The Words of David and Taco Hose


Sharing -- Two Couples And God

David and Tacco Hose
December 13, 1998

I, too am enjoying this evening. But it's funny, many times in your communication with one another about Me and about yourselves, you fail to recognize that I'm right here with you. (You didn't order pie for Me!). I know that you know this; it's just a matter of becoming ever more conscious of that Presence within you, among you, and around you that I Am.

I want to share something that I brought into David's mind as R was praying. It has to do with this matter -- as you change so quickly -- of what you shall believe, what you shall say, what you shall do with those who you love, especially your children and those with whom you have shared your faith over the years:

This is a time where belief is no longer enough. Through your human history there have been many who have passionately believed. And who have also passionately killed one another in the name of their belief, though the belief was oftentimes of a good and true and loving God. Beliefs are limited, and when believers see someone whom they view as outside those limits they have very easily become cold, contemptuous or arrogant toward those "outside of the City of Faith" that they have built. These cities of faith have nothing to do with the cities of the Kingdom, for the walls are high and deeply connected with what you have called fallen nature. Much fear and insecurity is present.

These walls are coming down now. And with their deconstruction there is fear, because one must come to live in a very open way. And if one is to live in an open way there are many, many influences with which you must intermingle without defense. This is confronting for those such as you, coming out of a movement where your identities, your limits, and guidelines were strictly set. But you find yourselves wanting to grow out of that and this is a very natural thing.

I would like to illustrate something. Let's talk about the marriages of you four. Here are two points: First, that your marriages are recognized as beautiful marriages by all those around you. Why that recognition? It's not because you spend your days and nights witnessing about your marriage and how beautiful it is. Without a word from you people see your relationships with one another, and your attitude toward life as a result of the wholeness that you feel together. This is a powerful testimony and is not doctrinal nor a matter of "just believing in" your marriage, it's a matter of living out a true relationship. This is what I long for in My relationship with you.

Let's go to the second point. If you were to go up and down the street, knocking on all the doors, talking about how wonderful your marriage and your wholeness is, sooner or later your neighbors might want to shoot you! People don't like to have things forced upon them. It's not human nature. They want to discover on their own. However, when they see something of great beauty, whether it be a wonderful mountain, a beautiful oceanscape, or a beautiful marriage and family, they freely savor that beauty.

You needn't say a thing. In fact, your wordless relationship with one another, your interaction with your neighbors and your community that comes as a result of your beauty together will mean everything to them. They will see that and sooner or later come to you and ask, "What's happening in your life? What's your secret?"

Western religion especially (and your church experience is primarily Western in it's ways) demands witnessing and active assertion of its belief. You have gone out and shared with the world your belief, your understanding, your lectures; this was not wrong. But if one first experiences an intellectual belief, an emotional understanding, the living out of those concepts must follow through actual growth. And as the living out continues, you will find so much more than what you ever can read in a religious book of dogma. And that is what people will see.

In so much of the mainstream of religion now, including your church, there is an attachment to the doctrine and the structure. This is holding people back from moving on into the living, and holding people back from experiencing a free-flowing relationship with Me.

Many walk around in circles right in front of Me, failing to just reach out and embrace with Me. This for Me is heartbreaking . . . [tears] because there is fear there. It's like a young man who works so hard to come to a face-to-face relationship with a young woman he deeply loves. He finally stands before her and now is shuffling his feet, looking at the floor, unable to look up eye-to-eye.

On a much more profound level there are so many who cannot lift up their heads and look Me in the eye. There is a fear of that direct relationship. Many are taken with the idea of having a mediator, an agent who would represent them. Mediators are outside of yourself. You can superficially go to them just as you go to your parents, and say "Mommy, Daddy, is it okay?" Your reference is outside of yourself.

You each have walked many miles, and now you've come face to face with Me. What will you do with this experience? Truly to find Me you must go within. This relationship goes from deep inside of yourself out. It's profound and requires your dealing with profound issues within yourself, encountering the many things that you didn't have to encounter before. But this is necessary if you wish to grow up and become a person beyond belief alone, a person of true Being, of substance. It's a very natural thing and it's not something to be afraid of. It's something that you naturally want to do.

