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Learning To Trust Your Heavenly Parent Within You

David Hose
May 24, 1996

Good morning. There is so much to be shared this morning that, in truth, it is not possible to share to the greatest depth everything that needs to be shared; but we'll get to that in the coming weeks, piece by piece, step by step. There are some key points that have already come up and this morning I want to talk about them.

Yes, if there was a title to this talk it would be "Learning to Trust Your Heavenly Parent Within You." The history of the world that has been in a state that is separate from Me is a history of individuals who either trust themselves falsely, in an arrogant and egotistical selfish way, or individuals who cannot trust themselves. Ironically and sadly, oftentimes those individuals who trust themselves or have a great sense of going somewhere, doing something, and subjectively pushing forward, are without any connection to Me--or with a very, very distant connection. On the other hand, those who have worshipped Me (especially speaking of the West), gone to church, been faithful, pious believers, have been the ones too often who do not trust themselves, who do not trust the Heavenly Parents in themselves.

There is a whole tradition that goes back to the time of Jesus. He said, and it's recorded in the Bible, that he would build his church upon the rock that was identified as Peter, his first disciple. As you know, the Catholic church and the Papacy saw itself as the inheritor of the role of Peter. You may recall a movie of many years ago called "The Shoes of the Fisherman" about the Catholic hierarchy and the Papacy. As the centuries have passed by, millions of followers put their trust in the one who wore the shoes of the fisherman and in the hierarchy that surrounded him. And yet, through the centuries, that hierarchy corrupted itself horribly. This is not to say that every pope and every officer of the church was evil; that would not be true. But when you look back over the centuries at the cumulative misuse of power, the emphasis on the structure of the church (the wealth of the church, the holdings of the church), and at the same time look at the poverty of those led by the church (not just poverty but dreadful squalor many times), you'll find that the church did not fulfill its role of standing in the shoes of the fisherman. It did not fulfill the role that Jesus would have had it fulfill.

You find the Protestant Reformation trying to bring the focus back to the individual believer. But, again, there was the problem of church hierarchy, church government, misuse of authority, and consequent corruption.

Now, in this day and age, at the time of the coming of what you call My Kingdom, what is the key? You might say to Me that the key is definitely that the church hierarchy must become pure and clean, no more corruption or misuse of power or authority, no more misuse of wealth. But I tell you, there is another more internal answer that must be recognized, and it goes back to the key point that Jesus taught, and that is the value of the individual. Jesus had a great strength as My son because he knew absolutely that I lived in and through him, and, therefore, he could say, "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father."

Fundamentalism tended to interpret this as Jesus was God's only son, or, Jesus was God. Then, what does that make the individual believer? Well, as you know, fundamentalism focused on the believer as the sinner forgiven by the grace given through Jesus. Yet, Jesus' key point in his teaching was not simply that those around him were sinners forgiven by grace by the son of God, who was Jesus. No. His key point was that they were sons and daughters of God and he would lift them up. This itself threatened the church hierarchy of his day very deeply, because they would have no power, in the true sense, if Jesus' teaching was to be followed and understood and internalized by the people: the commoners, the poor, the laborers. Everything would have to evolve, and all of those comfortable high priests would have to give up the roles with which they had become quite satisfied. It would have been total revolution, in other words, of the human heart, the human spirit.

And so, with that understanding, let Me come back to this day. As you come close to the day of My Kingdom, it is not just a matter that misuse of power and authority by those in spiritual high positions has to change. It is that the individual needs to come to recognize and trust the God within himself or herself. Each one is a son or daughter of God. This is not just a nice name that came from the Bible. It is a true reality, an absolute reality. As you claim that in your life, you can take on and challenge those things that are not real around you, and you will not be intimidated by them; you will not be intimidated into silence through not being sure of yourself.

I want to bring out a point that is very clear and very true. At this time in Korea, there is a great workshop going on where many leaders of the Unification movement have been going through a cleansing process. The major points of that cleansing have been misuse of authority, misuse of finances, misuse of love, and, more pointedly, the crushing of the human heart. Those are the leaders of the faith of the Unification movement, and those are the leaders in whom many individuals like yourselves have put their faith over the years. The individuals who are not so clear, not sure of the God within themselves, defer to the God within their leader and choose to trust that God (the one who comes through the one you call Abel).

Therefore, they follow day by day, sometimes wondering, "Is this right or wrong?" So often I have watched those individuals swallow that doubt, just swallow it and keep going forward because the leader said, "Go ahead; we must go forward; do this, do that" day after day after day. Yet, those leaders are in Korea going through a process of repentance for misusing authority--in My name, misusing My name. Can the individual blame those leaders? If one individual sees that his leader is in Korea repenting for misuse of power, can he blame that leader and say, "I have resentment because so many years I followed that person, and, as I see now, he was misusing power, misusing the money I earned, misusing my faith and devotion." I tell you, there is no answer in blaming that leader. One has to look within himself and see.

This historic problem of the failure to trust the sonship or daughtership of God within your own self, and, therefore, the lack of trust of your own original heart/mind, of your own original relationship with Me, caused you to defer your trust to someone else. Yet, I tell you, and I tell you clearly, that the person you trusted had the same problem that you do: failure to trust himself and failure to realize himself. Realization of the self is the foundation of trust. Those leaders failed to realize themselves. In the majority of cases, that consciousness was very weak. Therefore, we are speaking here of castles in the sand--no foundation, unrealized people trusting unrealized people trusting unrealized people. Naturally, that castle is going to collapse sooner or later.

