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Open The Eyes Of Your Heart

David Hose
June 25, 1996

Good morning. [HF was tearful throughout this sharing.]

This morning My heart and My sense is deeply touched and moved, because as I begin to share with you, indeed I am reflecting and very conscious of that very central point that you prayed about. That is, My heart; that central point is My heart. Perhaps there is no greater problem in the world that fails to be able to heal itself than the inability to open to and understand My heart. I want to convey to you this morning something that is very, very important as you reflect on your own desires for becoming a true person and making a contribution to what you have called My Kingdom, which simply means a fully healed world that is healthy, in which each and every person can know My heart beyond concept and can love fully and freely -- not only love Me, but love one another, love yourselves, love the beautiful creation around you.

If you look to see the things that have moved you most deeply in your own spiritual path and studies, I would guess (and I truly know) that they are those things that relate with My heart. To those whom you know and whom you have wanted to understand this Principle you have studied, you have expressed yourself deeply, wanting very much for them to come to an understanding of (as you say) the heart of God. And some of the teachings going way back to the foundations of the Unification movement dealt very deeply, not only with the heart of God but with the heart of Jesus.

And in those times of sharing there were many tears in the speakerís eyes and in the listenersí eyes -- not only in their eyes but in their throats and coming right out of their very own hearts. And I want to express to you this morning what that heart is. My heart, as I look at the world today, is one of very deep pain and suffering because I am very close to your hearts. I could never walk away from our relationship, and that means each and every person on the Earth. Yesterday you heard on the news how one university student, who most likely nine months ago had a fleeting sexual relationship with some man, gave birth to a baby in the restroom of a fast-food restaurant in a nearby town.

She came out of the restaurant with blood all over her and holding this small package covered with blood. She dumped it in a garbage can outside of that restaurant and walked away, leaving it for dead, this little life that, for Me, is something that I worked billions of years to bring forth, not just as a little cellular body attached to an umbilical cord, but as the very expression of My fullest and deepest creation, the expression of My heart. This little baby had the potential to grow, to know and feel My heart as he or she looked out at and embraced the world and perhaps might have become a great human being. And I want to tell you that each and every human being in their true state is absolutely great. And yet, this young woman threw that in the garbage can. And Iím sorry to say but thatís a symbol of so much of your civilization; youíre throwing My heart in a garbage can. Make no mistake; I am not wallowing in self-pity or asking you to feel sorry for Me.

As I told you before, if you know the source of My suffering, it is indeed your own suffering, your own distance from Me. And as I look at you, My children, I want to EXPLODE because I see where you have gone to. And when I see situations like that -- that young lost soul throwing that newborn child in the garbage and walking away with no thought for its life, for its growth, for the love with which it should have been greeted -- I am just devastated. And yet, there were those who listened to that news report yesterday who got mad and said, "Our society is coming to no good," who felt angry and upset and almost wanted to beat that young girl with a stick or something. Still, do you know My heart for that baby?

The abortion problem in so much of the Western world is also a reflection of the total disconnection from the real meaning of love between man and woman, the meaning of the responsibility of love. The little fetuses are seen as nothing but a problem, just like a sickness to be cured. What do you do when you get sick? You take medicine and overcome your illness. Same thing if youíre pregnant: Just go to the abortionist and get rid of it because itís an inconvenience. The problem is not really the abortion clinic.

The problem is the willingness to indulge in relationships that have no spiritual underpinnings and the absolute failure to recognize what love asks of each and every person as a foundation for relationship. You look at American society and you see that kind of situation so readily expressed in your media, your entertainment, your lifestyles. And this is abhorrent to Me, because I didnít make this world and create My children to be so completely unconscious, uncaring. This is the central point. The abortion clinics are just an outgrowth of this failure. And so, we really need to come to that very heart -- donít we?--to know My heart. As I look out on the world and see the suffering that My children cause one another, it almost takes Me to the point of frenzy because it is My family. I have no desire, not originally, to just judge and destroy those who are in the wrong. My desire is desperately how to reach each and every one and open them up to what they are doing, to enable them to see what they are doing, so that they can turn that corner, make that change to become a loving and truly caring person, My son, My daughter. And that is what really makes My son or daughter.