All the emphasis on healing in the world today is parallel to the real healing that is taking place in that face-to-face relationship with Me. If you understand the focus on healing that so many feel now -- emotional healing, physical healing, spiritual healing, all kinds of healing -- it is but a dim echo of the real healing, the healing of our long-broken relationship.

And there is a fear. If you deeply look at what brings the fear about, it is ultimately that face-to-face relationship with Me. There is great fear as you look upon your reflection in My eye. There is fear, and this is the time to go into and beyond that fear. As you truly come to know My heart, you will know that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Divine judgment is not a listing out of all your sins and a deploring of you. It is an embracing of you in your entirety. You want to melt into that embrace. And that embrace is so tight and so pure that naturally you will want to remove anything that would keep you even a sliver's distance from Me. That's the real reason to overcome what you have called sin (any separation from Me). That's a totally different take on judgment, isn't it? Until now the concept has carried great fear, but it is in finding your true self that real judgment can take place.

David thinks back to his first moment of darkening the doors of a Unification Church Center, and hearing some lectures and feeling My love. What did he do? He went home and took a bath. That was very symbolic. It was his desire to get rid of the impurities within himself that he had developed over the years. Judgment is just this on a much more profound level.

There are many who try to rid themselves of impurities out of a great fear of damnation or of some sort of terrible circumstance that may come to them if they don't. There are many now within your church who have been conditioned with this kind of thinking. I tell you, this has nothing to do with being able to overcome yourself. You can never do it by the fear of damnation or the fear of pain that might come. It is only as you lovingly discover who you truly are that you can lay aside those points of separation between us. And this is a very natural process. Preservation or survival is not the motivation that will do it. It is truly our love together.

I know who you are. Everything. I'm not surprised by anything you have done or could ever do. And truly, I want to consummate our relationship now. There are many around you, even those you have called your religious leaders, who, because of the limits of their concepts, may express great shock at something "out of line" in their eyes which you have done. But I live inside you. I know everything about you. I know all that you have ever done. There is no surprise for Me. I know the status of our relationship. All I want to see is that our relationship can be made complete, fulfilled, consummated. That's all. And THIS IS THE DAY THIS CAN HAPPEN! Believe Me! Please believe Me!

I told David and Tacco that I'm not the doctrinal type. When you truly have a good marriage you don't have to write doctrine about it. The free flow of that relationship itself is enough. If there is a beautiful stream coming down through your property and you drink from that stream every day, you needn't make lectures up about that stream. All you know is that the water gives you such life and cleanliness and freedom and you want to share it with others. So you take it to your neighbors in tubs and buckets and anything that you can carry it to them in, and they just simply appreciate it.

How much they would resent it if, going up and down the street you just tell them about how wonderful your stream is but you never offer them a cup. They're going to tell you to get off their porch and go back home. This has been the case of so many religious zealots. I won't have this any more; your humanity has too much to lose if you continue this blindness. At the same time there is so much to gain as you carry this life stream within you.

Sure, if someone wants to know you can share fully and freely, but perhaps not with the mentality and limits that sharing about Me, or about the Truth, or about Christ, has had in the past. When you take those limits away people feel something from you way beyond the words. The words are just the leading edge of something far more profound flowing within and through you. That's the important thing. You can talk about anything, you can share the most humorous thing with them, it's your life and words are part of your life. But remember, words are not the final point. The final point is who you are and our union together.

This is a great and terrible day for many, but the greatness is far more than anything terrible. There is much to look forward to if you will let yourself look. Trust your own maturity through the paths that you have walked, and trust your ability to learn. I see in the four of you a willingness to be open and learn, and the courage to keep yourselves open and to see, to just see! I'm not asking that you make conclusions or judgment about anything. Just open your eyes and see, without bias, without any kind of final opinion. Just see. This is very hard to do sometimes.

When you have strong, preoccupied beliefs it is easier to close your eyes than to see, because much does not fit into what you have accepted as truth. You then become a blind believer, and this is the last thing that is needed in your world today. There are profound problems that have to be dealt with in the coming years, and if they are not dealt with humanity will pay a mighty price for this blindness. It is not worth the price. Open eyes are needed, so please have that courage. Even if you charge down the wrong path a few times, I'd much rather see you with open eyes than sitting comfortably in a small, closed room with no windows, thinking that you're right and never taking a chance. I encourage you tonight.

