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Beyond The Taxicab

David Hose
May 10, 1996

Good morning. This morning you have come to Me with a request for My point of view on some of the things that you have been speaking of. As you know, I do not just give a point of view in a non-interested way, but from a very involved perspective, because I am, indeed, the Parent of each of you. From the Messiah to the last person standing in the jungle somewhere in an unknown country, I am the Parent of each of you. So, My involvement is very sensitive to each and every life. That's the way I look at things, from a very heartfelt involvement.

In this world there are those who can easily give opinions about this or that, and the words can often be hurtful or insensitive and quickly forgotten as that person walks away not knowing what he or she had left behind as they threw out that opinion. So, there is a great difference, a great gap, between that kind of expression on your earth and what I feel and what I want to express. I cannot disguise My involvement. I cannot become distant in the sense of being cold to any one person on the earth. In one way I am a prisoner of love, but I am happy as a prisoner here.

The painful part, and perhaps the part that has made the pain for Me in the past, has been, as a result of the Fall, that so much of the world, literally all of history, has been so confused. The children that I brought forth have hurt themselves and one another so badly, and, because of My absolute involvement, it is deeply painful to see these things. I have no desire to carry on or to extend that confusion or that fallen situation. My only desire is to bring it to an end. But at the same time it cannot come to an end as long as there is a gap between My children and Myself--in other words, a fallen-away situation between parents and children.

The key is that each child, and I emphasize each child, needs to come to the point of rediscovering our relationship--the relationship between Myself and you. It's truly been through the efforts of key men and women in history and various religious and spiritual movements or events that people have been able to rediscover, to some extent, their original relationship with Me. But what I want you, and everyone who may read this communication, to know is that this is an era where I want to fully re-embrace you with nothing between us and want you to be fully in touch with Me through your own original heart/mind.

Let Me explain for a moment. Let Me express the meaning of this heart/mind for you. You have called it the original mind, but in some sense that's an incomplete expression. People tend to think of the mind as a mental or intellectual center, so that when you speak of the original mind it sounds more like an intellectual connection, which is perhaps true and universal but, nonetheless, more of the mind. The reason I am saying original heart/mind is that the original understanding, the essence and the center of human life, does lie in the heart, and that heart is the center of the spirit. The heart is not just a place of emotion or feelings, but that original heart is a place of deep understanding and knowledge, wisdom about the eternal scheme of things and how you, as the individual, fit into that.

Think for a moment of the incredible intelligence even within your body. With your intellect, with your brain, you cannot know what's going on inside of your body: the phenomenal intelligence of the nervous system, of the cellular system, all of these amazing systems that involve such a profound intelligence. Then think, when you fell away from Me at the beginning of history and fell away from that relationship with Me through that original heart/mind, you also lost touch with the incredible spiritual intelligence that is truly your signature, truly your source. And yet, potentially, as you come to resolve that fallen state and we rejoin one another through your original heart/mind, you have all of that insight, wisdom, intelligence, and source of power at your fingertips, at your command. When people talk about heart, they tend to think in a very narrow sense; they understand in a very limited sense the meaning of that. But please try to understand the meaning of original heart/mind as I have explained it to you.

When you look at the vehicle of religion down through history... let's make a comparison... let's say that the Fall was something that took you a long distance from Me, and religion in history has been like a taxicab. You got in and said to the taxi driver, "Please take me home." And the taxi driver asked, "Where's home?" And you said, "Well, it's somewhere closer to God." And so, those taxi drivers of the various taxis of religion had a certain map, a certain way to go to bring you closer. You paid your price and took the trip. Unfortunately, down through history, many people failed to realize that the taxi can only take you just so far, and when it was time to get out, they just stayed there, sitting in the back seat. I want to tell you that in your case, in the case of that faith that would usher in the Kingdom, it, too, is a taxicab. Maybe it's more powerful, maybe it's a newer model, maybe the driver has a greater map, but, ultimately, the best driver would never tell you to stay in the cab. He would say at the end of the trip, if you've paid your price, "Go ahead, get out, go on." Isn't it strange to see a whole back seat full of people who don't want to get out of the taxicab?

I'll tell you why. It's a problem of the failure or lack of personal responsibility. In your case, to get out of the cab, to go beyond the religious organization, means you must have the faith or the confidence in returning to Me. And that means truly that you are opening up your original heart/mind. You are opening up that communication to Me. The Messiah himself would not stand in anybody's way to come back fully to the original Divine Parents, which means My relationship with you. That is why the Messiah comes on earth. And isn't that why, in your own lives, you have taken the time to sit down with the persons you saw as lost souls and you shared your heart, you poured your heart out to them to help them understand the love of God?

This is such a time today. And I ask, in this allegorical sense, who is ready to exit the taxicab and go beyond? Someone says, "I don't want to reject the taxicab." If the taxi has brought you to your destination, to get out is not a rejection. Think how ridiculous that would sound if, in real life, you took a taxi down to the store and when it got to the store you said, "I don't want to get out because I don't want to reject the cab." How ridiculous! It means you got so identified with the taxi on the way to the store that you forgot where you were going.