I know you may remember several years ago when one little child came to your home who seemed to be unconscious to the idea of compassion or love. You saw that little person try to throw his little sister down the stairs of your home, and you were shocked at his complete unconsciousness of the consequences of his action and his numbness to his sister and to those around him. That was nothing when you look at the situation on the world level as I have to see it each day. You donít begin to see that kind of evil as it really is. And, in a sense, youíre protected. Youíre protected so that you can go ahead and pay your bills, drive your car here and there, buy your groceries, and take care of your daily life, but you donít see. And, in a sense, thatís good, because I know that if you had to see and feel all of those things that I do each day, you would not be able to stand up from your bed. You would be screaming. So, thatís a little bit of how I am.

The question that I want to ask you this morning, and that I tell you is most important, is how can you really come to see with your heart? You know I didnít create this family of humanity to have to look at these horrendous crimes or the violation of My heart day by day. I didnít create you to lay on a bed and scream in pain as you see the privations of your people around you. I created you to behold the glory that surrounds you -- in nature, in one another, and through one another -- and in which we could all commune together. I didnít create you to just worship Me, but to commune with Me as one family in the beauty of what we have and to multiply it everywhere. But, again, I tell you that can never be until there is a healing. There has to be a healing.

What can each person do? Thatís the most important question of all. When you look at the pervasiveness or problem of sin (as you call it) or separation from Me and the resultant numbness to your own heart and to the heart and situation of those around you, when you look at all of the different emanations of that, itís a very complex matter. Down through history (and I speak particularly of Western history because the speaker or translator for Me, the one who is speaking into this tape recorder, knows Western history a bit more fully), you have been inspired very centrally by the life of Jesus.

Many churches have sprung up around his life. What was the central point of his life? It was that he had opened up to My heart, even as a child. And he felt it and it filled him so deeply, so fully, and to such a capacity that he had no choice but to live his life in the best way that he could, trying to comfort My heart and help the children who were around him. I tell you, Jesus had no desire to start an institution or organization. And so it has been, down through history, that time and again there have been men and women who have come in contact with Me through some experience, through some situation in their lives -- look at your own situation of a few years ago -- it could have been anything in any number of circumstances, but they have come into contact with that heart.

From then on something changed. As they opened their eyes (and I speak of the eyes of their own hearts), as they dared to hold My gaze with no concept, their lives began to pour forth in a different way and with a very different quality in response to the world and people around them. Many of them didnít plan it to be that way. Many of them had no thought to be that way but something happened.

Yet, I have to tell you that time and again what has happened is that from those first people whose hearts had been transformed in that relationship with Me and who felt their hearts bursting with a desperate desire to help the world around them to which they had suddenly begun to awaken and see in a way they had never seen before, it is many steps to the sort of person who is just happy being a member of an institution that, in the name of those people, has its own agenda, an agenda that in many, many cases is very distant from that first experience of My heart, whether it be accidental or whether they really set out to find My heart. It becomes so distant. After some time, in your own experience these past few years, you have felt the need to share our communication and have spread these talks to many. How would you feel if eventually a church sprang up around these talks and, as you grew old you saw people running around trying to get people to join

The Church of the Talks without a real sense of what you had experienced those first nights that you came to Me and that I could come to you? They were just trying to find more and more people to join. Wouldnít you feel that something had been lost? Well, when I look back at so many historical religious groups, I feel the same way. I have to see it all and what I want to do, however beautiful those buildings, cathedrals and churches are, thereís a part of Me that wants to tear them down, to flatten them, and let My people go out, because so often those edifices are a reflection of an ego that wasnít suppose to be.

I want to meet My people in a place where their hearts are open, where there are no ulterior motives, where we can have a pure communication. And bit by bit you can open the eyes of your heart and see the world around you and its needs, and you can become a person who can address those needs, however you feel guided and whatever your own sense guides you to do based on our sharing. You can reach out and help My children and not just become a good religious follower in the traditional sense, but go out and find your own experience with My heart.So many millions have not known this and, in the name of their particular religion or faith, became self-righteous, thinking that they were blameless before God because they followed the tenets. Pride filled their hearts, so much pride that there was no room for Me. They just created another kind of numbness in the name of God.

