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Love Letters

David Hose
April 28, 1996

Thank you for your prayers this morning. This season of spring is a very special time. I think everyone tends to love the spring because it is a renewal of life in so many ways. The flowers are blooming, the beautiful greens of spring are reappearing, the animals have their litters, the birdsí nests are full of little birds, the weather becomes warmer. In essence everyone feels new life, a returning to life.

I want to say to you that nature and the things around you that you appreciate so much, as in the spring, are really My love letter to you. It makes me sad when I see that so many fail to know the Sender of that letter. They look at the letter, they appreciate the letter, and they walk through the forest or climb a mountain or go to the ocean and appreciate it, enjoy its beauty, and yet they donít know the Sender. And that is where your greatest joy can come.

If you got a letter from someone who loved you deeply and just read it and had no knowledge or appreciation of the one who sent it, but just appreciated the beautiful words and the poetry of that letter, then one whole big dimension is missing. And so, your heart is such an important part of opening up the full dimension of life.

Last night you saw a wonderful program of opera. The high points of so many operas and so many great singers were there, and you noticed the older man who was obviously beyond his prime, perhaps close to 70 years old, but who nonetheless had had a distinguished career in opera. And as the old man walked out and sang his aria, the audience could hardly wait for him to come to an end so that they could show him very loudly their appreciation for him. And so, as he ended, he got the biggest applause of anyone in those five or six hours of singing.

It wasnít only because of his technical dexterity or the beautiful tone of his voice, because there was a time when heíd had a much greater ability physically, and yet the applause came and it went on and on and on, because in all those years of singing in New York he had touched so many hearts so deeply. And those hearts wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you -- endlessly -- so they wouldnít let him go back to his dressing room, just kept calling him out, calling him out. And it had to do with his love for the audience and his love for the music, that his heart could respond so deeply to them over the years and reach out and touch them.

Just imagine an opera singer with a perfect voice but absolutely no feeling for the material. He might get applause, but the audience, especially those who really love opera, can sense whose heart is really coming through the music and whoís really portraying the happiness or tragedy or the special message of that particular opera. So, there is a profound communication and people are ready to pay $200 for two hours to have that communication.

Well, [tears] can I tell you Iím almost jealous of the old man? Of course, over the years and over the generations on this earth there have been many who have understood My song and My heart and called on Me time and again, much like an encore. Their life was encore after encore. And I know that you are learning what is behind the beautiful flowers outside of your window and whatís behind even those lovely voices you heard last night. Behind all of the beauty around you there is My heart and I want to communicate that. That was the only reason I created anything at all.

And, finally, when I made each and every one of you it was to share that beauty. I didnít just want an audience, like in an opera house, but I wanted a family to share back and forth, fully, deeply, this realm of this heart. And I would stand on the stage and I would applaud for My audience, too, for the beauty of your growth and development. So, as you would appreciate Me as your Creator, as your Parent, I would appreciate you as My children. And, in fact, My appreciation would be even greater for you, at least in the beginning, than your appreciation for Me. But as your heart grows, we will come to know and appreciate one another so deeply and that equals heavenly communication, profound, deep communication.

The Principle of Creation that you have studied has so many good points and is accurate in so many ways, especially when it speaks of the purpose of creation being joy. And yet, very sadly, there are so many who can appreciate the technicalities of life but do not know where this love letter of life comes from, who do not know the center.

There are scientists who study day and night about what makes a flower live and grow and bloom and what makes it the particular color that it is, and yet who do not know the heart of the One who made it. Itís a study in emptiness. Itís knowledge without knowledge. Itís understanding without knowing. Itís explanation without any comprehension. So much of the world has become this kind of barren place, yet, as I told you, I am building a network of heart in the midst of this place.

Once more I want to say that many of My children, who have subscribed to one or another religious conviction or persuasion, have studied the doctrines and even tried to live seriously by those doctrines in terms of living in an upstanding way with high moral and ethical standards. This is good, but if itís only a matter of what they studied and having a conviction about what is right and wrong, still they donít know the Sender of those words, still they donít know the One who inspired the prophets and those who delivered My love letter. All of the religious words, all of the speeches, all of the testaments, all of the religious books are nothing but messages in a continuing love letter.

Of course, the messages are somewhat in progress. They are not absolute in many ways because they reflect a certain time and culture and emphasis. Though they may not be the whole love letter from Me, they do reflect something. But I tell you, you can never be happy with only love letters from your lover. Is it enough if your lover is away at war or far away and you get letters every week? Those letters are so precious, so important to you because itís heart-to-heart communication.