Do you have some things you want to bring up?

[N]: I'm so grateful to hear You speaking to my heart. I have some questions, because I also want to bridge the gap between us so desperately. From the past I have had no confidence with my ability to do that, even though I can see You working in my life all the time, even to be where I am today. You brought up the fact that we didn't recognize that You were with us, we didn't order pie for you [laughter].

I don't want to shut You out. How do I include You? Just in my thinking? "Heavenly Father, we're doing this together"? In my meditation? How do I satisfy the heart in You that wants this relationship with me? I could just go on as my life leads and figure that what's coming to me is guided by You, and therefore I have a relationship with You. But it sounds like both of us want something deeper and I'm not sure how that happens. [God]: Can you venture a guess of how it may happen?

[N]: I only know what I've been taught -- prayer and meditation. But those are once or twice a day. I don't know how to include You in all of my day.

[God]: There are many things that you can do, and I would challenge you to try to think in new ways. When you've been walking the same path for many years, that well-trod path presents the easiest way to go. And even if it's something that's constructive, like regular prayer, it's good to try something new. People who have gone through a lot of spiritual regimentation often have a particular style of communication with Me, a certain order or way of prayer, for example, that seems like the right way. Don't hold tightly to the order but open up to My constant presence. Sometimes I'd like to just have a big belly laugh with you over something very informal, maybe even raucous stories. The important thing is that we can feel close together.

While I'm so close to you, My children are often so far away from Me. Closeness means everything together, so I would encourage you to keep Me with you in the kitchen or the moments when you ordinarily wouldn't recognize My presence. Share with Me those things that you may not usually share. There have been so many prayer sessions with Me where people do not break new ground.

David is remembering many prayer sessions, going around from center to center as an itinerary worker twenty years ago -- people praying over and over again in early morning prayer service, "Heavenly Father, we want to do Your will, we want to do Your will, we want to do Your will," and then falling asleep. And then waking up, "We want to do Your will, we want to do Your will, oh Heavenly Father, help us to do Your will." They desperately wanted to have some connection with Me but were limited in what they felt they were allowed to say or when or where.

How would it be if your children would come to you thinking they can say only certain things to you. On one hand there will be fear, on the other hand there will be great ignorance of your heart. And further, there may be a buildup of deep anger toward you because of the assumption that you cannot receive anything more from them.

I want you to feel free to relate and share everything with Me! We are parent and child! It's the most intimate relationship in the world, and in that respect everything can be shared. The times are now different from when you were making your conditions and traveling from far away to come to Me. When we come face to face you'll find that I'm quite different than what you knew of Me before. I want to share everything. As much as you want to be intimate with your spouse, I want to be that much more intimate with you.

The understanding of Me as the God of the altar, the God who is within a certain church structure, conditional, limited, relates to the time of coming from afar. Face to face is something different from anticipation. When we meet together it's a far different matter. Just keep Me with you and never for a moment think that you shouldn't share something because it's so unimportant, or so petty, or not providential, or perhaps too flippant, or even wrong.

Trust is trust, and when you trust Me I certainly trust you. Then we can share everything. This will not take away from the importance of our relationship. If anything it belittles Me when you treat Me like an icon. It belittles Me when you keep Me at such a distance, bowing and bowing and bowing but never allowing Me into the throne room of your own heart. That is what belittles Me. You don't allow Me entrance and yet I'm already there, I've always been there. In essence, you're keeping yourselves from entering the throne of your own hearts. Do you see that? That's the great irony of the whole situation.

Yes, historically there was a time when that seems to have been the reality but this is no longer that time. This is the time when each individual has the opportunity to stand up. And unless organizations, such as the one that you have belonged to much of your lives, can change accordingly, person by person, heart by heart, those organizations will wither and die like leaves in the autumn. This is as it should be.

The heart and soul of your organizations are generally not bad, but you have to know what comes first and what comes second. What comes first is the heart and soul of the individual. You may build an organization together, but keep the horse before the cart. Where there is no confidence in the heart of the individual, what often happens is that the limits of the organizational heart and thinking take over. And what you finally have is a bunch of people bound together who do not know themselves, who can't reach out to others, and consequently who don't know Me.

