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Sharing The Fruits Of The Garden Of Eden

David Hose
August 23, 1996

Good morning.

W [wife], what you have shared this morning is very rich and very expansive at the same time. If I were to go back over everything you shared, this talk would be over fifty pages long, single- spaced. And that is why, as I expressed earlier, I don't want to simply repeat what you shared because you yourself see and understand those things.

As you know, My reason for wanting to be with you and communicate with you is so that you will understand certain things, and then you can share them. Since that is being achieved with you, I won't repeat many of the things you have said. But what I will do is bring out some point and expand on it. Everything you shared with Me and with your husband this morning is very important, particularly from the sense of developing the heart of parents.

First, though, there is another thing I would like to share. It's a vision your husband had as you were sharing, and I think it's worth expressing. You mentioned the problem of translating your inner experiences with Me into your daily life with people and how it becomes a rather duplicitous life if, on one hand, you are having rich and deep meditation and prayer experiences with Me, and then you walk out of the prayer room and continue the same kinds of relationships you've had all your life, with the same fears, anxieties, frustrations, the same words and the same way of relating with the people in your family and those with whom you communicate every day. And what I want to say here is that it's very much like going to an orchard.

You are a country girl, and you love flowers and fruits very much, so I want to use this analogy: You go often to an orchard where there are all kinds of the most wonderful fruits, literally a Garden of Eden. You pick all of these fruits, and then sit down and eat them until the juice is running all over your clothing. When you leave the orchard you never bring back anything for anyone else; you just come back fat [laughter]. I tell you, those people who know that you keep going to the orchard feel like saying, "Hey, why didn't you bring something back?

Your stomach is fat and full and you look so happy, but what about us? We haven't found the way to go to the orchard for ourselves yet." What do you think about that? That is the vision H [husband] had while you were sharing, and I told him it is appropriate. And so, indeed, when you go to that orchard, that wonderful place of Eden (in one sense realize that that place is ever-present, everywhere, and in every situation if you really know who I am and have that connection), the key point is to come back and bake that fruit into pies, preserve it in jars, send it to your friends and relatives, and share it with the world.

It is not enough to talk to your friends about the orchard. You must bring the actual fruits so others can taste it for themselves, until that delicious juice is running down on their own clothes. Then they can say, "This is wonderful! I have never tasted anything like this before!" That, in truth, is the purpose of our relationship.

Another very simple example would be a comparison to family relationships. It's not enough that children have a wonderful relationship with their parents if they walk out and relate in a totally different way with the world. It's common sense that the experiences, the richness of love, and the real substance that has been given to a child within the family is what the child takes with him or her into the world.

The world will taste the fruits of what occurred in the child's family experiences. This is most generally so. But, as you see, with the breakdown of the family, the orchard becomes barren, the fruits become bitter, and the child walks out of the orchard with a sour stomach or a feeling of "I wasn't fed," or, "I was fed horrible things." And then what happens? That child (who is in some ways sick) goes out into the world, and the world receives those fruits.

So, indeed, speaking of our relationship together, the purpose is not merely to share what happened to you while you were in the orchard but to bring the fruit with you. Now this is not an easy thing. It's not as easy as in the physical reality, carrying bags full of fruit to your friends and neighbors. Spiritual relationships and deep heartistic relationships involve the building of strong bridges of trust. People may be coming from their own bitter experiences in their own bitter orchards, and as you build the bridge, you may find that they do not want you to connect the bridge to their side of the river.

They may not trust you, or they may have a hard time to receive your trust. Then again, you yourself may have to deal with your own historical concepts about them, whether they be your own children or people you know, and you have to fight even wanting to build the bridge. And far more than a bridge, you need an embrace; you need to embrace people with your heart day after day in order to share the fruits of what God has given you. It is not easy to translate your experience in the rich and beautiful orchard to those around you, and yet that is truly what Kingdom building must involve.

It is not enough, for example, if these talks are sent out all over the world, and people have a wonderful experience reading them. They may have a deep sense of having received the rich fruits of the orchard, but then they walk out of the place where they have been sharing these things and just forget. Then it's only half-done. It is important for each individual to be fed. I want to feed each of you fully as you open yourselves to the nourishment I have for you, as you elevate yourselves to recognize that that is truly what you want. From Me to you and (this is the second step) from you to others. Historically, so many of My people have been very ready to have My food for themselves but not ready to share it with others.