This is one big problem of historical religion. It's not the problem of the religious urge or the religious institution; it's the problem of the individuals that make up the institution. They get so identified with the vehicle that they forget the destination. I have said this in many ways to you over and over again, because it needs to be said over and over again. And may I say that it is not a matter of rejecting any vehicle. It is a matter of extending beyond the vehicle. And only the individual can do that. Only each person can do that. That is why I say that you are moving from an age of identity into an age of being, and the center of that being is your original heart/mind and that original relationship with Me. The Messiah himself, the great saints in history, spiritual experiences, phenomenal things going on all around you cannot do that for you. Only you can do that! And it's not a matter of waiting to be told what to do; it's a matter of your own growth, your own recognition in that moment.

Well, W and H, [wife and husband] you know with your own children, your older children are now coming to the age of adulthood, and, unlike when they were younger, you recognize that it doesn't have much meaning if they go to church just to make you happy and they obediently put on their dark suits and go to church because "Mom and Dad want us to." No. You want them to be able to see the value of the Godly life as a matter of their own reflection, their own inner realization. That's something you can't do for them, and you can't talk to them too much about it because then, again, they are doing it for you. It has to be something that they see, that they want to happen. And you, as parents, may have a certain plan for them, but perhaps through that inner realization, that inner connection with Me, that son or daughter may stand up and say, "Mom and Dad, I've been called a different way."

Then that's the time for you to pray, as parents, and really come into touch with Me and recognize the difference between your will and My will. Sometimes there is a difference. I think that in your own hearts you are very moved and happy when you see your children taking that path because you know then that spiritually they are becoming adults. This is always a difficult transition in a family, from the young child to the older child, and yet, if I am at the center of their will, if there is a conscious connection with Me, you don't have to worry about their lives. Even if they make a few mistakes, get into a few bad spots, still you know that they have that connection and they'll find their way. In fact, they'll learn from their mistakes and they'll grow and deepen.

History is at such a point today. Look at the way the world is coming together. For example, the computer networks, amazing communications that are going on, the shrinking of the world into one large family of people. But what good is that family if it's dysfunctional? That family needs to recognize itself as a family of God to become truly functional. And so, there is a need for courageous, deeply committed individuals to establish that heart/mind relationship with Me. And not only that, but to live by it as spiritual adults for the first time in history on a wide level. And they will come from every religious background and, surprise of surprises, from nonreligious backgrounds, because that heart/mind is in each and every person. This is really the time to lay aside all those limitations and concepts that tend to make your point of view very bottled up and narrow. It's a time to open up and see that.

So, while the taxi was relevant several miles down the road, as it pulls into its destination, though you may feel thanks for it, it's time to get out and to do what you have to do. And if that taxi has taken you to that original place of your being, then it's time to get out now.

Someone will ask, "Does that mean we should walk away from the church?" I didn't say that. I'm speaking on a very inner level here. I'm asking you, where does your final connection and loyalty lie, and what is the substance within yourself at the end of this taxi ride, at the end of this history, that will allow you to stand up and get out of the cab? This is the important thing. It's not a matter of rejection; it's a matter of evolution on an inner level. And that will be the genesis of an evolution on a profound level, on every level in this world. But until that time you have a lot of people who believe a lot of different things. However strong those beliefs are, without the emergence of that true connection with Me that only you in your life can truly discover and explore and develop, you do not have unification in any sense of the word, even among your own ranks. This is a time for real things, real and true substance. There are no excuses, no mind games, no substitutions. That's why you need to look clearly and honestly and with courage at yourself and at the state of affairs around you and determine how you will live out the years that remain to you. Please think about these things.

One last point I want to make, and this, as interesting as it may seem, does relate. On a very practical level, H and W, care for your health, watch out for your well-being. Your health and the health of all My children is important on the earth, because it is on the earth that the fundamental change must occur. And while there are realms far beyond physical life, and there is an eternal realm where change is actively going on every millisecond, still, on this earth, the place of the human fall away from Me, there is a need for the fundamental change. It's really the root of human life here. If the roots are transformed, then the eternal bloom of ongoing life is transformed eventually.

That radical transformation is what must occur in this era, in this time, in this day. Therefore, I ask you to take good care of yourselves and stay on the earth as long as you can. That's in your hands. I can't command you to eat the right kind of foods. It's you who reach for wholesome food or the empty junk food every day. It's up to you. It's you who have to make those decisions. Take good care of yourselves and build your strength day by day, because it is a foundation for what I need to ask of you in the coming days. And so it is with all of My children. Your body is indeed My temple, and I ask you not to desecrate it. That's all I want to say today. In one way, it simply sums up what we've said in the past, and yet it is so important. It is so important.

Have a wonderful day, and I'll close.

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