Again, I want to say to you that there is no answer in just being angry at the one you trusted and realizing that he or she wasn't real in terms of representing Me. The point is, who are you? Will you continue to doubt who I am within you? Will you continue to fail to trust that God who lives within you? It's very hurtful to Me to see you doing that.

Then I hear you say: "So much of me is fallen and, therefore, I can't trust myself because I have fallen nature. So, how do I know that it's Your voice? How do I know that it's not the voice of some evil spirit trying to persuade me that it's God?"

I tell you that the key lies within your heart. Begin to listen to your heart. My relationship to you is not the same as the relationship of some spirit-being coming from the spiritual world. The spirit world is nothing but the physical world disembodied. Just take away the physical body and then you have the spiritual world. If we took away everyone's physical body today, this moment, you would have the spiritual world. And yet, as you know from what you have studied, so much of that spiritual world, just like in the physical world here, is unrealized. They do not realize who I am because they are not in touch with their own hearts. So, their situation there in the spirit world is the same as yours.

The key is to be in contact with your own heart, to begin to discover that heart within. Why do you think there is such focus in your membership (and not just your membership, but people all over the world) on healing, not only healing the body but healing the spirit, the soul--healing hurt feelings from childhood, healing in terms of ancestral healing, getting liberated? Why? Because they want to heal their hearts. They want to get in contact with their own true selves. Ultimately, whether they know it or not, they want to be in touch with Me. And, again, that is only through the heart.There are people in the spiritual world and in the physical world who are struggling to be in touch with Me.

It hurts My feelings very deeply when you confuse Me with an evil spirit or some wandering spirit man. Why do you pray if you don't trust your own prayer? If you can't trust your relationship with Me when I speak with you or share with you, why do you pray? Are you talking into the void? Are you talking into nothing? Are you praying because someone told you you should pray? What do you expect for an answer? And if I answer, will you believe Me that I am real, that I am with you and within you?

I'm sorry [a bit tearfully] because I do not want to be angry with you, but after all these centuries My patience is short with children who cannot trust. Yet, I wouldn't leave you and I would never walk away. My patience is short because My love is big, and I want so much to have this consummation with you as an individual so deeply. And let Me say that as you come to know Me in your heart, as that channel becomes ever so clear in each and every person, the corruption of power and authority, the misuse of power and authority will begin to disappear.

Remember that those in high places have to go through the same process that I'm speaking about to you right now in this moment. They're not a different breed with no connection to Me; they're my sons and daughters, too.

Let Me turn it around. It could be you there in a high position. Destiny could have put you there and put the one who is the leader in your position right now. It doesn't really matter. The pattern tends to be the same. No matter who was in the role of leadership, no matter who was the follower, so many times there has been the inability of either one to know Me in their own heart. Therefore, the leader misused power, the follower became angry, there was no truth between them, and My providence could not truly advance. Yes, something could be done in terms of physical accomplishments, but this means very little when we speak of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of absolute truth--truth meaning, not doctrine in a book, but the truth between people and between people and Myself.

I tell you again, this is the age to learn how to trust Me within yourself. This is true for the highest leader as well as the follower. I don't even like those words "leader" and "follower" because of the misuse that I have seen in history. I don't like those words because of what I have seen. What I want to say to you deeply is that you are all My sons and daughters. Forget your position. Forget your accomplishments, because so often they have been empty. Come down and come back to your real self and meet with Me within that self, within your heart. Come to know Me and then, I tell you, even one step that you take, one word that you utter can have a greater value than all of those accomplishments.

This is the age in which this has to be learned. Once and for all, this must be learned or the emptiness and the misuse and the falseness will continue. I don't want that to happen. I have a foothold on this earth and I want to advance that. Therefore, I ask you to forget all the outer things: Forget the positionality, forget the power if it is not My power, forget the love if it is not My love. Forget all of these things if they are not of Me, because they are nothing but vanity; and it is monstrous vanity when it assumes power. This is the time to come back and learn how to trust Me within yourselves. Learn how to trust yourselves as My sons and daughters.

As I said, each step that you take will have a greater value than all the events of history. This alone will bring the Kingdom. The Kingdom is not brought on by some institution; it's brought on by individuals who have come to know Me within themselves, come to trust Me and come to trust themselves. Then, if they build something great together, this is wonderful. And if it involves leaders and followers, that's no issue because of that inner substance. Without it, again I warn you, there will be calamity and there will be no Kingdom. Ultimately, people will become cynical once more. When that happens, a wall is erected between you and Me, a wall of cynicism and of feeling that "I knew it wasn't true; somebody held up God in front of me and then ripped me off again." And when I see the closing of hearts, the anger, the resentment, those walls going up, it just breaks Me in half! It breaks My own heart.

Please, please come to know Me more deeply. Take the time that you need to know Me. If you need healing, seek it out. I am providing more and more people who can help you. If you have an eye to see, you will see; if you have an ear to hear, you will hear. And please, take that time and make that effort and something real will happen, something real will be built. The Kingdom of God is not for ignorant children. It is for those who have become mature. This process has got to be culminated.

I love you. And I tell you once more, do not be angered by those you have seen who have misused authority. They are to be pitied because, in so many cases, they not only face that same situation of mistrusting the God within themselves, failing to connect with that God within themselves, but on top of that they are asked to lead others when they don't really know what they are doing. And so, it's an extra burden. Pray that they can be relieved of it if they need to be, and pray for the coming of a true man, a true woman--not as in one or two, but as in millions. This is something that each one has to recognize.

I have nothing more to say this morning. There is so much more that could be spoken from what we have shared, but we'll leave it at this, this morning, and I'll ask W [wife] to pray.

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