You are coming out of this reality. In one sense you are becoming members of a much greater organization, a very pure and natural one, one that has no papers of incorporation and is not filed with the government. Something far more.

[N]: Can I ask a different question? I don't know if you're done.

[God]: Sometimes David gets carried away; I'm ready to go on to the next point but he gets a little too eloquent.

[N]: When I think about including You in my day, the times when I have most not included you have been the times when I thought I was "wrong" or "bad." For example, with the sexual attitudes I have carried over the years, it's been difficult for R and I to bring You into the bedroom with us. This whole New Age concept of "There is no wrong, there is no right," has been running around in my head. What is wrong thinking, what is right thinking? Recently I masturbated, which I haven't done in years, and now that I'm thinking of bringing You into everything could I have brought You there? What is this whole understanding of wrong and right in Your eye?

[God]: Again I will tell you that you are present together with Me continuously. I recognize that it is hard for you to have crystal clear, moment by moment, awarenesss of our union. There will be times when you don't feel free, empowered, and clear. Clouds will come into your thinking.

I am not saying here that during the cloudy times you might make a mistake, for this is not My concern. What I am saying is that I won't put any limits on you. I am absolutely with you no matter what happens. As the clarity comes, as you recognize and become more fully conscious of My eternal presence with you, you'll know clearly where you want to go.

Does that mean that you can go out and become a mass murderer, or take part in unbridled sexual relationships outside your family? Simply, your relationship with Me will show you very clearly what you wish to do. Not what you must do but what you desire to do. It may take a while for you to clarify this because you are coming out of a very long, many-generational cloudy era. But that clarity will come.

Your conscience is not the final arbiter of your behavior. Your original self is, your God-self, the part of you that interfaces with Me. And it does not work by right and wrong. In My world -- and this is very hard to communicate into your language -- I don't operate by right and wrong. There is only one thing that is happening in My world, and you will come more and more into union with that one thing. If you want you may call it "goodness," or "beauty," or "union with the Divine," but there is just the one thing happening.

The more that you live out of your original or God self, the less you will find that you are struggling with which way to go, with the right or wrong. Your conscience simply is the way to communicate this in terms of the physical situations you are currently in within your temporal world. But your conscience, to put it in spatial terms, is sitting atop your original mind. Your original mind is truly The Center; conscience is simply an external organ of that original mind.

So I encourage you to develop your original mind rather than be caught by fear or guilt with what happened in this or that situation. You may say, "Shouldn't I feel guilt if it was the wrong thing to do?" If this was already an hour ago, a day ago, a week ago, a year ago or half a lifetime ago, are you going to continue to live in past guilt? Many people waste their lives this way rather than being in the present moment, relating with Me right now. This is the best way to clarify for yourself what truly you wish to do. [N]: I guess this is the point: I don't feel guilt. And what bothers me is I don't know how to trust my own heart's desire in the direction I'm going. How do I trust or know that I'm not doing the wrong thing? Can I really trust my heart to go where I want to go and be okay?

[God]: Let's come back full circle. Say you're attending a very profound university. You won't get a certificate at the end of this because this university is continuous. Go into the depths of your heart and you can find in its depths your relationship with Me. And again, I encourage you to seek Me not in the traditional way, not on your knees in the prayer room with your hands clasped together over your face. Allow Me to come into the kitchen, into the toilet, into the bedroom, and be there with you.

As you are more and more accurately able to penetrate your own heart, your trust that I am there will grow. You see, the very center of your heart is connected with the center of My heart. THERE IS NO SEPARATION! As you plumb those depths you'll have more and more clarity.

This is a time-consuming thing; it takes awhile. It's not an overnight task. I know you want things to turn around quickly, especially when there's pain, confusion or unclarity -- a fog around you and clouds ahead of you. You want that fog to lift, but recognize what you're coming out of, even in terms of your own life and especially in terms of the generations of the past that you stand on. It is a time to be patient, and you can develop more patience as you learn to walk hand in hand with Me day by day.

