The Words of David and Taco Hose


The Key to Meeting the Movement is in Your Own Movement

David and Tacco Hose
February 15, 1999

Good morning. Being that both of you are quietly content this morning, I'll take the lead. My sharing will come from David's prayer just completed. You've moved to this new place, and while your physical move is substantial -- to a different home, different set-up within the home, different view out the window -- it's internal movement that I wish to speak about.

Let Me begin by saying that no matter how many times people fill up the truck and relocate from one place to another there is very little movement in the physical/social/emotional world of the Earth that you're a part of. The movement I speak about is internal movement.

On one hand so many prophets, seers, and psychics today are saying that there are great movements occurring on an inner spiritual level, and this is indeed true. On the inner level the universe itself knows My vibration, and it is always ready to respond, to be a part of that Divine community that it was created to be. In many ways the seers are right. The signs are there; the movements in the body and spirit of the universe are there. But the point I would like to make very clear is that however bounteous the signs are all around you, in terms of human spiritual evolution the final key is your own movement in meeting the movement of those things that have been prepared and opened up for you.

Coming to the year 2000, so many of you today are expecting great changes; there is deep hope in many hearts as to the new development that will come. But the point is that the inner development and opening that can occur in each of your own lives are finally the only thing that counts, and for this it all comes down to each and every human being. This is not something that can be dictated from outside even by Me, even if I was to speak through a great event which had a profound impact on humanity. What if all the clouds in every sky of the earth formed the words: "From next week God's Kingdom will be on the Earth! This is the time! I will dwell among you!" Not one scientist could deny that this was an intentional event, for no clouds could form those words by chance in skies all over the world. I tell you that such an event would mean little. I would much rather have profound change in one life, an opening of the doors in one heart, than to have every population in all of the world looking at the sky with their mouths open in shock and wonder at the amazing sign above them. The final point is, how much is each person open to the inner opportunities, his or her inner development?

Great congregations in the world are waiting for the Second Coming of the one they call My Son. He can return, and yet what would the reception be if those on the earth are not ready to go to a different place within themselves? Ultimately nothing can occur. The key is each individual. It must start there. David is remembering those words, "Without the each there is no all," and that's very true.

Let's look at your move as an allegory. David, you just prayed about your move and the hope you feel being in a new place. I understand. You did well last week by closing out your old home with a sense of responsibility as you repaired and cleaned those places that needed it; this was good. You could have walked away from the old home with anger, feeling that you had done enough and that the owners were being too particular in criticizing the things that had not been cleaned before you left; that they were breaking the contract by asking too much. But that wouldn't have been a good beginning in your new home. It's better that you took responsibility, and okay if you even went beyond the terms of the contract and did something that they didn't expect. Too many times you on the earth are so concerned about being used or, as you call it, being suckered by others. But if your friendships are carried on with the fear of being used by one another, or mistreated, or abused, what kind of friendships are those? Friendship is a place of investment beyond the contract, beyond any contract.

Your nation is a family of people where there must be investment beyond the law, beyond the basic dos and don'ts. That's what makes a strong nation. And when the nation loses that spirit, and then violates even its basic contracts, people become self-centered and untrusting and insecure. That is when a nation will fall apart -- as America is falling apart today. There is no doubt as I look. . . [tears] Yet, as much as it's possible that the process of corruption can be turned around in one life, it is certainly possible in a nation. But steps need to be very clearly taken.

Let's return to your move. With this move from your old home you threw out a lot of garbage that you had somehow attached yourselves to over the past almost seven years. There was joy, the feeling of exhilaration as you and your sons tossed all those things off the back of your truck into the pit.

I've shared with you before about going from downstairs to upstairs. Speaking in the spiritual sense, if you've lived downstairs collecting all kinds of garbage (I don't speak only of garbage -- all things that remain too long become garbage and can come to hurt you) and attached yourself to all these unnecessary things, you'll want to take it upstairs when you move, and this is not going upstairs at all. The very thing that allows you to go up the stairs is the release of all that garbage. Letting it go, putting it out, getting rid of it unconditionally, finally you become lighter and you actually rise up the stairs automatically. It's the sense of presence in yourself: that upstairs area is very "present"; it's that place where all things are vital, now, within this moment. It assumes that quality of thought. The mental and emotional garbage that is carried unconsciously by so many of you is extreme, and it serves to keep you out of living in the present. How do you begin to separate from it? The beginning of getting rid of your garbage is to see it for what it is. First you must become aware, even conceptually, that it's there. Then become deeply conscious of it through a daily observation of your thoughts and emotions. It's important for you to learn to observe it with a sense of detachment. Self-observation is going to the central place in yourself; this is the place of greatest originality (and I don't mean creativity, I mean that Original Self place).

When you were living in the old house you were not even aware of all the garbage you had. But when you really had a desire to get out, and started to pack and move, suddenly you could see how much unnecessary stuff you had collected over the years. Many of you will live your whole lives in the same place thinking that you're doing quite well, yet unaware of all of the garbage that is stuffed in your mental cupboards and closets, and in your emotional drawers. It's not until there's a deep desire to move ahead that you will begin to see the trash.

