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Liberation From The Prison Of Pain

David Hose
July 21, 1996

Good morning. Your prayer this morning brings many important things together. I want to speak about those things, not individually or as separate events, but to try to give you a perspective on a larger, deeper reality behind those events.

W [wife], youíve been working on a letter this morning for My daughter [name]. She is encased in a life of pain right now. You know this from your own experience, but as you prayed you recognized your blessings beyond the physical spasms and the pain you endure each day. If you think of her state of affairs, her pain is not only physical but she has no husband, no children, no supportive environment, and her mother is growing older. She wakes up each day and there isnít the sense of that bracing strength around her to help lift her for the day and give her something of hope, something to look for as she takes her steps out into the day. This is what you have.

There are so many in this world at this moment who wake up to despair. They may have perfect physical bodies, but there may be deep problems in their families, great conflicts between parents and children, or between husband and wife. That pain is just as acute, just as sharp, and perhaps even deeper than the pain in physical muscles or in nerves that one experiences as a result of sickness or injury.

Your experience yesterday, as you went to that little town east of the mountains and met your whole family, was, I know, a special one for you. Youíre beginning to carve out a sort of profile of this family. One by one, through talks and sharing, youíve come to know these people. Indeed, you saw their physical suffering, their aging process as they prepare to go to the spiritual realm; you saw many things even in the short time that you were there.

In all families, as in your own, there are points of suffering or pain or conflict. Pain may be experienced within your own physical body or within your family situation. Or take it a step further and think of the pain in a place like Bosnia where families of two different cultures are at war with one another. Millions of people are involved and blood is flowing in the streets; many people are dying, not a natural death but death of a violent sort and from a depraved origin. Then, again, you have the even more profound pain of suffering the loss of loved ones due to bullets or rape or any form of evil that has made its way into that situation. What is the answer?

Of course, on the individual level you can take pain killers or get therapy to try to stop the pain. On the family level, you can try to work it out together, perhaps get counseling or simply sit down, share your hearts, and try to remedy the situation that way. On that larger cultural level, you can try to bring peace, bringing in foreign armies and policing the situation to stop the killing, or you can have conferences to help both sides come to some form of understanding. But all of these are simply stop-gap measures.

They donít deal with the ultimate problems. And I tell you that when you go through terrible pain (whether it be physical or emotional), in a sense you are being entombed by your own situation. Who wants to be a prisoner to their body? Who wants to be a prisoner to a disrupted family and wake up to that reality each day? Who wants to be a prisoner in a nation at war where people are hurting and maiming and killing one another? Yet, Iíll tell you that, for most of history, most of the human race has been held prisoner to all of these kinds of situations. If you really want a sense of despair, then you could say that at the end of this prison sentence is death, and finally placement in a box in the ground. What a horrible situation!

But I tell you that the box in the ground does not encase the spirit; the spirit goes on. Yet, if there has been that horrible ignorance, that imprisonment of pain and suffering in the physical world, then so often it is carried into the spiritual world. And this is what creates hell. Now, itís uniquely different with physical pain, because when the body passes away, though there may be some remnant of that suffering in the spiritual world, it can be overcome and the spirit can be liberated from that. Many great saints have lived with pain in terms of their physical bodies. But when you speak of the pain of ignorance, hatred, abuse, all of these on the family or national or collective level, then this is what creates a hellish situation in the spiritual world, because people are locked into a Godless existence. I cannot become a center for lives that are wrapped up in these kinds of evils. So what is the answer here?

I want to back up. Iím not interested in speaking of just warfare or hatred today. But there is something that draws together the physical suffering of the individual, the family, the emotional suffering of relationships, and even national suffering. That is, that when one is brought to those extremes -- physical, mental, or emotional -- sometimes that very extremity necessitates a feeling in the individual of having to find something deeper in their lives.

They begin to seek out something that can liberate them, for example, from that physical suffering of the physical body. Yet, they know they donít want to take more pills, more toxic drugs, chemotherapy -- they donít want it. And it is in seeking Me out, in opening themselves up to find their origin that they can begin to feel a liberation, as you have felt. Yes, your body, like a continuing pain, wants to hang on. But on the other hand, in a much larger and deeper way, donít you feel in some way free of that? In other words, that doesnít become the beginning and ending point of your life.

You recognize that your beginning point is far beyond the body, and your ending point is also far beyond the body. And, therefore, you can begin to put the body and its pain into perspective from a much larger view. That way you can begin to cope with it. I tell you, the realization you gain from this process is far more valuable than if I were to perform an amazing little miracle and heal you, just letting you continue your life in happy ignorance, forgetting the source of that healing and the love behind it.

Itís the same thing with a family or a nation suffering in conflict. Somebody prays that I will come, or that Jesus or the saints will come and heal that situation. And, yet, if the people continue on in ignorance, even though through some kind of miracle everything was made peaceful within a given morning, then within a short time the problems would begin again. The ignorance would continue. So, itís time to go beyond the old concept of miracles as a healer or an answer for the pain in our lives. Weíve got to go back to our origins and be free of the tomb we have created for ourselves in what you call the fallen world.

