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Breathing Love

David Hose
September 20, 1996

I have been wanting to express to you some important things that can give you a basic but very clear perspective on where modern humanity stands with regard to its actual connection with Me.

This is so important. Itís true that there are mornings when I know the two of you have things to share with Me; your hearts are literally spilling over with experiences, emotions, with a sense of meaning. I can quietly listen and absorb. And when itís My time to speak, I want to reflect on what you have shared.

On other mornings I am spilling over with something I want to share, and so we can go around the circle here (or around the trinity, as you call it) and share this meeting. Isnít that what relationships are all about? When those who truly love each other come together, one is so full of desire to express something, and the other person listens and absorbs. Like a cup being filled with cream, one is the cup and the other is the cream. The next day it can be the other way around, pouring back and forth like that. That is a very beautiful sharing, and it can be the same here with us.

Already, from your earlier sharing, you have an idea of what I want to say.

First, what I want to express is the emptiness of modern life when you have not yet connected with My awareness, with My heart/mind. Also I want to talk about the incredible acceleration of meaning, of understanding and positive power, and a fulfillment in humanity when that connection with My heart/mind is made.

Many modern intellects, those who subscribe to enlightened thought or to the idea of what makes intelligence, are agnostic or atheistic or simply ignorant of My existence. They put so much faith in their intellect. Yet I want to say to you that that intellect they exercise so freely, that they write books with, have discussions with, and are so proud of, is a very external intellect. It is relatively unconnected with the rest of their being.

Each human being is, indeed, a whole circle of being, and yet at the highest point or the top degree of that circle is the heart. When that heart or heart/mind is plugged into My consciousness, My awareness, then the whole circle is truly enlightened, not as in the Age of Enlightenment but truly enlightened, so that the intellect, the emotions, all aspects of an individual function in harmony as they should.

Going back to the example of modern scientific intellect with an ignorance of that heart/mind, that connection with Me, many of those academicians are carried away by this disconnected intellect. They try to understand the universe but cannot because of the inability to connect with that higher or more internal intellect. If you speak of the heart/ mind of God or of your own original heart/mind, there is an internal intellect there. Within that connection to Me, the internal intellect can come to understand what is now hidden from the eyes of science, from the eyes of modern man.

Your husband spoke earlier of the wise men of long ago, for example, in China or Egypt or in great civilizations of the past. There were those well-connected few who had that higher and more internal intellect. And that is why they could discover profound secrets of creation, profound understanding about nutrition, energy, the things in this world that your modern scientists canít begin to understand, because they function on logic, a very outer form of logic. And so this is one tragedy. You see this most clearly exemplified in the use of the modern, external, so-called genius for the making of bombs or missiles for destroying each other.

It is like a family, if we can make an example here, where you have children who are extremely intelligent in the outer intellectual sense. They get A-pluses in their school grades. But with their intelligence they are making weapons and hurting one another. What this speaks of is very deep spiritual/emotional problems in the children. Their parents are very proud of their high grades, and yet one day one of them is lying dead down in the basement, because his brother shot him with a gun he made with his brilliant mind. Then you have to say that the glory of that young manís intellect is not so beautiful in the light of the ugly deed that was done.

You will see that in the lives of those many scientists, like anyone else, there are terrible marriages. Of course, this is not true of everyone, but Iím saying this as an example. There are relational problems, marriage problems, problems with misuse of their own faculties -- in essence emotional and spiritual problems. So in many ways they are like those brilliant children who are disconnected at the higher or more internal intellect, which, ultimately, means My own heart/mind. This is a great tragedy.

Then, if we look to religion, religion also is comparable to the situation in one household. You are My family. The earth is My household. I am your Divine Parents of the household. So it is a very adequate example to talk about family and to exemplify humanity as that family. In any case, if we look at the situation of religion, there is an awareness of Me, of My presence, My existence. In other words, the Heavenly Parents are thought of, respected, loved, worshipped, adored. And Jesus, for example, in the West, is adored as the true Son of God.

If we compare that to the family, it is easy for the children in a family to worship and adore their parents and to proclaim their everlasting love for their parents. They might even fight with their friends in the neighborhood about whose parents are the greatest. Donít religions do this also? Whose messiah is the greatest? Whose God is the greatest?

The point is, the very fighting between those children proves that they are not in touch with the one they think is the greatest. Your children may worship you and tell playmates how wonderful you are, but it doesnít mean they have achieved the consciousness of their parents as yet. So their bedrooms are a mess, they fight among themselves, they havenít yet learned the blessedness of giving, of even sacrificial giving for a brother or sister -- really, My heart. And in your family it means they havenít really learned your heart. Itís one thing to proclaim how great Mom and Dad are, but itís another thing to have Mom and Dadís awareness.

