The Words the Hose Family


David Hose
June 9, 1996

Good morning. Something I want to say as we begin is that your trust in Me to share whatever I will share when we meet like this has to do with your ability to recognize Me beyond yourself. The problem of so many historical religions and people is that I am seen in their image, and oftentimes they project onto Me what they themselves are feeling or the message that they received through the one who brought the prophesy or inspiration that founded their faith. And, therefore, they kind of wrapped that message around My neck, and I am painted to resemble that message. In a sense, it is true that if I did indeed bring that message, then they are partially correct in attributing that message and that state of heart to Me. But then again, I want so much to say new things and make new things understood to each and every person through their own unique heart, their own unique connection with Me. And, unfortunately, the opening for that has been a rare thing in this world.

At this point in all of human history, there is, believe it or not, a very fertile ground for this to happen more powerfully than ever before. The world is at an extreme. People are recognizing that the old traditional faith or religion doesn't comprehend or give the answers for the problems of the world now and the problems that are coming year by year and into the future. And so, while some have rejected religious answers and turned to a secular lifestyle or just decided to make a path on their own, there are others who have reached out to try to find a more substantial personal connection with Me--beyond the doctrines, beyond the traditional teachings--and to pray seriously to understand.

And for these children I am very grateful and deeply touched. This in no way means they reject historical truths or revelations, but it means that they seek very deeply for a personal connection with Me. This is important because, just as in a family, when you have been away from your parents for a long time and have heard great stories about them, finally you want to be with them yourself. Regardless of how wonderful those stories were that came from other sources, you want to have that personal connection where you can sit down and talk to them yourself.

Look back at Jesus and think how precious his relationship with Me was. I really want the child who says, "Yes, I want that same relationship with God." That child is not content just to study about Jesus, My "one and only" son, but wants to be that son or daughter, too, and really seeks that. Do you think I'm ever going to say, "No, no. Jesus was My one and only son; not you, you're a sinner forgiven by grace"? Never! Never!

I told you several talks ago to always be reaching, always be reaching; and for Me this kind of reaching is the most precious of all. I truly honor this kind of son or daughter. W [wife], when you spoke this morning about speaking with Me in your heart and discovering that closest kinship, that friendship, that makes Me very happy, very happy. One by one, people come to discover this. The purpose of these talks, as you know, is to help, to be a support in that reaching out for many brothers and sisters around the world. And I want to touch not just members who have come out of your particular movement, but whoever these talks can help to support in that reaching. That is important to Me.

I look at the Earth and I see My family. They are in all different states of mind; in all different churches, and many not caring about church; they are of all different systems of belief, and all different physical situations. But I just see My one great family. So, whoever is going to reach toward Me to seek that sonship, that daughtership, or even an intimacy with Me, even if it's not framed in the idea of son or daughter, this to Me is very touching, because in so much of history the relationship with Me has been very formal and distant. As I have said before, this is a time unique in all of history, and many people are beginning to stretch their arms out to Me. That is why I want to support that effort through phenomena like these talks and through many ways. This is just one way.

There is so much to speak about that sometimes I myself don't know where to begin and where to end. I do want to share something this morning; let us call it vision. As you reach out to Me and as that personal relationship is made, your original heart/mind is fired with so many ideas and such an outpouring, like a waterfall, and that comes from your creative mind and your own sense of living. And you cannot avoid beginning to experience vision in your own life. And you have to develop your own vision. A minute ago I said that hearing about someone else's wonderful relationship with God, and then the doctrine that came from that, is not enough. You want to establish your own connection with God and, truly, you will discover much truth through that. It's the same with vision.

There is the vision that you have received historically--let us call it the vision of the Kingdom of God. But the Kingdom has many, many positions to be filled and many people are involved. And as I told you before, the Kingdom comes out of each human heart, so this matter of finding your own vision with Me is very important. As many people as there are on the earth, there are places in the Kingdom. And as there will continue to be more and more people, there will be more and more places within that Kingdom. That Kingdom is like a most amazing rainbow of potential. Think of the most beautiful rainbow you've ever seen in the sky, the one with all the spectrum of colors; well, then, the Kingdom of God is simply that.

