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Finding The Fire

David Hose
October 11, 1996

Last night was a very special evening for many people who attended, and it was a special evening for Me, too, because, as [name] said, there is cutting-edge work going on at this time in many peopleís individual lives, and, as the result of that, in the lives of a large number of people all over the face of the earth.

I have elected to use this time on the foundations of all that has gone before (in terms of My work) in times and places all over the world. I have elected to use this time to awaken My children, not just to who I am but to who they are -- let Me say, to who you are -- because without your awakening to who you are you canít truly awaken to who I am.

It is true that we are intimately related. Because you live in a three-dimensional world and deal with three-dimensional concepts and reality all day -- at least in your outer senses -- you tend to think of Me as you might think of a separate being in the physical world. For example, if you call Me Heavenly Father or Heavenly Parents you tend to think of Me as your physical parents, who are separate entities and who, though they love you, lead their own lives separately from you.

For example, they have to take their own showers; they canít get clean when you take a shower. But I am different; the realm that I come from is far beyond the limits of the physical world, so you can be deluded into thinking that I am like a physical-world entity. As long as you donít explore the deeper regions of yourself, of your own inner heart and inner self, then there is no other way you can think of Me. But I am beyond the world of concepts, beyond the world of ideas about things.

An idea about Me is not a relationship with Me. A conviction about Me is not necessarily a relationship with Me. Also, a relationship with Me that is strongly stamped by the concept that I am somewhere else and you are relating to Me very much like one thing to another thing, is a relationship where you still are somewhat trapped by your physical world comprehension. As last nightís speaker said, I am in all things and around all things; I am everywhere.

At the same time, I belong exclusively to you as you belong to Me. We are in one another. This is not a world of time and space; it is the realm that is the most highly expressed as the world of heart, and it alone is the real world. It alone is truly the fire that burns very bright.

The world that you usually see is smoke, that which perhaps is given off by the fire, much as this physical world was created. But when youíre caught and trapped by the physical world, itís like you are whirling upward away from the fire, caught in the smoke. You know that song "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes." Well, too many of you have eyes and a consciousness full of the smoke world and not the fire world, caught by the limits of physical reality and the world of time, things, and places.

How to reach the fire within your own heart that transcends that foggy world -- this is the natural desire of the heart. And those who have opened the door to that inner heart, that spiritual heart within themselves, even for a moment, will be caught by the need to understand that world, to come into that purifying fire, and eventually recognize that the world they have lived in most of their lives, while it is real in a sense, is very much a world of effect and not of cause; and thatís why it changes so much, like smoke. You must bring the cause and effect that is within you into union, the world of heart and the world of action into union.

There is also a very personal way to put this, but I want to make it clear to you that you have been whirling like the smoke, tossed by the wind in the world of effect and that, in a way, you have to retrace the path of that smoke back to the fire and come to the purifying flame.

Last week I shared with you, and I want to speak again now about coming to that flame within your own heart, that place where you and I are intimately and eternally bound together -- a place of freedom, a place of absolute purity, a place where no impurity can exist. Why is it compared to a fire here? Because the fire within the center of your own spiritual heart is burning much more hot than any fire in the physical realm. As you know, fire burns everything up.

A truly roaring fire can burn down a city, can reduce everything to ashes. The fire that I speak of, the fire in the heart, is not a destructive fire but one that consumes impurities. No impurity can remain when you come to the center of that fire. The thoughts that whirl around in your mind every day like smoke cannot be there in the middle of that fire; the emotions, the truly arbitrary things and patterns that you experience every day will be burned up in the heat of that fire -- which is our relationship, our reunion. And that is truly what needs to happen more and more in the life of the pilgrim who has begun the path toward Me.

You will find that your biggest challenge in life is not the person next to you, not someone who would proclaim himself your enemy who lives down the street, but your biggest challenge is within yourself. And, again, in your path as you walk more and more toward the center of that fire you will recognize that, you will see that. As people come to take this path, the idea that they would be happier if someone outside of themselves would go away -- someone they proclaim is their enemy -- this kind of thinking could not continue, because that person would see very clearly that his so-called enemy is actually the very thought, "What stops my happiness is that other personís existence."

And they would come to recognize that other person as a fellow pilgrim no matter whether they have understood the path or not. And finally, as you come into that fire yourself, as you come into that central point of our relationship more and more closely, youíll recognize that the one whom you once proclaimed your enemy, someone you couldnít stand, is also a son or daughter of that very same God that you are finding -- and that is your long-lost brother or sister.

You can imagine that there could be a wonderful story written (and perhaps there already has been) of two individuals who grew up terrible enemies, hated one another, and then one day discovered through a unique set of events that they were born of the very same mother and came from an extremely loving beginning. They had been separated as babies and taken to two families that were ignorant of that love and that hated each other; and they grew up hating one another. I ask you, for what reason? What truly Godly reason can engender that kind of hate? There is no Godly reason. There is only ignorance, bigotry, and blindness that engenders this kind of hate.