You read every word over and over and over again. This is beautiful. But if you were told that all you would ever have from that person is letter after letter after letter until you die, and youíd never be able to have passionate love again, flesh to flesh, spirit to spirit, then these letters become very painful for you. You want that union. More than anything, your heart reaches out through what you write and what you receive. If the Kingdom is anything, itís the coming together of lovers after so many letters, so many years, and so many books, holy books. Nature is a great love letter, too, but itís not enough.

My Kingdom is our passionate bonding together with no separation, and thatís what I want to affirm over and over and over again through these talks. I donít want to think of them as being received by you, as if it was some sort of message from a dumb sender. No. These talks are what weíre talking about. The Sender and the listener are alive and reach out to each other. I told you many times not to think of Me as some disembodied spirit trying to give some message.

I work through the heart, and I actually resent being thought of as just a spiritual phenomenon. I want you to know Me, to know Me, to open your heart to Me and to realize who the Sender is. And in that way youíll go far beyond belief. You will come to know what life is truly. And what has been understood about life, what has been comprehended so far in your human history is so short of what can be known and what can be fully experienced.

A new era is opening. And for yourselves and those who read this, I want you to know that you are part of it. We could say that I am tired of love letters. I would rather upgrade to a telephone. Then we could talk live, back and forth. But then beyond the telephone, I want to come to your home and be with you forever. Thatís My deepest goal and this is what I want you to know, to believe.

I tell you, for Me itís a very sad thing when Iíve spoken directly to someone, and theyíve opened their heart and had that experience with Me and then walk away and start to think, "That was just a really good day and, actually, I donít think I can do that again." Or, "Maybe it was just a special blessing from God and He just wanted to pay me a visit for that hour or so and probably Iíll just have to think of it as a great memory." Or, perhaps worse: When someone thinks heís not worthy and that even in the face of our communication would think, "I canít believe it! I canít believe it! Not me! How could God come to me, Iím so inferior." And that person will not simply give that heart to Me and let Me fill it.

That is My wish -- to fill your heart. And over and over and over again, perhaps well over 100 times in our communications together, you will go back to your daily life and oftentimes forget. But if we can have that regular communication, then slowly you start to realize in your heart, beyond the intellect but in your heart, that there doesnít have to be any time that weíre not together. And that, in essence, is hope for the world, because as those kinds of lives begin to multiply, the reaching out and touching of so many lives can occur.

As I said, this is no longer the time of love letters via church doctrine. The doctrines can have a value in that they can help people realize that there is order and meaning and purpose to My creation and to human life. And yet, I have no desire to send more letters. I want to come and end the distance forever. Thatís My desire. Absolutely and truly. Itís not enough to just trade letters, to pass letters around and say, "See, this is what we believe." No! The living presence is what will save the world, not this or that love letter.

I love you both, and one thing more I want to say about the beauty of those voices you heard last night on the television: Behind that beauty is a story, an inspiration, much study for the singer. And yet, if you listen very deeply, you will hear Me in that voice. Whether the singer knows it or not, and whether he or she gives himself or herself credit or not for that lovely voice, I tell you if you listen with your heart youíll hear Me singing.

If I can stimulate My childís heart through a tulip, Iím more than happy, though the tulip is just one part of the Kingdom. But if someoneís heart is only momentarily stimulated through the opera or the tulip and the rest of their life is miserable, then Iím very sad. And so, look for Me in the tulip. Iím there, Who sent you that little love letter and Who is behind that great voice.

If you will see with those eyes, there is nothing to complain about in your life. I know you have debts to work out; we are working on that, arenít we? Yes. Yes, if youíre concerned, how much more am I concerned? I want to liberate My people and that means in every way. Please, please keep those eyes of the heart very much open and we will have the most wonderful journey together, not just now but forever.

This network of heart that I speak about is far more powerful than you even know at this moment, but it will grow and grow. And though the blindness of the world that has closed its heart still persists, do not worry. It only takes one moment to open the eyes and have everything change. And Iím looking for those moments in each and every life in every way that I can. I told you that even if a person is a million miles away and simply turns his head slightly to look at light, I am there. And that wonít change.

I want to finish this morning with that and just say one more time: No more love letters. This is the time for being together. The war must come to an end. W [wife], please pray.

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