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Not The Religious Type

David Hose
August 9, 1996

Once again, H [husband], you need to realize that once you understand what it is that I want to say, you can let go of any anxiety you may feel about being able to express it well. You can let go of any hesitation and simply allow the fullness of My intention to well up in your heart and out through your voice. You know that feeling -- itís not an intellectual feeling or something thatís all figured out in your head; itís something that wells up in your heart, just as that very first night.

Always remember that, because thatís where the richness of all of creation has come from -- it is out of the heart. All of the more intellectual or conceptual aspects of creation occurred after the fact, as expressions of that heart. The heart was fundamental and then everything came out of that. Itís hard for you to understand at this point, but I want you to understand that passion. That place of the original heart is where this "ministry" will always come from. And I want you to be aware more and more of that and just open that up within yourself.

This is the problem of so many theologians and church leaders. Early in their life of faith they may have had innocent heartistic experiences with Me that impacted them profoundly, but oftentimes they have then proceeded almost directly to lock themselves into certain systems. And what started with Me, ended very much with them. And then, in so many cases, they can only remember that innocent and very beautiful experience of heart with Me from when they were young, before they knew all of those facts and figures and detailed concepts about what I am, what the world is, what history means and so on. Therefore, theyíve become men in a prison of the mind. But the mind is not Mine and this is a great problem. We can actually begin from this point this morning to bring forward what Iíd like to say.

I told you long ago that I am not the religious type. By that I mean simply that I donít relate with all of those historical prisons of the mind that many of My sons and daughters have gotten into. Ironically, Western religion in particular has been, in too many cases, a great prison of the mind. I am interpreted in the pages of Scripture. I am interpreted subjectively, and My will has been interpreted very narrowly to the point that people with leadership or elder status in those churches could become very brutal or hurtful toward anyone who didnít seem to be going along with their program. This has hurt Me so deeply in the past, because I know the heart and the minute-by-minute inner and outer detail of every life.

And when I have seen those who, in My name, have hurt or even destroyed the lives of those they perceived as unfaithful, then truly as a parent, it has enraged Me. Many of those churches basically became nothing. They might still exist but almost as a tomb for the human soul. Yes, there is some goodness. It is not to say that there is nothing good there, but in so many cases they have become stuck in a certain system that limits growth, limits the ability of the people to go beyond themselves. This is the last thing I want to see.

That is why I say I am not the religious type, for I am a parent. What I did say and what I say to you now is: I am not the religious type, but rather I am the family type, because all I ever wanted was a family. All I ever wanted was to have one big household on this planet Earth with My children and Myself fully interacting. My system wasnít narrow in the past, and it is not narrow now. It involves every aspect of your life. My love for you is in all things and in all ways.

When you look at your own children, do you only love them when they are working on some narrow program that you have for them? And when they donít seem to be working on that program, do you forget about them and just turn your back? What kind of parent is that? I know your love for your children. In a fallen world, a world where this relationship between you and Me has become damaged over the generations, I know that sometimes itís hard for you to fully and naturally love your children. But I want to say that full and true love for your children flows naturally out of your experience of My love for you.

So often, especially in the West, religious people (and religious systems in particular) have represented Me as having a narrow program for peoplesí lives. They think I only get excited about their lives when theyíre holding their Bible or when theyíre in the church or doing the direct work of the church. In one sense, I have to say that there is a portion of truth in that, because when people are speaking of Me and trying to enlighten others with regard to the name of God or Jehovah or whatever name, naturally Iím excited, especially in a world where My name is often spoken like a curse word, or itís not spoken at all.

Naturally Iím excited when someone pulls out a Bible and wants to speak about Me or those who have represented Me. But you have to see that My program is not just that those people become Lutherans or Baptists or Unificationists and then thatís it. My purpose, what you call the Kingdom of Heaven, is so far beyond all those organizations. And as I said a moment ago, when those organizations have become self-righteous and then fallen into narrow interpretations about Me and judged the world (My children) from those narrow points of view, then that is where I strongly draw the limit. Thatís where My initial joy at seeing the sharing of My name and My heart turns into sadness because it only goes so far, and then the trouble comes and people get hurt because they identify those institutions and their leaders as representing Me -- time and again, time and again.

If you know My true heart for you, you will understand that I am with you twenty-four hours a day, that whether you are thinking of Me in a sacred way or walking away from Me or in bed with sickness or having any kind of problem, all your ups and all your downs, I am there. And itís you that I long for and you that I worry about day and night; itís you that Iím excited about when I see you make steps ahead. As I have told you before, when the one who is furthest from Me even turns his head from a million miles away and looks at a little bit of light (a little bit of truth) and opens his heart to even a speck of love, then I am there. It may not be in the name of some religious organization. It may come bubbling up from his own deep heart, and he recognizes something from within himself. Then this is My testimony coming from him or her own self.