And so as one comes to the place of vision within himself, and as one really truly takes that path toward Me, more and more these kinds of unreasonable and ignorant blocks in your consciousness have to be moved.

So to come back to our story, those two individuals one day come to know the story of their birth, come to realize what their true relationship is. Now donít you think that would have an impact on that hatred they had been raised with? They would realize that each of them was a victim of conditioning, each was a victim of their own ignorance and the ignorance of those around them. Eventually they would have passed that ignorance and hate on to their children and to those around them. Thatís why these blocks have to be removed.

In your own path, in each of your own lives, H and W [husband and wife], you truly are working and sincerely trying to make those steps. For this I am very happy and very grateful. I know you have a deep dedication to bringing our experience together to others as a testimony to the very fire within their own hearts, to the very God who is as intimately connected with them as with the greatest saints, the greatest messiahs, the greatest spiritual lights in history.

But I want you to take the time to examine the blocks you may still have, to locate and remove them. Removal is not that difficult if the blocks are firmly recognized and if you can consciously take responsibility for them and deal with them. They are not removed just one time; these blocks have a tendency to want to go back to the place where they were, and there is a need for you to remove them many, many times. We are speaking of mental habits, emotional habits, emotional patterns in your lives that come out of that realm of ignorance or unconsciousness. So you must overcome unconsciousness with consciousness, just as you do every morning when you awaken and overcome sleep. Sleep wants to keep you comfortably in the bed. Itís a seductive force. You see how your own daughter loves to sleep in the morning, and to come awake is not an easy thing.

Well, when you think of the sleep of human history, which has been in such ignorance of Me, then to come out of that hellish sleep is just like awakening. And this is truly the morning in your history and in your lives, so itís true that you have to exert much effort and attention to awakening and throwing back the heavy blankets that want to make you a captive, and put your feet on My ground, swing them over that bed of sleep and put them on My ground, and stand and take your steps. This is My main concern with all of humanity at this time.

It has not been a healthy sleep, and in that sleep your nightmares have been your wars, your hatreds, your blood-feuds, your armies marching back and forth across your lands, cutting off heads, destroying childrenís lives, and ultimately destroying themselves. These are the nightmares of your sleep, and that is why I want to help you to bring it to an end. We can only do that together.

So in your own lives day by day, I want you to truly focus on what I say to you. And again I say to you, this matter of making these tapes is a by-product. But the most important thing is taking that path in yourselves, whether these tapes were being made or not. You are not a publishing company. You are not a record company making nice records for people to listen to. You are two children of Mine, as each and everyone is, and it is that path that you take in your daily life toward the center of this refining fire that is most important, even if there was no tape recorder and there was no work being done. And so this becomes My main concern.

There are ways and means to expedite this path in your life, and yet I will wait for another day to speak about those things. If you want to call them techniques, all right, but weíll wait for another day.

I urge you again to read that talk called "Upstairs, Downstairs" because in there also are some keys to recognizing who you are and, in a sense, seeing yourself more objectively as you go through your daily life. Donít you ever believe that you cannot change. That is an arrogant statement; it is not a statement that should bring pity to you from Me or anyone.

It is a statement of ignorance and arrogance, a statement of someone who is so identified with his or her patterns and a way of being that has come out of the ignorance of that "smoky world." In a sense it is saying, "God canít help; God is incapable of helping me." Thatís why I say that you need to see yourself more objectively, more clearly, and in doing so affirm your higher self and not be so identified with that so-called self that is nothing more than the signature of these patterns and these ignorant responses and reactions.

I will continue to work to help you. And I ask you to take this work on in your own life seriously, beyond any talks, beyond any papers you may receive from this source. Take the time to deeply reflect and pray, to meditate, to go within to find that self that truly wants to get out of that "old bed" and put its feet on the floor. Itís there. In fact it is a far more powerful self than the one that has been under the blankets of history.

As you begin to exercise those new legs and see the potential within that self that is truly you, then you will even laugh at the statement, "I cannot change." That is a statement that is made in sleep, just like a child in the morning covering his head with the blanket, saying, "I canít wake up." Donít be silly. And donít waste time. You canít afford it. Oh, yes, you are an eternal soul and, like so many others, you could say, "Well, I have eternity donít I?" Thatís like the child saying, "Well, itís Saturday, so I can sleep all day canít I?" There are many things to be done, much to be understood, and much to realize. And as you see it, you wouldnít think of staying asleep.

I leave you with this, this morning, and I encourage you to have the courage; have the courage because it takes courage. There may be those around you, even so-called religious people who want to stay under their own set of blankets and who, as you swing out of bed and put your feet on the floor, may feel threatened and may look at you and say, "Whatís wrong? Arenít you happy here? Why are you standing up?" So please see what is real, see what is truly real. I love you deeply and I only want the best for you. I am with you in every step and every movement toward awakening. We are truly one, ultimately.

I will ask W to pray.

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