At the family reunion yesterday, there was Mrs. [name], and everyone flocked around her because she has done so much studying of your family lineage. Everyone wants to know where they came from, what their great grandfather was like, what his profession was, and about the personal lives of those who have come and gone long ago, those who were the roots of your family. Everyoneís interested in that.

Well, I, too, am like Mrs. [name] in the respect that I know (and, in fact, I AM) your origin. And I want to tell you many things about where you come from, about the kind of character that parented you, and the original motive for your creation. I want to put you in touch with that. But not just in terms of giving you photographs or photocopied papers that tell you about your great-grandparents; I want to open up that original part of yourself that has been muted by ignorance so often. This is My job and the most important thing I can do. And, again, your origin is not something that existed millions of years ago. Your origin is now. Your origin is here with you. It is Me. Your origin is in this moment.

What is the original mind? The original mind is that mind within you that is the direct entrance or the direct connection to My mind. That original mind is the key to shedding light on the problems of this world. If we say that I am the key, that God will come and save the world, that Christ will return and save the world, this is all very good. Itís important. But how will God save the world? Like little children waiting for Daddy to come home and stop the fighting -- thatís good to believe that, that Daddy has that authority and will come to take care of everything. But in the case of your world, why canít it happen that way?

It is that Daddy is just half of the equation; the other half is you. Unfortunately, the original minds of My people have been covered over by so much subjective feeling and thought, even among the religious people of the world. Therefore, you see the killing continue even among those who passionately believe that I will come and save the world. But again, they project their own image on to Me. Without opening that original mind, without being able to liberate your original mind and put aside the ignorance, the subjectivity, all of these things that have been generated down through history, I cannot come into you and really give you the clear consciousness and awareness of where you are coming from.

The difference between Mrs. [name] and Me is that she can talk very well about what happened in 1880 and 1890 and a hundred years ago, and thatís wonderful, but Iím not interested in telling you stories about a hundred years ago; that can come along the way: Somebody can write a great book about history someday from My point of view. Some books have been attempted; theyíre very incomplete and imperfect, including the Bible. But I want to tell you about this moment, and I want you to be in touch with Me in this moment so that as you write that letter to [name], or as you interact with those around you day by day, in your family, your community, wherever you go, you can bring a holy force of love, of heart, of awareness to help liberate people from the tombs they have made for themselves and that have been crafted for them by what they call "circumstances."

You make your own circumstances, and this is a time when you should not be encased in a casket of circumstances. You are the ones who have to make your own circumstances and be free of that tomb of these situations. That is the reason I want to help you. So, again, I say, to wait for miracles and to wait for the Almighty to come and save everything is a childish perspective in most senses, because you fail to recognize what is necessary in yourself. Waiting for the Messiah to come and save the world and then doing what you call following the Messiah, is something that takes deep observation, deep reconsideration, and not just the naive type of thought that you have given it in the past. The past way of thinking is the thought of small children.

Your own inner messiah, your own divinity has to issue forth, and no one can do that for you like a magic trick. It is in day-by-day going back to that origin point and opening up that original mind day by day, day by day. Have no concepts about it and donít think that you canít do it. It is there. Itís a part of you. Itís like a baby: When the babyís time to learn how to walk comes, you donít have to tell him how.

The baby isnít insecure about whether he can walk or not. Already, within him, very deep within him is the natural desire and confidence needed to make the effort to go ahead and begin to walk. And heís so proud when he does it, because something within him knows that heís making progress. So, in the same way, learning how to walk with the original mind is within you. If you will remove all the concepts you have about the original mind and about yourself (that you can or cannot get in touch with it, or you donít even know what it is, or you donít know how to do it, or youíre too ignorant or fallen a person), if you will forget all those things, erase those things as much as you can and just let yourself dwell on that point of origin, then you will begin to know. It is experience, and oftentimes painful experience, that leads a person to reach back beyond that pain to a larger beginning, and then bring it to a vision that goes ahead of the pain to a greater conclusion.

I pray this for [name] today. I believe that you, W, can be a powerful example of this in your own life. And you are doing this already. Day by day that example can grow. Indeed, this is the answer for the whole world. There can be no more childlike thoughts of magic and miracles; there has to be a deeper grasp of reality and a very real process of growth in this way. I want so much to bring forth this generation that has that connection.

I will continue to speak about this in the future because it is so important, this liberation. You will come to know more as we share more. Keep this concept in mind and realize the crucial quality of this liberation Iím speaking of. Do you understand what Iím speaking about? Itís very important. That itself can give tremendous hope and, at the same time, power and the ability to give out beyond whatever pain you are suffering, because you recognize that you donít begin with that pain; you begin with something far beyond it.

That pain is one bump in the road along the way, but it is not the beginning and it is not the end. So, donít be encased by that pain, and donít be caught by those conflicts with others as if those difficulties were entire reality, because theyíre a very, very small part of your reality -- however sharp they may be. So, indeed, you are pushed to go beyond those things and to recognize and come to your true self in a far greater way.

I will leave it at that this morning, and we will call this an introduction because there is so much more.

Iíll close now and ask W to pray.

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