It is absurd to think that I am just longing for each person to become a Lutheran or a Catholic or a Unificationist and then thatís it, as if I can forget about them and walk away and say, "They joined, so My work is done." But thatís so often what the religions and the churches have done. They failed to see, beyond themselves, My care and concern for each child.

I remind you of how well people are taken care of when they are in the process of potentially joining a religious organization. But, if you will notice once they have joined, the tendency is to forget these people because they have already signed the membership. They have committed themselves, so then the organization can move on to find other new people. But thatís not the way I think. Thatís not the way I see. I want you to know that My program is not narrow, not institutional; My program is the original program -- parents and children.

I love you passionately and I worry about you. I even worry about you when you are constipated. Do you believe that? Or when you have problems with your physical health. Honestly, Iím as much a parent as you are, and you know how you feel when your children are suffering with a pain in their stomach or even a hemorrhoid. Can you believe it, that I would worry about your hemorrhoids? I remember long years ago, W [wife], you worried about Hís hemorrhoids and he couldnít imagine that. He probably would have had even a harder time imagining that his Divine Parents would be concerned about his hemorrhoids! And yet I am that kind of parent.

W, you spoke about many important things this morning, and I donít want to go into them at this time, but the essence of them is that youíre learning how to trust that I am here with you, and if you will have faith in that point, that I am with you in all things, and that you will be with Me, then there is nothing in the world that we canít do together.

There are many people today who are awakening to the fact that theyíre not satisfied with "the God they have known before." Whether those people are in particular religious organizations or not, there are many hearts that are beginning to search for Me and seek Me out. This is no surprise to Me. Iíve known that this would come about, because your world is coming to extremes. Your wealthy people are recognizing that wealth is not everything.

Your religious people who belong to churches of one kind or another, in many cases (especially grass-roots people, people who donít have an interest in high position) are recognizing that those church programs canít cope with the challenges that they face in their lives and see in the world around them. There must be something more. And when you see, as well, that My providence has come to the present point, which I tell you must now go far beyond religious institutions, youíll see that all things are coming together.

In your own lives, in the past few years, you have come to recognize Me in a much different way than you ever had before, to recognize that Iím not just a member of your church and of your institution, but that I want so much to reach out to the lives of each and every person in the world, however they can have that realization and begin to connect with Me. You will see that this time is very special and that this network of heart that we are building together (not only you but many, many people around the world) is so important.

Also, please be very careful that you recognize the nature of this program that I am initiating. Recognize that I never think in terms of "us" and "them"; I never think that we are the righteous ones (speaking of yourselves or a few others who may be having religious experiences) and that "we have to reach out to the ignorant world." Believe Me, to be very truthful and honest with you, as I reach out to you I recognize that you and all people have been ignorant of Me.

There is no "us" and "them"; there is only <ourselves>--My parenthood to you and your childship to Me. I am reaching out just as you would reach out to all of your own children if they didnít understand your heart, or had been damaged by their lives and needed to recognize their parentsí love and to unite with that love deeply.

Well, thatís the way I am reaching out at this point. Never ever take that point of view of "us versus them" or "your own world of righteousness versus the ignorant people in the outside world." By doing so, you will alienate yourselves on a little island of ignorance. I am reaching out to each and every one of you. Each and every person is My child, and I long to initiate that relationship very simply.

This is no time to create additional institutions like those in history. This is the time of kingdom building, if you want to put it that way. But the kingdom does not belong to any group. It does not belong to any particular pattern of belief. The kingdom, in truth, will open to those who will seek deeply enough in their own hearts to find Me. And as that consciousness begins to dawn, like the dawning of the sun, the light illuminates the world, and there is no argument that the day has come. And there is no "us" and "them" in that dawning; thereís just a simple realization and a joy to see the brand new day of Godliness and of one great family on this earth.

Again I say to you, donít mistake Me for that historical religious concept of God. I am something far more than that. As your Divine Parents, I tell you so. I want to leave you with that this morning.

I love you both, and I love each and every one who will share this in the future. Know who I am, open your hearts to Me, and please learn how to think with your heart. Think more and more with your heart, and you will find great strength in that, no insecurity, but great strength and the indomitable ability to go ahead through any challenge you may face. I am with you in all things. As you recognize that, watch what happens with the quality and the direction of your life. You will see growth and development that you canít imagine at this time. It will not be development based on fear, fear of doing the wrong thing, nor development based on following a certain external program. It will be a natural development, just as you see in the very garden outside your door, and it will be based on a very, very deep and true relationship -- Myself and yourself.

I could go on speaking about this all day, but you have many things to do. I want to leave you with those thoughts as you begin your day and as you prepare for the coming week. Iíll ask W to pray.

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