If we take this out to the level of world religion historically, there is much worship and adoration of Myself and of the great saints of history, but itís still very much like little children worshipping parents or spiritual luminaries. But because they didnít yet make a union there (particularly with Me), the fighting goes on just as in that household.

Let Me make this analogy also. What you have called fallen humanity is a humanity that breathes a common oxygen, an oxygen that covers the whole earth. They breathe the same air, but in the process of falling away from Me, falling away from their own original mind and heart, humanity does not breathe My love. My love (if you can imagine My love as surrounding the earth just like that layer of oxygen) is meant to be breathed by each and every human being.

It is their inheritance as human beings from the first moment theyíre born -- just like taking the first breath. It is their inheritance to breathe My love. Then the situation is such that the Fall created a point of separation. Your spirit doesnít have to breathe My love to stay alive, whereas the body needs oxygen to stay alive. The spirit is an eternal existence, and if it is not full of My love and knowledge, it can still continue on, unfortunately. And I say unfortunately because that has been the situation of the fallen world.

A spiritual realm that is full of garbage, of misuse, is nothing like what I had in mind in the beginning. What humanity has done through history is generate its own subjective pattern of spiritual existence; it makes up its own definition for love. You see, originally love at maturity is to generate from the highest spiritual consciousness, and the physical function of love is to reflect that between a sacred man and a sacred woman. But what has happened is a total reversal in its worst aspect. Look at your modern culture.

Love generates from the physical and there is no spiritual elevation from this point. So originally love was to go from the highest point downward to, finally, the physical expression. The physical expression would express that highest consciousness. But it has been turned around again. And so physical expression of love becomes everything. Look at your culture -- total obsession with the physical. And, of course, the love emotion is bound into that same prison, and the highest love canít be expressed. This is a painful reality.

As I was saying, people generate their own meaning, their own love, their own interpretation of what life is all about. And that is why there is fighting, fighting, fighting among you, just like the children in a family where there is dysfunction. And what do you as parents want to do, for example, in your own household? You want to raise those children to the point where theyíre not just conscious of what they want -- or, let Me say, each one just being conscious of "what I want" -- but truly conscious of the whole household so that they live and go through their life each day with the consciousness (such as yours) of the good of the whole.

They can see their brother or sister through your eyes as a valuable being, uniquely different perhaps from themselves, but valuable, and, therefore, care for them and love them as you love them. Is it any different than from My household -- the whole world? Think of Me as the parents of this gigantic household called earth.

From your individual selves and all your nations and cultures, you have generated your own meaning, your own sense of what I love and donít love, who I love and donít love. Youíve generated all of these things subjectively and with very little breathing of My atmosphere, of My heart/ mind, My love, My consciousness as your Parents. Again I take you back to your own household. Little children might worship and adore their parents, but they still donít have the consciousness of their parents. It takes years for them to get a hold of how the parents look at the whole household so that they can really begin to live in harmony with their brothers and sisters.

Itís the same on the earth. Today this is the challenge. It is not one political party or another thatís going to save your nation or the world, not if those men and women who lead that party are just as disconnected as everybody else. My awareness from that blanket of My love that lies over this earth like oxygen, if theyíre not breathing that, all of their intellect, all of their brilliant plans for medical treatment, for environmental treatment, and so on -- forget it. Thatís why you see more and more greed and misuse of power. It goes on and on like a broken record. People are TIRED of it today. You can see how tired people are of corruption in high places and misuse of power.

We have to start to talk about this actual taking in of My consciousness, the breathing of that spiritual heart/mind, that inner intellect, that inner heart. There is an inner aspect to every part of you. Your intellect has an inner intellect, your heart and your daily emotions have an inner heart and inner emotions. Every aspect of you has an inner part, and that is more connected with Me. And that is more the realm of true being. So again humanity is trapped in the outer and the self-serving, just like the little children in the family who donít yet know how the parents look at the household.

This is true not only of scientists or politicians but of religious people as well. Even in your own religious tradition, unfortunately, this is still largely true -- lost in ceremony, in institution, in administration, in fund-raising campaigns, and so forth -- itís still caught. So your question is how can you not JUST believe in the Divine Parents, not JUST adore the Divine Parents, but begin to breathe in the love and the consciousness of those Parents into your own life, your own awareness. If this is not the purpose of religion or of spiritual growth, then please tell Me, what is the purpose?