You may think that you can continue your current behavior and just excuse yourself by saying, "Well, I just have to be patient." Right? I know, there is that fear. I leave that challenge in your hands; that's up to you to solve and I trust you can do it. I am not the kind of God who is going to nitpick with you, "Oh, see what you're doing!" No! I am the kind of parent who looks at your strengths and the sincerity of your heart. I encourage that sincerity from you and let you know that I am with you in your effort. That is the larger thing. Those little ticks and knocks that continue, they will lessen and lessen until you've walked beyond them. That's what I see.

A great problem for so many of My children is that you so quickly are aware of your bad patterns, the ways over the years that you've let yourself down and that you imagine that you've let Me down. I know that you know those patterns, and I know that you know that I know those patterns, but they're not what I choose to focus on. I know that in pointing out those patterns you would be claimed by them. Instead I help you to understand our essential relationship. I make that move toward you so that we begin to establish that embrace. We are establishing a new pattern here.

Do you know that the consciousness of our relationship has always been within you? It's perfectly there, undying. It's not something that you take into yourself like a hamburger or a glass of water; it's always been within you, in every atom of your being. As you open the inner door to that consciousness and learn how to meet Me in that realm that has always been there, as you enter your own Most Holy Place, you'll sense what you want to leave outside of the door, like your sandals.

Know that this is true. And know that I am patient with you. I'm not patient with you like some wimpy god who doesn't know how to help you control yourself. No. I know what the potential is. I'm patient with you as a God of ultimate power, and that power is LOVE. That's what I prefer to focus upon. Divine judgment is truly love. It's a judgment of a totally different quality then what you on earth have projected from Me or have practiced toward one another.

[R]: It seems like a paradox though. In order to embrace that relationship with You then I have to, or should, find a way to end any pattern in my life that separates me from You. If I could be conscious of Your love -- when I'm conscious of Your love -- I have no problem at all overcoming any pattern because I'm embraced by Your love. So oftentimes I feel the cause of those patterns in my life is the experience of the lack of love, because I'm not perceiving Your love. So it feels like a paradox, because in order for me to perceive Your love and enable myself to end those patterns, I must first end the patterns.

[God]: Yes. Again, you are aware of the patterns. As you become more and more aware of how I feel about you, and who I Am in your life, and who you are to Me, you will naturally reach toward that core. I want to have David share with you about his friend, because there is something that he learned very deeply in the exchange that happened over the last year.

[David]: My friend is this brother who has really been to the pits. And the kind of things that he indulged in over the years, from my point of view must have just totally broken God's heart -- we're talking really weird aberration types of incredible stuff. And yet, the first time that I opened up on the telephone with him I didn't know what would come but I was overwashed with tears. Heavenly Father totally embraced the guy.

He said, "You're My son," and had him laughing even. He said, "In one way the groundhogs are better off than you because every spring they get the hots, and go out and do it and have a bunch of babies, and then spend the rest of the year digging holes. But you people, I gave you a powerful, creative imagination and force within yourselves. This is very high-powered equipment, and unfortunately, since the time of what you call the Fall, this has really gotten out of control."

God cried very deeply, and said, "I'm sorry that this has happened with you and with My kids. But I want you to know that I'm here for you and I really want to work with you to bring you back." There was never any condemnation whatsoever. And this guy, over the past year has made phenomenal strides. His faith in God is profound. A month ago when he called me it was stronger than mine.

[Tacco]: His whole character changed. Before he was very whiny and just going around in a circle of hopelessness. And now there is nothing wishy washy. "I want to share this....!"

[David]: At that first meeting, instead of Heavenly Father pointing out what he did wrong, He just said, "Take hold of that powerful, creative nature that is going in a destructive direction, all those images that pull you into a heavy duty sexual direction. You're a poet (something we didn't know)! Use it there." The guy broke down and started crying, and God mentioned that he is also an artist and a gardener and encouraged him in these activities. So for this past year he's experienced a tremendous flowering of creativity in his life, doing something along the line of Findhorn. I'm sure he still has his tough times, but tasting that love of God, and beginning to put his energy into creative outlets was a profound opening for him.

Heavenly Father also said, "You think you've been through the absolute pits and that there are these great religious leaders in your religion who have always lived the straight and narrow so they're way ahead of you." With no condemnation of anybody, God said, "You have been brought to a place where you've really had to deal with the very, very crucial issues in your life, and you're starting to do it. Many people who live in this seemingly good religious place will not discover these core issues until after they've gone to the spirit world. There I won't give them any position; their comfort will be gone and only then will they begin to discover those things, and only then can they begin their work. You're already dealing with these things, and I'm very very happy to see you doing this. It's not what you have done before; it's what you're willing to deal with in your life here and now."