I'm sorry to say it, but the world as I look at it today is not in color, not spiritually. Nature around you is colorful and beautiful, but when I look to see the colors of humanity, it's grey; it's like black-and-white television. It's not interesting, not filled with newness being born in every moment. No. Just the same old thinking, old problems, relationships, repetitions--perhaps new inventions and modernization, but nothing really new. People stole from each other when they were living in caves, and they're still stealing from each other by computer. People murdered each other with rocks when they were living in caves, and now they can do it with complex methods. People relate to each other in certain ways with certain emotions, and those patterns go on and on and on. As I said, it's all pretty grey as I look at it.

That's why I say that the Kingdom is a place of infinite colors, spiritual colors. When you see the spiritual world, you will see a whole different spectrum of colors in addition to the spectrum that you know already in the physical world. And the vibrations give so much more potential for a broad, broad range of manifestation. The Kingdom of God is full of that, and what it means is that each person has to develop within himself the personal vision, the personal motivation to build that Kingdom.

It is not enough to simply be inspired by someone else's vision. For example (and I always use the example of family because we are a family), the vision of the parents in a family is often enough for a child. Now, the child may have some simple desire, like to be an actor when he grows up, a fireman, or a nurse when she becomes mature. But the parents may have a much more developed vision, and the children will be influenced by that. Perhaps the parents want to move to a different place and have a wonderful home, do this and that, and the children say they want that, too. But as the child grows, far beyond being a nurse or a cowboy or whatever, that son or daughter needs to develop his or her own vision.

Parents are going to be alarmed if a child reaches the age of 30 and still has no idea what he or she wants to do. Marriage? "I don't know." Profession? "I don't know." Dream? "No, nothing special." And then the child is sitting there watching television every day and eating snacks. Imagine the alarm in the parent's heart! Ultimately, the child can't just exist on his parents' vision but has to have something to go on that comes from his own passion, his own connection.

It is this way with the Kingdom, too. Each child finally needs to develop within that Kingdom his own passion, his own vision in terms of building it. And that particular passion or vision is, in essence, one brick for that Kingdom, to build that great city. I made each of you unique to connect with Me, not just in one way but in a unique way. And I can give each of you a unique kind of understanding of Me, of our relationship together; I can inspire you uniquely to find what you want to do now and in the future and where you can really put your whole heart!

So, again, I tell you that when a parent sees even a 14-year-old child who says, "Mom and Dad, I have found some passion in my life! I want to go to another country and to really help those people who are suffering, are in pain." The parent whose heart is really deep for Me will be moved, perhaps even to tears, by that kind of passion in the child. Or even if the child has no desire to be a great humanitarian, but maybe he wants to be a great architect or a great mathematician or a great singer, and there's such a passion there, such a deep desire, the parent feels pride.

You look at the [name] family and how they feel when they see their little daughter putting so much heart into her gymnastics. That's so beautiful to see. They are so proud. It's not enough if the daughter was sitting around and saying, "Mom and Dad, your vision is good enough for me; whatever you do, I'll go along with it, so just tell me what you want." Forget it! We have to think of the dynamics of a true family, what it means.

Indeed, My vision, My idea is perhaps the largest vision of all because it's most complete. I have a great advantage as your Creator and Divine Parent to be able to see everything and to have a framework that's as wide as and even beyond the universe. I know each and every molecule. I know each and every event. I know in your world each and every heart and each and every person. You can't have that vision, but someday, believe it or not, as we come closer and closer and as you fully mature far beyond what you know, you can share that kind of consciousness with Me. But right now it would flood you like an ant being hit by the Mississippi River. Do you understand what I mean? [W answers No.]

What I see and what I understand about the universe would flood you out right now because still you are growing. But as you develop your vision through our relationship together, and as you find where your heart lies and where your passion takes you, this for Me means so much. And because I am so concerned about the restoration of a Godly world, a good world, a family of divinity in this world, naturally, your vision, if you will reach to Me, will undoubtedly be something good for the sake of that world and that Kingdom. And if you will trust Me, I will help you put that vision in place.