Tacco, you're a healthy kind of person, and I'll tell you why. It's not that you don't have mental garbage, there's no one free of that. It wants to gather every day just like the groceries you continually buy. But you don't put up with the garbage in yourself for long; you quickly spill it out on a regular basis. In your desire to stay present with Me, you are aware of getting things expressed. Many people may not understand this. In the present mental atmosphere of America it's not considered good manners to be direct, "unkind," or "not nice" to others. But so many people who look nice have suppressed many things within themselves because they don't want to "hurt" others. Ultimately, if they don't find ways to deal with this suppression it will hurt them and it hurts the others too. It's up to each of you to discover how those things that can turn into something toxic can be emptied. There are ways that you can find to cleanse your inner self -- your mental, emotional, and spiritual home -- of these kinds of things.

Not everything always has to be expressed to your family or to others around you. For example, some of you use your phone for hours every day to express anger, complaint, and frustration back and forth with your friends. It may take the form of gossip, or the back-stabbing of someone you know who you perceive has hurt you. It may take the form of deep depression being expressed, one to another. Does this empty it and get rid of it? In many cases, no, because it's done with no desire to move to a different place, with no change of the mental and emotional patterns.

The expression of this so-called garbage (hurts or anger) can be helpful and good if you are open and want to move on, and grow and develop, if you desire to go to a different place within yourself of greater closeness, greater communion with Me.

There is a big difference between these two dimensions of expressing. The first has no movement, no desire, no consciousness of going to a different place; one is stuck in a cycle that just continues and continues. This unmoving person will produce his own garbage so that he can continue the strange pleasure of sharing his misery. There is a certain perverse joy in this kind of communication. Some people are so attached to it that their emotional and mental house is literally furnished with garbage so they can continue that lifestyle. But for the one who wants to move out and clean up the old and leave it behind, expressing some of the very same things as the unmoving person is totally different, for it's a cleaning out. I honor all who actively seek and are on that path.

Physically, what you have furnished your new home with are things that are vital, that you want to use every day, not filling drawers with useless weight. I long for you to continue in that path, because if your external place of life becomes full of garbage it does have an impact on your inner consciousness.

But of far greater import is the moving in your inner consciousness to that place where you can daily stay present with Me. Here, your feelings and thoughts can be of a vital, living quality, not the mental and emotional corpses of the past that rot and stink in your heart and in your mind. This is the creation of hell, first in your earthly world and then in the next as you carry it on into the realm of spirit after you die; and it's much harder to dispose of things once you have lost your physical body. It's important to learn the vital path of getting rid of the old while you are in the realm of three dimensions.

On every level you have hopes for the future, and I honor these. I honor you because now you are into your fifties and you could be "living to eat, eating to live," as someone said. But you have these hopes and visions: David, your desire to get the book of these talks out, and to travel; and Tacco, to further your healing process. This is the way it should remain always, and not just until you die but eternally beyond your physical death.

This is a reflection of Me. I'm far beyond My fifties! I've been around a long time, but more than ever I long to help, I long to heal, I long to give. My thoughts are vital and alive. My heart is fully present. There are no corpses in Me. I want you to be able to say the same thing: "There is no graveyard within me, there are only living, vital thoughts, feelings, Being."

I wish you well as you start life in your new house. I know you long to have your own home in the future. That will come! Be aware, I said at the beginning of this talk, that you must see your opportunities and take advantage of each of them.

Even with all the possibilities there are, if your eyes are not open to them you can miss your chance. I have to say again that this is where humanity presently stands. Even though all possibilities are open, all chances are ready to be given, My people will miss this opportunity if the eyes of the spirit and of the heart are not open. I long for you not to miss your opportunities. Take the leadership role. More than ever before, leadership at this point is not by your word or your actions in the sense of just doing good things, it is by who you are. Sooner or later people will see who you are and the kind of path you walk day by day. This is the leadership I long to see in the world. It goes beyond whether you have external capabilities -- great and impressive words, actions, or life-style. It doesn't matter whether you are shy and retiring, small, fat, thin, feminine, or masculine. It is in your Being that you can serve as a beacon, as you take that path toward the Divine. There's a learning that goes on wordlessly, a wave, a vibration, that moves from person to person. My son Jesus had that long before any Sermon on the Mount. Long before his words was his Being, the openness in his life. This is the leadership that is most important.

Unfortunately, those who have thought they followed Jesus (and so many other great spiritual lights in history) over the many centuries, have ended up trying to obey words that were left behind. These are like shells on the beach. At one time there was living tissue in those shells, animals, animated and alive. But now, though they are pretty and shiny, they are dead. They are shells; it's nice to collect them in your home, as people collect their wonderful books. Yet chapters and verses mean very little if they remain only mental impressions, words, memories. Be aware. Be alive. Be present.

I'm going to ask Tacco to close this morning as we end the session.

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