I see the vanity of so many who have studied Me and feel they know Me, and they will proudly speak all the things they know. Still their hearts are not connected to that inner heart that is Mine, their intellects are not connected to that inner intellect, and, therefore, itís all vanity, emptiness. They become aware of that when they go into the eternal realm. This is a way that I am asking you to pioneer at this time in history, yourselves and many, many people who have the courage to stand up.

There is one last point I want to make, too. There is great fear in your nation today about the idea of a world family or a world purpose. There is a great sense that we have to mistrust anyone who speaks of a unified world, for fear it means the ending of national sovereignty. Of course, the beauty and greatness of the founders of America, for example, cannot be denied -- this has been inspired by Me. At the same time, do you think I am happy when I look at My household (which is not only America but the entire earth) and see so many rooms, so many nations in deep suffering, while in one room there is a party going on and everyone is well-fed, having a good time, enough money in their pockets, and a car in the driveway... do you think that makes Me happy? No. I look and see that EVERY ONE of these sons and daughters of Mine should be happy and fulfilled.

Think of how Christian groups, in particular, have started world adoption where, if you donate a certain amount of money, you can "adopt" a little child overseas. They send you pictures of the child as he or she grows and becomes healthy because of your donation. Donít you feel meaning there? Even though you may love the child in that faraway country, how do you feel about the adults over there? They are suffering also. They may not be as cute, and maybe somebody has an eye punched out, has a beard and doesnít look so clean, but are they any less precious than a little three-year-old? To Me? No, they are no less precious.

As you grow from childhood to adulthood, you get so many ideas that alienate you from one another, people to people, nation to nation. Youíre not willing to reach out beyond your own happy nation, your own happy "room" in the house, and think that those are My sons, too, over in Bulgaria, Vietnam, Estonia, at the top of the world in Alaska, or in some far-removed tribe of people who are suffering. Recognize that My parental heart covers each and every one of them, and as you connect more and more with that heart/mind of Mine, as you breathe and share that love just as you share that oxygen with those people, it becomes impossible for you not to love them. It becomes impossible for you to be apathetic at the pain and suffering that is there in another part of your world.

You have learned intellectually in the past that a person who is fully mature spiritually doesnít want to do wrong, doesnít want to be selfish or negative, because it will hurt the heart of God. Itís one thing to believe and know that externally; itís another thing to be connected with that heart and to be a part of that consciousness where it becomes reality. It is a large step from knowing it to becoming that very same force in the world, and yet that is what I NEED from each of you today. The children who have loved their parents, worshipped and respected them, have to grow up now and become parents in their own right, have to look at the whole household you call earth. It is not a threat to your national sovereignty.

That national sovereignty will stand. It has value. But the most important thing is your internal consciousness, your awareness of each and every room in the house and each and every child in each and every room. As long as youíre relying only on your own interpretations of love, of meaning, of what gives life its joy, you will be very limited in who you can love -- even in your own physical house, let alone My house, which is the whole earth. However, as you become more and more open to breathing that love that comes from Me, that heart/mind, that awareness, then itís not a bit conceptual to love each and every human being, because you will see them through My eyes. And, if you can believe it, My eyes see them through you.

Do you know that if you become fully aware of Me and allow Me to live fully in your heart, you will see people relating to you differently? They will sense something. They will begin to open up to you more and more, because everyone wants to go to Me; they want to go to that place of love and acceptance and understanding. And whether they believe in God conceptually or not, when they feel that atmosphere through a person, they want to be there. Is there anyone in the world who doesnít want to lay in a clean, comfortable bed? Well, itís the same thing.

These are things to study and meditate upon. This is one VERY BASIC lesson that Iím giving to you. Someone may say to you that this is very deep. No. Actually, this is very, very fundamental, very basic. And yet you look at where humanity has been in history, and you will see that indeed you havenít even known the most fundamental things in your heart. So we have to start and get these things established.

I want to leave you with that this morning. Do you have questions about anything Iíve said?

There will be mornings when we want to talk about some particular point that is very immediate to your lives. And there will be other mornings when I want to help you see a larger perspective, and this was one of those mornings. I wanted to paint a very large mural for you to look at, a mural of meaning. I hope this has been clear for you as I have laid it out.

I want to say to you one last time that it is one thing to adore and worship Me and hold Me as the most important being, just as little children do toward their parents, but it is quite another thing to open up to the parentsí consciousness. And this is the difference between what has been and what will be and what is being made now in this world. Thatís what I mean when I say "network of heart" more than anything -- network of heart. Be aware of that and pray for that because it is growing, and eventually it will transform your world.

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