I want to share one point (and this is a realization by H [husband], and I told him it was very good, so I want to support that realization and share it) and that is this: Oftentimes the dreams and visions of young children in the family are very simple (as in what they want to be when they grow up), but the dream more often than not is outside of themselves.

They see a famous cowboy actor in a movie or perhaps a fireman in a local news story who saved a person's life, and the children want to be like that person. So, the dream is often tied up with someone or something that they admire or respect outside of themselves, and then they want to grow up and mold themselves to that. There's nothing wrong with this. But as those children grow and begin to mature and move toward adulthood, then there is an important distinction that has to be made. And that is that the vision no longer comes from outside, but the vision comes from inside the growing, maturing person. So, the vision then isn't just what you see, but ultimately how you see, the way that you see. After all, it's not out there somewhere. Vision means coming through your own eye. Do you understand?

Some people grow up and their vision is very blurry, very unfocused, and that's what their lives become. Some people grow up and their vision is very sharp but, unfortunately, in the wrong direction; they may grow up to be a wrong person. But some, who have been reaching out for Me and really seeking that Divine connection, develop within themselves not only a sharp vision but a passionate vision that will become part of My Kingdom, and that vision is the one that I treasure so deeply. Great spiritual leaders in history are those who have grown up and found that kind of vision in themselves, and the vision spurred them forward.

But I'm telling you today that each of you needs to develop the vision within yourself. It is not enough, as I said, to be impressed with someone else's vision and then work along with them. It's not to say that you should not do that, but recognize that in your own life--and on the foundation of your own personal relationship with Me--you need to develop. And, in fact, if we truly meet together, you won't be able to suppress your own vision. And it will fit. Never, never worry; it will fit within My larger vision of the Kingdom. The Kingdom needs all kinds of people, all kinds of spirituality, and all kinds of abilities. You will find your place.

Do you know that within the spiritual world, when that spiritual world is fully restored, all the people who ever lived on the Earth--each one--will have the feeling that "I am the most important person to my Heavenly Parents?" And it doesn't mean "So the rest can go to hell." No. What I mean to say here is that there will be deep love from one to the other. Each one will fully feel the meaning of their relationship with the center of that spiritual realm, which is their Creator. There will never ever be a feeling of "I am unworthy, I am unimportant, I am nothing; God loves so-and-so more than He loves me." NEVER! Because each one will have immediate access to that Divine Heart.

And that's the way this world should be, too. As this world becomes that way, that is the center of the Kingdom, right there, that feeling of personal closeness and the sense of being the only son or daughter of God. Recognize that! So many of you do not feel that, or you may feel it at best in a very wavering way, or perhaps only conceptually, because that's the teaching that you study. But it is within your own heart, and I really want that relationship with you.

Know how hungry I am to share that with you. Out of that relationship, as I said before, comes the most profound vision, because I gave each of you wonderful gifts within yourself, within your spirit, within your being that all of My Kingdom is begging you to share and to offer. That's true. That's true. Again, the key is that our hearts be in union, that I can have that personal relationship with you and we can share it together.

I wanted to express these things this morning because they are important and because now is the time, as I said before, now is the opportunity for you to reach and to find, more than at any time in history. Beyond that, too, it is so important that this be done, because if it is not done, the world in the 21st Century is going to face major, major crises like you have never seen in all of history. I do not believe in giving scary predictions; if anything, My message to you is one of hope. And, again, I ask you to never stop reaching, because I am here with you.

One last point I want to make is the need, once and for all, to bury fear, the problem of fear. There can be a great fear in reaching, and as you reach out many times you will find things that constrain you, that hold you back from reaching. Oftentimes those things are tied up with certain fears, and you need to look at those fears very squarely, very objectively. Examine them. Where do they come from? What kind of a grip do they have on you? Fear is never a good thing, but it has to be dealt with. I really want you to be able to examine those things. I'll leave you with that this morning and simply say that the Kingdom of Heaven has no fear of any kind. So, this is a time to take off those old clothes; the robes of My Kingdom do not have those kinds of stains.

Have a wonderful day and week, and we will continue in the coming week. I will ask W to pray.

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