Tacco and I go through challenges regularly. But one thing I know more than I've ever known before, and it's not in the head but right down in my guts, is my Divine Parent, my best friend in my life, is right with me all the time, ready to go all the way with me. And for me, that's the most divine powerful judgment of all. When I let Him down He says, "Okay, stand back up. Let's keep going, boy." He doesn't kick me when I'm down, "You son of a bitch, why did you go and do this again!?" It's not like that.

[Tacco]: In 1985, I was asked to lead a 120-Day Training. I had never led one, and the participants were missionaries who believed that they perfectly knew how to give a lecture and run the workshop, so they were impatient with me. At one point I said, "You all say you believe in God. During this hour, leave all our doctrinal explanation aside and just describe to me the God that you believe in." We spent three hours at this. In the name of believing in One God how different the concepts were, from unconditional love to an awful, bleeding, sorrowful, weeping God, to an almighty, authoritative judge, to the perception that unless I achieve something external I can never approach God.

And after Heavenly Father started sharing with us, I was shocked at some of the concepts of God that I carried. I am the one who is imprisoning God. God can't come out because I've blocked Him with this concept or that fear. When Heavenly Father said, "It will take time to come to know Me," I have to say yes, recognizing that my humongus fear has really blocked me from coming to know Him.

I was just realizing what all this sharing with Heavenly Father did to my understanding of God. He has allowed me to find Him just as a friend. In my frozen concepts, "father" is associated with distant authority, and automatically I closed something, lost intimacy, and became formal and polite. In order for Him to be known to me He had to come to me as a friend with no name. Once I came to know Him I recognized the authority naturally, but there was no distance.

[David]: I'm getting such a powerful image right now from Him. Oh, my!

[God]: Think of it this way. If you can remember a long-ago church picnic where father and son or mother and daughter had a three-legged race where the two middle legs between you were tied together and you ran to the goal. In essence, that's our relationship. Of course, it's an eternal thing, and it's far more beautiful than any three-legged race, but if you saw a little child trip and fall his parent would simply reach down and help him back up so they could continue. That's the way I feel, too. It's not a matter of: son falls, then retribution or anger from the father. I just want to help you get back up and continue on!

Imagine further that many of my followers already consider themselves masters of that three-legged race and stand on the sidelines. When that father's son falls they point the finger and condemn the child. How do I feel? More than a little upset. I simply want to help you stand. And however many times you might trip there is but one thing, and that is to achieve our unity, our strides together day by day. That's what I want. And I know that's what you want, too, because it hurts when you fall and our legs twist away from each other.

I am tied to you. I am tied to you by absolute love. I have no way to walk away from you. Look in the world and you'll see many people who will easily walk away when it becomes inconvenient in their particular race with another. I have no such luxury. I'm tied to you by My absolute love for you. You mean everything to Me, and that's why there is no way that you can lose. It's just a matter of how quickly we learn to stride together.

You might wonder if I am also in need of learning how to stride together with your way of being. I've known you all along from your very inception. I know you far more than you know yourself, but in our relationship together there is a give and a take. It's not simply that I am a guru who's going to show you everything about yourself. You can create and realize things that give Me great joy as you share them with Me! I'm simply not sitting on a pedestal nodding My head, "Yes, I was wondering when you were going to catch that!" That's a strange relationship. Is that what you do with your children? No! You feel great joy as they make steps and they come up with things that you haven't thought about before.

I'm not this rather strange being that many of my more "religious" kids have made Me out to be. This is a joyous relationship, not the guru­follower relationship. Think of that three-legged race; think of how I feel if you can't match My stride. I only want to help you do that. And don't become upset at those on the sideline who might point the finger at you. They have their own three-legged race, they just haven't recognized yet that they too are in that race.

There are many things to share. Thank you for creating such a conducive atmosphere for us to all be together this way.