It's one thing to witness, to tell someone about the doctrine you believe in, the people you believe in as being Godly, or your experiences with God, and to share it verbally. But it is quite another to open your heart, open your life, and allow yourself to be with Me, to be present with Me at the same time you are with the people in your life who are close to you, or that I send to you day by day.

And this brings up a point of parenting. You see, at this stage you are a child to Me but, on the other hand, I ask you to be a parent. And the problem in the world is that so many of you have had very poor childhoods. You didn't have a way to relate with Me directly, and your relationship with those who parented you was sometimes very poor. So it has been enough of a struggle just to come to this point where we can begin to have a pure communication. But then the second step is to go out and offer that parental embrace to others.

I don't mean for you to be parental in a patronizing way. I don't mean that you should have a concept of yourselves as "I am the parent, you are the children, so I must give God's love to you." No. I mean really seeing the good, the beauty, and the potential in each person and relating in that way rather than first seeing what isn't right with them, and what you've known for many years was wrong about them, and then having to deal with all your feelings of anger and frustration.

Learn how to penetrate through all that and see what is right in the other person, what is true and good and beautiful and alive within them. How do you think I would deal with you if I only saw all of your wrongs? The victory of love is that love sees the beloved very clearly and is ready to see the wrong as a temporary hindrance, not an ultimate reality. In essence, you are called to take that second step.

Our time together day by day, week by week, in pure, meditative prayer is limited, as you know, where you are alone and there is no practical situation bubbling up around you in terms of the children or your friends. You even turn your telephone off during these times. And you know that it can only be a couple of percentage points of your time during the week that you can actually have the luxury to do this. The rest of the week you are surrounded. And so that second step becomes a very big one for you.

I want you to understand something else here. Historically you have called Me (especially in Western belief) Heavenly Father or Divine Parents, and you see yourselves in the child's role to Me. Yet ultimately, as with any parent, I want you to be able to grow up with Me, too. Your destiny is not to remain merely as a little baby or a young child in relation to Me, although in one way I will always retain the parental role and you will always be My children.

Think of an eighty-year-old parent, who has, let us say, a forty- or fifty-year-old son or daughter who has become in his or her own right a truly great person (let us say a great scientist, a great teacher or simply a great human being). That parent, as much as he or she can, wants to continue to share from the depths of his or her heart with the child, yet it is on an entirely different level from when that forty- or fifty-year-old child was only a youngster. The parent may be very inspired, very moved by the life, the thought, the actions of that grown child, yet still continue to share parental wisdom. But the relationship has changed and evolved tremendously from when the child was young. And that's the way it will be with us. That is our destiny, though the path may seem long.

As you grow (and as each person grows) in that relationship with Me from a little child to one who is more able to stand and walk forward, to perceive with a Divine heart, and see your daily situation with that penetrating eye, then you will be able much more easily to take that second step every day and share the fruit with others.

Sometimes people who are faithful in their prayer and really love to come to Me can be very stingy with others in terms of bringing that Divinity and that consciousness to others. To Me this child is someone who doesn't want to grow up. The second step has to do with growing up--your relationship with others. That's why, ultimately, as your children grow older, you want them to leave the house.

You'd be a frustrated parent, however beautiful their relationship is with you, if they say, "Mom and Dad, I just want to stay here with you the rest of my life. I love you so much and I can't stand that ugly, complicated world out there. I'm happy just to be here with you." Especially if that child is already in his or her twenties or thirties. It's not good. You want to see them go out and make their own contribution to the world. That is the second step for them, once they've grown through the family experience. So it's the same with you and Me.

Your sharing this morning, W, has been very much along those lines, and I truly appreciate what you have shared because it shows your growth, your development, and your maturing process. I can only say "Amen" to what you've shared this morning and add to it what I did just now.

There will be more time and opportunity to share again about some of the other particulars you shared (for example, your own developing ability to liberate ancestors for yourself or your relationship with the religious organization to which you have dedicated your adult life--this kind of thing). That can come at a later date. I think it was important to cover some of these fundamental points right now. Step one and step two, that's your whole life, truly. We'll continue to develop this conversation as the weeks go by.

So with gratitude, I'd like to ask W to pray one more time, and we'll finish for this morning.

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