even make them extremely insecure. Here is the problem. This is what happens when you misidentify a secondary source and claim it to be the Ultimate Source.

This is a basic problem of fundamentalism throughout the religious world. (You have seen this in your own experience of the past.) It is something that has created great problems for personal, individual growth and true security, true substantiation, in each and every human being.

By your opening of that line to Me in a consistent, daily way, you'll find that there is no fear of new things coming to you. There is no judgment mechanism in you that immediately wants to say, "This is good. This is bad." You are truly open, because you are secure in a very real relationship and in the self-knowledge that follows.

I would say one more thing. Self-knowledge is the knowledge of the self. It is not your knowledge of a separate self, as in you looking at yourself and knowing that self. No, self-knowledge is the knowledge of that self that comes from the Ultimate Source and shines through your entire life. It is a knowledge which begins at My very heart and radiates through everything that you are and that you do. Do you understand? This is something many people have failed to understand. It is the channel in you that is connected to Me in that free-flowing relationship day by day.

These were important things to elucidate considering our earlier discussion. I want to continue to help you realize them. Some think that the message of My talks as you've been receiving them is very simple, and I would agree. But within that simplicity there is an integration of any and every thing. The center of the universe is a very simple point, but anything and everything revolve upon and around that center. To stay at that center and in that simplicity is a key to understanding everything.

I wish you the best day and the best week and the best month. I'm really close to you as you go to Reno in these coming days.

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