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Opening Up To The Continuum With God

David Hose
August 2, 1996

Your prayer just now was very interesting and I'll tell you why. You prayed that you would never be distracted by your schedule in those moments when we should come together. And yet you know that for most if not all of your life you have allowed those distractions to take you away from our meeting point. And where is our meeting point? Our meeting point, you might say, is at zero.

In this moment, with all things laid aside, the two of you and I can come together and make the vital connection that is the beginning point of your life each moment and each day. So when people are distracted by their schedule and never get around to the meeting point, or when they turn their meeting with Me into a formality like any other part of their schedule, it's something like spending their life trying to make toast without plugging in the toaster. And this is why people become frustrated. And yet they continue. Now if your child was frustrated by trying to make toast without plugging in the toaster and this happened every morning, you might think your child had some sort of psychological problem.

That's how absurd My children's relationship is with Me. It is an absurdity that comes out of some very deep disconnection with Me. And a pattern that has come out of that disconnection, a pattern that certainly influences even those who want to come back together with Me and make Me a part of their lives, is that they have not yet found that part of themselves that is fully awake and alive and mature to be able to take precedence over the more mental part of their lives.

Their minds are racing toward setting up schedules, going to meetings, talking to people, making phone calls, cooking, watching the news--all of these things. In other words, meeting with Me is classified in their minds as a sort of time-and-space activity. Imagine some numbers on a piece of paper: (1) Watch Olympics on television tonight; (2) Call so-and-so about business; (3) Put dinner on by 5:00 p.m.; (4) Talk to God; (5) Go to the movie. Can you see the difference in Number 4 from the others? Can you? There is a qualitative difference there. One item in that list is causitive, and I can't even say that the others are effects, because until the cause is in place how can you talk about effect?

So many of you have not come to the causal part of your own character, the part of you that truly initiates out of a profound relationship with Me. So if those other activities don't come out of that relationship, then from what point do they initiate? And where is your energy going every day? Where does it come from and where does it go? And what is achieved by all of your running around and talking and energy output? So, this cause and effect relationship, even within yourself, is critically important.

One of the great problems in modern society, especially as you look around you in your nation, is a sense of emptiness. Just think: There are millions of people in your country who spend a large amount of their day watching television, watching fictitious programs about fictitious people who are either very funny or very tragic, but it's all play-acting. This says a lot, not about television, but about the viewers. Their lives are wound up in so much fictitious activity.

To be entertained is not the purpose of your life. The purpose of your life is to fully manifest your God-self. And that is not just a religious activity for a few monks or a few devotees. This is the inheritance for all of My people.

So I want to say to you this morning (whether we record something in a regular session like you two have done this past year or not) to please, day by day, remember to set some time aside. And it doesn't have to be a long time. Remember this. This is a qualitative issue and not quantitative. I would rather have two seconds of qualitative communication with My son or daughter than two hours of just talking without any inner content.

Do you understand? I know, of course, that you have urgent schedules and you want to accomplish a lot this month, but let's work on it together. Please don't run away into your own nervous schedule without Me, because then you go back into patterns that you'll find are stressful and are not good for your relationship together, not good for your relationship with Me or for your own self. You'll find yourself living in an unconscious state. So remember that. I say this to you and to anyone who would read this.

Prayer itself has become too much of a religious tradition over the years in so many different religious groups. Prayer becomes part of the schedule: "Oh, I have to pray today." And for some it becomes almost a matter of guilt that if they don't pray, somehow they won't find favor with Me and they're not doing their religious duty. So they'll settle down and spend some time in prayer. But again, as I have said to you before, if your son or daughter comes to you out of a sense of duty and spends ten minutes talking with you each day, looking at the clock a couple of times to see if the time has passed... well, how do you feel?

Not so good. You know the richest moments with your children are when they come to you with a full heart, or you come to them and the hearts meet, and even for five or ten minutes there is a feeling of profound importance, and tears begin to water your eyes. And even if that talk lasts only five minutes, you know the final words are always, "Let's continue this. I know the time is short and now I have to go, but this will be continued. Okay?" And you both say, "Yes, absolutely, as soon as we can." And that's the kind of relationship I want with you.

I know you can't always be focusing fully on a prayerful, intense communication with Me, not when you have to pay bills, cook dinner, meet with business people, and so forth. But when we end the prayer, that heart of "Let's continue this! This is so beautiful! I want to share so much more and I want to understand so much more from You, and as soon as possible I'll be back here!" that's what meaningful communication between us is all about, and that's the kind of communication that's beyond obligation, beyond religious duty, beyond some sort of unconscious pattern in your life. It becomes the most vital and central aspect of your life. And, as I said, it becomes causal and your life then becomes more and more effect and <that> is what makes for profound lives. They <pour> out of that communication. They pour <out> of that communication.

I have wanted this for so long, ever since the beginning of creation. That is the ultimate purpose for creation, that union. Yet it has been delayed. Someone says, "With God, even a billion years is like a second because God is timeless." But I see your suffering and I see the disconnection between us, and do you think I can say, "Well, a billion years with Me is like a second, so this is no problem" and I can go whistling on My way and forget about it? This is trivial and foolish thinking. If you have felt pain in your own hearts, wanting to have that relationship and not being able to achieve it, then please reflect for a moment on how I feel. It's two sides of the same coin. Truly that pattern of connection and communication is needed.

However much you get self-knowledge from books you have read or programs you have attended or whatever, again the ultimate self-knowledge comes in our communication together. It's when you see yourself not as an end in yourself or a beginning, but it's when you take that step into eternity, into My world, that you begin to see fully and consciously who you truly are, that you are a continuum, beginning with Me and ending... well, there is no ending, and your life will take on that profound and eternal meaning in this world.

