The Words of David and Taco Hose


Letting Go

David and Tacco Hose
December 24, 1998

David, here is a lesson for you: I want to speak to you about letting go. You try to let go but then at a certain point you "reach back for your boat." Then you hold on because you begin to worry about what it is I want to say. And in that worry, once again you're grappling with something. This matter of letting go is very important. It doesn't mean that you give up everything. It's a matter of putting things in their place, allowing those things to be what they are rather than have them substitute for something else. That is the most important thing.

You humans, My children, are acquisitive beings. You want to acquire from the very beginning of your life. You've seen babies fighting over a little ball or something of no apparent value. Each one is shouting "Mine, it's mine, it's mine!" One ends up crying while the other is walking away with that thing which will probably be discarded in ten minutes, after which that baby will go to the next thing that he wants.

As you grow from babyhood, to childhood, through adolescence, to maturity, isn't that voice of "It's mine, it's mine!" still persisting? You go from a ball or a spoon when you're a baby, up through childhood when toys and food become important, to adolescence when it becomes fashion and how you appear, to adulthood when you want to have a good life, good income, nice home, beautiful car, good spouse, nice family, good reputation.

It's all in the same line as you go from that little baby fighting for who will have the ball to acquiring things as an adult. The question is: Where is your center, and have you actually substituted those things you desire to acquire for something else? I gave you that nature to acquire, to own, but I will tell you that you do not own something just because you have the money or the power or the guile to obtain it in an external sense.

Life is a very temporal thing, and something that you think you own today may be gone tomorrow. For example, you may have a wonderful home, then you lose your job and you can't make your payments, or maybe you did finish paying for it but you can't pay the taxes because of some tragedy in your life, then someone calls you and says they are repossessing your home. Now you don't own it. It's gone.

Your health: In the morning everything is fine, like for you, Tacco, then by the evening your health has been damaged. You must learn how to live in a different state of affairs without that life that you took for granted, that you thought you owned, that you thought was in your possession. Life is like that. It's a transient process. That's why I emphasize to you that the most important thing is not just acquiring all of those things.

The important thing is to recognize our relationship, our union. And hopefully, especially in your wealthy country, this can happen at a young age before you have gathered so many things that you can't even see anymore. Learn how to place your attention on an inner center, an inner focus. It's not good for young ones to have too many external things to focus on when they have not yet focused on an inner dimension. In that sense religious training from an early age is good. It can give young people the concept of God, a higher Being, someone who is beyond all of the material things available in the stores as they walk about this society.

Your own path of having left the material world and joining a faith that you took very seriously when you were young adults was good. But at a certain point you had to let go of that in order to find Me. While you had become part of an external institution of leadership you grew to realize that you could not find a vital, honest, and natural inner relationship with Me. So you let everything go to find that. This was good.

First you must let go and come to that central place within yourself of relationship with Me. Here you will find out who you are and where ultimately you are coming from. After you have let go and after you have discovered this place, you can put your hand on anything that you wish to take in life, because from this place you have total freedom to again take hold of anything in your life that you wish to.

The second time you take hold of these things is not just a matter of ignorantly seeking to acquire, it's objectively taking each and every one of these things from a very different standpoint. You will be totally free. You may find that you don't want to take up again those things that you held so tightly before, or there may be new things you will reach for.

The key point is that you will not seek those things as substitutes for OUR relationship. This is the problem. In your world today, material civilization becomes more and more a substitution for the true inner source of richness. Outer riches are substituted, from whence comes ignorance, then arrogance. You have built castles around them and refuse to come to Me. You allow things to blind you, making you insensitive to your own inner journey, your inner path with Me.

There has to be the situation in such a life of coming to the moment of letting go. Sometimes those things you have acquired are even RIPPED from your hands. You often call it "suffering" to let go of things, yet if suffering brings you to that moment of union with Me then it's worth it.

This problem does not just lie in material things. For example, identity can be a problem. You can become very much attached to who you think you are. You are identified as a good person, a powerful person, perhaps by those under you; you are identified as a wealthy, influential person perhaps by the public. Then you live your life comfortably, keeping up that image. Yet what is inside of that image is the question.

Please see! I live within you. I know where your attention is going. If it's directed outward without coming from the inner place then I feel like I'm living within a hollow statue, admired by many, perhaps flowers put at my feet. But what's inside that statue? Sometimes it becomes important for that statue to be broken so that the real person can come to recognize the inner journey, the inner path. Then, as I said, once that recognition has come, yes, get on with the business of raising your family, of living your life, of paying your payments, of taking your outer responsibilities in the world. You may even be praised for doing those things with excellence, but that praise will no longer be poison for you.