David is wanting to share about after one very vivid session a few months ago: He was in a group of totally unrelated people and began to look at each of them and see something quite amazing. There was a deep recognition that he was looking into the eyes of God. And whether they knew it or not, as they looked into his eyes they were also looking into the eyes of God. Back and forth. He was thinking about the day when all have that knowledge of who they are, and really see Me as they look into one another's eyes.

You couldn't contain that knowledge if I opened it up all at once. With a sudden opening up it would be very hard for you to continue to function. It has to be done step by step. It's like opening your eyes into bright light in the morning, your pupils can't handle it. The spiritual awakening that's going on in the world is a step-by-step process. Recognize that as you find your capacity growing and developing. Yes I want to appear everywhere and I want you to be fully aware of Me, but it's a step-by-step process; it's not an instant matter.

The problem with the drug culture 30 years ago (of which some of you were a part) is that they wanted a divine experience but they wanted to achieve it with instant gratification, and this is not possible. Religion also, in its own way, has been like a drug. People learn how to trust a certain dose every day, but do not look within to that natural path that I want to take with them.

I am a natural being. I'm very natural. I like to laugh. I cry. I go through everything the same as you. My limits tonight are because of David's limits, but if I could be totally free -- and I will be as each of you grows and develops -- you will see a God you could never imagine. And that will be the Kingdom.

That is what I mean by being beyond right and wrong. We will embrace together with such a deep embrace that there will be no question of right and wrong. The book Conversations With God explains this profoundly. It is not that there is no good or evil, but that your whole basis of living in terms of a very conditioned conscience will become irrelevant as you grow. You will see something far more than just, shall I do this or that? You will see the flow of that stream. It flows through a very natural stream bed, and so it will be with our life together as well. Yes, there is that idea that the flow could go in a reverse or in a wrong direction. But as you learn how to live out of your core, out of your God-self, you will go so far beyond this consciousness that has accompanied you historically.

The definition of conscience, the idea of good and evil, created great limits in terms of the depth of that judgment. It had its position, just as you might put such limits on your young children, but the ultimate goal is so far beyond simply the idea of good or evil. So I am not an apathetic God who doesn't care whether you do good or evil, and proclaims that there is no good or evil. That's a very limited understanding, and those who take that to mean that they can do whatever they want are greatly missing the important point. It takes a whole deeper dimension of understanding to catch the meaning here.

[R]: When we educate our children, should we educate them from where we are now, or do they require a more fundamental foundation?

[God]: I would educate them from where you are now. What else can you do?

[R]: It seems logical, but I don't think I understand enough of where I am.

[God]: Yes, because you're moving and you haven't acclimatized. But you can be honest with your children. They appreciate that.

[N]: I think sometimes we don't treat them with enough respect, enough appreciation for their needs and their mental capabilities. We dish out what we think they should know, or what we think that they can digest, or what we think might be right, but we don't deal with them in honesty.

[God]: Yes, your honest expression is important. And by honesty, there is a way to be honest with children without emptying out all your drawers, for it's not right to ask children to be able to handle what you might share with one another. Do you think I will share with you everything that I know tonight as to what is happening in the world? There's no way that I can do that. At this point, I can't test your capacity to be conscious of Me and determine where you stand in and through each and every person and situation. Your legs are not strong enough to handle that. So don't ask your children to handle what your capacity is. Consider their capacity and take a smaller spoon and give them their food mouthful by mouthful.

[N]: That's another scary thing. I don't know how much to give to them, and what not to give to them...

[Tacco]: Somehow we were conditioned to always give certain definitions. And now that we are moving on our kids are asking, "Where are you, Dad and Mom, we don't understand where you are. You're not going to church and you're not believing this and you're saying that!" But I think what we really wish them to understand is, "My parents are growing. They're trying to leave the door always open and grow." Then, even though they don't know where we're going -- and we're more and more aware of the many things we don't know -- when they encounter their own challenges they'll think of us and say, "My parents are always seeking and trying to grow."

[God]: There is something more here. In the perspective of the many centuries of history this is an especially moving time, a time of great opening up. It hasn't always been so. There have been dark and very slow periods like heavy clouds, times when nothing would grow. But this indeed is a very profound growing period in the history of humanity.