My son Jesus had an impact on history that is eternal because it's a reflection of his life; it's a reflection of his relationship with Me. Down through history there have been many personalities that have achieved to one extent or another that kind of impact. When I look at your society today, I am sorry to see that magazine covers, television programming, and all the popular culture assigns that kind of importance to sports stars or movie stars or talk-show stars.

Yet, there is no eternal impact to basketball or to a good movie or to somebody who can simply speak well. And I'm sure that those sports stars, movie stars, and talk-show stars may themselves say to you, "That's true." They've got their problems. They may have more money, but they have problems, and they, too, look for salvation, look for a way in their own lives that is true. They recognize they are the same as anybody else.

And so your world today is in profound need of lives that have opened up to that continuum. It begins with Me, My relationship with you and yours with Me, and eyes that see out into eternity, into an eternal goal. When I say this, I don't mean that the world needs more monks or people meditating on a mountaintop somewhere, but I speak of those who see the largest context within which humanity lives.

As I told you before, Jesus saw that, and there have been those who have seen that framework, that context down through history. They came to know what humanity is and what the true meaning of life is, and that's why their lives are remembered. And yet what about each and every person? This is the time, this is the era that each and every person needs to open up this understanding, this communication, this vital kind of relationship through their own hearts with Me. I long for it with you, too.

It's so easy for people to think, "I have to go to God." And they think of Me as sitting on some throne, and they have to bend their knee and bow to Me and give me absolute honor in their lives. But I tell you, that throne I sit on is in your own heart and we sit on that throne together. It's a throne of love between you and Me. It's not some throne that I alone sit on in some abstract region of the universe and you bow in servitude. No. These are historically flawed concepts. The throne is your heart, and we become one on that throne as we fully establish our intimacy, our relationship together. There is no other way to go. There is no throne! I don't want to sit on any throne [tearfully] if it can't be with you

 Do you think I'm just interested in power? That is a stupid concept from your own race and from your history, and always that power gets misused. Again I say it's because people haven't begun with this meeting point with Me in their lives, and when those people take power they ultimately will <misuse> that power. Or at times they have forgotten those meaningful points with Me in their lives and then have gotten carried away by their own egos. I don't want to see this happen with you.

When I see new babies born every day, I want to be able to feel the joy of that relationship from infancy on up to adulthood, growing and growing. I want to see that throne being established in each and every heart from which you can truly take leadership of your own life. And I will be there to help you. My knee is bent to you as your Parent. I'm ready to do anything for your sake. Yet you haven't known this; you haven't known it. I really want you to know.

Knowing is not an easy thing, because in the kind of world that has been established, the idea of knowing has been relegated to some sort of concept--a conceptual knowing. But when, in your deepest heart, you have approached that throne of true love and true knowledge, you will understand the difference between real knowing and just concepts. It's the difference between one penny and a billion dollars. It's so different, far more different than My little analogy, far more different in a qualitative sense. That kind of knowledge transforms lives, and when you look out at the world, it's not the same world as it was a moment before that knowledge came into you.

I want to say something finally about this matter of kingdom building in religious terminology, but what I would call it is establishing the world as it was meant to be. It will be done as you and I establish that intimacy. And when I say "you," I don't just mean you two who are here in this room, but "you" means the human race, one by one. It is so much a matter of the intimacy of parent and child that impacts the old world and turns it into the new. I am hurt by the concept that any kind of vivid relationship with Me is an act of mediumship or something to be suspected.

Especially in this era when people are starting to have messages from Me, I am hurt when those around them say it's just mediumship, because that is relegating a parent-child relationship to mediumship, as if it is some sort of strange spiritual activity. I ask you, if your children are away from you in the world after they have grown up, and they start to have profound feelings of love from you and profound communication with you, and then someone tells them, "Oh, that's just superstition; your relationship with your parents is not really very meaningful; it's just some mediumship or something in your imagination.

It's not really love. And the impact that you say it's had on your life, ah-h-h that's just your imagination." Well, how would you feel? Yes. It is terrible! And I feel upset when I see this kind of interpretation of our relationship, especially among religious people who use My name as a way of life and who teach My teachings as a way of life, and yet don't understand the essence of their own lives. Again it's the difference between knowledge and Knowledge, the difference between concept and true knowledge. If the true knowledge of the heart begins to flood your life, then these silly ideas will pass away very quickly, and you will understand that the key to the kingdom lies in that profound heartistic relationship between us. Mediumship is something entirely different.

And so I say to you who will share these talks later on, don't simply read this and think, "Wow, that's amazing!" Please, take a moment; look within your own heart and know that I am there. And if we have already initiated that relationship, then I encourage you to keep opening it up, opening it up day by day; make it an important thing in your life, because I want it so much with you--more than any bridegroom ever wanted the relationship with his bride on their wedding night. I want this so deeply. And I know you want it, too, in the deepest part of yourself, when you seek out the depths of your heart. We both want it. It's not a matter of religious duty. It's not a matter of just cold responsibility. Find out where your passion lies and you will find Me.

I love you. I can say it a million times, but the words will only become real as you truly explore your own heart. You will begin to see a profound impact on your relationships with others. You will see the same place in their hearts, and, believe Me, your world will change. That's the substance and the seed of the kingdom. I'm going to close here this morning. I'm with you, I love you, and we will continue this whether it's taped or not. Day by day I'm here.

I'd like to ask W [wife] to pray.

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