This is a great problem in every human institution, perhaps ESPECIALLY your religious institutions, because there people operate in My Name. Yet I must see each and every one of those people, and ask him or her, "What is inside? Where are you coming from? What has become important to you? What drives and motivates your life?" All these questions need to be asked.

I worry very much about your world today because many people are in such great suffering, yet however wealthy your world becomes, even if everyone and every nation becomes wealthy, the suffering can continue. Your wealthy nation of America always has programs to help other nations get on their feet and be economically viable. But as long as this acquiring tendency persists in you, as long as you -- like two babies fighting for the same ball -- are guided by this empty need for more material wealth, there will be suffering. Indeed, in this place there will never be a time when everyone will be wealthy because there will always be another baby coming up to try and take the ball in the name of this or that justification.

The suffering is coming from an inner place and that is why I am speaking at this time. As you know, I am speaking not only to you but to many; there are many in the world today who are getting these messages from Me, each according to his own nature. Some don't know what to do with this, but many, quietly within themselves, are going through profound changes, recognizing that what they thought was true or valuable for their lives no longer stands as valuable for them. They, like you, have had life-changing experiences. It is a matter of each of you having the confidence to go with this experience, and allowing yourself to recognize and reach out.

A new world must be forged. The key point is not that everybody have enough to eat, or have a nice home to live in, *that is not the key. The key is each of you coming to that inner center within yourself.* There is resistance to that by many in your world, especially by those who have power, or wealth, or have reputations, who can be on magazine covers. There's a fear of letting go, a fear of truly encountering that inner place because it means letting go.

Many times the humble, the people who don't have so much, have an easier time of it. A long time ago My son said, "It's easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than for a wealthy person to get into the Kingdom of Heaven." Some people misinterpret this as wealth not being good. Wealth is neutral. Wealth is a wonderful thing for you. I created a very rich world for you to have all that you require. But rather than go through that gate which brings you to Me, you hold on to what you've been given or what you've obtained; you have a very hard time of letting it all go. This is the eye of a needle for you.

It's not truly the eye of the needle for only the wealthy. That gate is the same size for everybody. It's the same gate. But some of you carry so much with you that you think, "I can never get through that gate. There's too much that I'm carrying with me." Can you let it go and leave it outside the gate and just go on through? There are many who cannot. They remain camped outside of the gate with their amazing amount of possessions that they don't really own, that one day by physical death they'll be separated from. As they face the gate it becomes a thing of great fear. But the gate is actually a wonderful opportunity when you can let go of all of those things that you hold on to. It is a friend.

David and Tacco, when you faced that gate you had much to let go of, even though you already felt something in terms of wanting to travel on beyond where you were. But there was that moment when you finally had to let go of everything -- and I don't just refer to physical possessions here -- to step through that gate. So it is with everyone.

This is an ongoing journey. In the coming days I'll ask you to let go of more again, perhaps of things you're not even aware that you're holding on to. Someone who is very proud of where they let go to begin their journey, has then to let go of their pride of having let go. And after that, the next thing to let go. Then again there will be something. And the next step will demand letting go of something else, until we become very simple and complete in our relationship. Then we can travel infinitely.

As I said to you long ago, true humility is being open to your Divine self, your higher self. That openness is also the openness of your hands having let go of everything, giving precedence to that most inner source of light. Then you'll have the freedom to acquire whatever you wish. This is My point today.

Yes, it would have been good if from the beginning everyone had known they were coming from that inner source of light of Divinity. This hasn't been the case; you call this the Fall of Man. And whatever the situation of that Fall, you have found yourself, generation by generation, in this situation. It's a matter now of coming back to that point. Until this happens the suffering in the world will not end.

Tribalism. You see it even in America in political parties for example, or different religions, where you acquire this or that leader and then hang on as if that leader were God. Some day you each will die and you will recognize that your leader wasn't God, that he or she was just as flawed as you, if not more so. You can take whatever cause you want, you have the freedom to do that. But come to recognize that you have substituted this or that cause for the real cause -- that inner union with Me. Do not allow any external person or thing to become a substitute for this inner reality.

I will close here. Practice letting go moment by moment. You'll discover great wisdom opening up to you. To be able to see clearly means to be able to let go day by day. When you hold things tightly you cannot see yourself; you cannot even see the value of that thing you're holding on to. You've substituted those things and that holding on for our union. In letting go you'll come to see everything clearly in good balance.

There's much to share. I long to share, as you know, with each and every person throughout this world as freely and completely as the best friend you ever had, as the one who is closest to you. I long not for the superficial but for very true and real relationships. I would like to build that outward from deep within each and every person. So please give me the opportunity to share with your family over the holiday season; don't be afraid of these next few days with all your family around. I'd like to ask Tacco to pray.

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