There are those people who quickly catch that vibration and long to plant their seeds and recognize new crops, and you are among those. I don't say this to flatter you, this is very clearly what is happening in your lives. There is a part of you that wonders, "Should I be planting these seeds on this land? Does this land even belong to me?" By the very nature of your task there is a certain insecurity because you're coming from a different place. You left the place that you know so well and you're moving. You are pioneers. And your children ask what's around the next turn and you can't tell them! I encourage you. Someone has to do this. Someone has to do it.

[N]: But it's okay to let them know now that we're moving; and that the things that I thought were so sure yesterday are not sure today.

[God]: But there are things of which you are sure in terms of your relationship with Me and where you want to go. Share your dreams with them. Share your ideals. And don't cast aspersions on the past, because something brought you to where you are. Always be grateful to everyone who brought you to where you are now.

Your attitude toward those that are still around you is very good, and I would encourage everyone to have that attitude. It's so easy to want to kick dust on the past, but that is the path that brought you to where you are. I was with you all the way. I don't kick dust on them because all are in the three-legged race, every one. They have their path, you have your path, each of you has your own path. This has been a great problem, this failure to see that you all have that path to walk, and to be patient, and to be comprehensive one with another.

It's okay to let your children know when you don't know. But share your dream. Let them know that you are a growing person. Mom and Dad may not represent the ultimate "I know everything" status, and that is all right. As your children grow they want to follow your path, so they will watch you and your attitude in your growth. As your growth continues you will share many great and profound things with them. It is an absolute wrong concept, coming out of the past, to think that it's only when you're stable within a certain, unmoving place, that you can share great wisdom and wonderful doctrine with them. No, the greatest things are to be shared on the road, in the movement of your lives.

[N]: I'm still really struggling. It's one thing to sit here and have all this wonderful communication with You, and then make a decision in my mind about how I'm going to lead my children; and I'm thinking a lot about just dropping everything I've ever done, which is to gather them together in some kind of formal way and pull out the board and teach them. Now I'm thinking that I don't want to do anything, and yet I don't want to throw out the baby with the bath water.

[God]: You can't throw out everything you've ever done, because they won't throw it out.

[N]: Right. But I don't know now whether I should gather them together and teach them the fundamentals of where we came from. You just said, "teach them from where you are," which to me means...? I'm changing so many things 180 degrees and I feel really insecure about that.

[God]: I encourage you to talk together with the Hoses on this matter because they've been on this path too, and they've learned a few things in the last couple of years. This is, as you said, R, a new paradigm. Why did I give you eternity? [R: Because it takes that long to understand the paradigm? I have a long learning curve!]: Right. It's a long college course that never ends. And eternity is not to sit in one place. Eternity is to move and to grow, and that is truly what I long to do.

[David]: The talk that we got from Heavenly Father just this last week is really beautiful. He said that as friends you are to be doorways to one another, not decorated walls. That however attractively you adorn walls with great art, religious icons, wonderful quotations, people get tired of walls and want to move. The beautiful thing about a door is that you can go through it into an infinite outgoing; it's an empty place not an end in itself.

God once said, "I'm a door also, and when you discover that doorway within yourself we can go through it together and travel infinitely together." I realize that as your children find that doorway through their relationship with you, they can have a tremendous sense of foundation. And that's not the foundation that just comes from a certain belief, even if that belief is absolutely true. But I think what we have done sometimes is taken a picture of that wonderful life-stream that wants to flow through us and hung it on the wall as our "belief," meanwhile losing touch with the actual flow.

[N]: One of my kids' favorite songs is "Take me through that doorway, and lead me to that land, where Father's love is flowing freely, as we go hand in hand."

[David]: Before we stop I'd like to pray: I'm learning, Father, to yield more and open more to You. I'm still conscious of many blocks in my own self, but I know that You are putting so many of us through a real training course to be fully open to You and to give You freedom. It's not just that you're sitting dispassionately dishing wisdom to us. You want to be free to move around this world in us.

It's only because you haven't had this freedom that the world is in such a hell of a mess, Father, from Europe and the Middle East to our White House and within our own lives, Father, because You haven't had that freedom. And it's not because You didn't want it! It's because somehow we just didn't open that doorway or even discover it. I pray that through our communion tonight with You and one another we can become that much stronger and that much closer to that face-to-face relationship. Thank you, Father. I pray this in gratitude, in the Name of Heavenly, Divine Parents.

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