Sure, there has been some good come out, and I would never deny any good. I have seen great men and women born into religious families who have grown up and become true people, but I have to say that so many times they became true people against the current of the church around them and they have had to make their own path. Perhaps I sound anti-religious to you. No, Iím not. But I am anti-ignorance, anti-numbness. Anything that blocks the path of our communication, our heart-to-heart relationship, has got to be looked at!

I tell you that before you talk about the Kingdom of God on Earth, there is a need for those of you who can reach out in love and care and truly have a heart for the suffering of others without any ulterior motive except My heart in you. Do you think Jesus had ulterior motives? He did not. He loved Me purely. He felt My heart and he did his best to reach out and help someone. And because he had that kind of heart I gave him power. And if among five and a half million people there is even one who is having that kind of experience with Me and wants so deeply to reach out, donít you think I want to invest in him and share all the more with him? I do. I do.

I tell you, I am not interested in investing in self-nourishing organizations or people who have ulterior motives (consciously or unconsciously) if those people and those institutions are not related with Me in heart. It is important that people work together just as you, as husband and wife, have taken up this work to share these talks that we have shared together. You have sent them out to many people, but if you ever want to get people to join your talks group so that you can gather more and more and begin to count your membership rolls, Iíll slap you hard till you wake up again to come back to the beginning point on that first night that we met. And Iíll show you how far you went from that place, how far you strayed from that moment.

I wouldnít leave you and I would never hate you, but I would slap you hard to bring you back. It is so important. And for those who read these words later on, I ask you to REFLECT DEEPLY on your daily life. I donít ask you to be a saint or to become another Jesus or some world-shaking personage. No! Donít even think about that, because then you begin to wonder how you could ever do it and you miss the point. I only ask you the next time you hear a story like I shared earlier about the young woman dumping her baby in the garbage can, just take a moment [sobbing] and think how I feel. And also ask yourself how you really feel about that. Take it back to the very root of your heart. Take it back to the very root of yourself and ask yourself if you can live comfortably in a world like that. If you were to see that girl do that from a few feet away, I know you would be profoundly moved because I know the goodness in you.

Let your life begin from those moments. Perhaps thereís something in your own experience that moved you deeply in the same way. And itís not only painful or horrible things that move your heart, I know; there have been beautiful moments between you and Me, between you and another child. Come back to those moments, too. I tell you, the more those moments are multiplied and the more your hearts can reach out without ulterior motive, the more we have a chance to begin to heal this world together.

Yes, I am asking you to become that feeling person, to know the tears that I shed, and why -- why itís necessary. Finally, I want to say to you that if you have struggled with how to open your heart, sometimes itís just that you are so... [laughs] perhaps so concerned about how you can open your heart. You begin to look inward so much that you fail to look around you. Itís a matter of looking outward with the heart. Nourish yourself with meaningful books, with good input. Take the time to know what is happening around you. Really involve yourself in that respect. Involve your consciousness and youíll come to know Me as you pray and as you reflect on those things that you have seen, whether infinitely beautiful or perhaps infinitely painful. You can bring it back to Me at night or even there in the moment and we can talk about it.

I promise you I will be there for you each moment. So, donít worry about how you can open your heart. Perhaps the time that your heart will open, much like the flower in spring, is in response to those things around you and not so much knotted up in that little bud trying to figure out how to open up. No. Please understand and read this again and come to know what I am trying to say through this one child of Mine. I wish I could share directly to your heart beyond any words on a page or language from a throat and just be able to truly communicate heart to heart. And thatís really what Iím talking about. These words on this page are simply that. Theyíre not enough, but they do stand as My testimony to you in this moment and I put My whole heart into them.

I want to close now this morning. I am with you every moment, every moment. Iíll ask W [wife] to pray.

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