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Hierarchy Of Heart

David Hose
March 22, 1996

This morning I am very happy to share with you both in light of what you have been sharing together here in this room, because in reflecting on last nightís meeting,

W [wife], you bring out the point particularly of [name] where she had a very deep sense, as you shared about Heavenly Father, and her eyes filled with tears as you could see. It is in this part that she is a very beautiful daughter of mine, she has that heart for Me, but I want to say that she is suffering, as many people in this world are suffering, and I have to say especially people who truly want to work with Me and want to live with Me day by day, but in so many cases the sense of duty and responsibility to the outer structure fights with the heartistic sense.

And there is a fear that they will be violating the rule of the outer structure if they follow the heart. And then comes the question: "Well, then what is the purpose of the outer structure if I just need to follow my heart? Why do I need an outer structure if I just follow my heart?" Every religion in history has been for just one purpose, and that is the inspiration and the reconnection of the individual to Me. Someone may say, "If we speak of the Kingdom, well, thatís more than the individual."

I have to say to you here that without that reconnected individual you will not have the Kingdom. The individual is the key, as I have said before. And though individualism has been a word that indicates oftentimes selfishness or lack of awareness of others, this has nothing to do with what I speak about. The connected individual is the purpose of all religion, I will say it again. And where is that connection to take place? This is the question.

The individual who studies, memorizes, and knows all of the doctrines of his church or faith, who can stand proudly in front of thousands and spout those doctrines -- is this the connected individual? Not necessarily. Many preachers have led immoral lives and had hidden lives, secret lives behind the podium, out of the vision of others. But I see everything. I know everything. And I want you to know that the connection does not lie in intellectual knowledge, however deeply convicted that preacher may be.

And so, many church leaders, though they had that knowledge, though they had the knowledge of the doctrines and also strong convictions and emotional convictions about this knowledge, there is still an appetite inside for something that the knowledge couldnít reach. And oftentimes, believe it or not, they have tried to satisfy this appetite in ignorant ways, which led them many times toward immorality, falling away in terms of love for Me. And you can imagine the so-called sins that have proliferated in that realm. They do not feel satisfied. And here, your lovely friend and sister [name] cannot be satisfied with just doctrine or all kinds of external knowledge. Her heart is like a pure drop of water and she wants to fulfill that heart seeking, I know it. She will never be happy with just that outer structure of knowledge.

I would like to speak more deeply this morning about this that you call the hierarchy of heart. In your movement this term, hierarchy of heart, often pertains and has been used to pertain to an outer hierarchy -- in other words, from the lay member looking upward toward the people in a higher position. You recognize that ideally there has to be a hierarchy of heart there, that as you go to the higher and higher position more and more heart should be guiding to the point of the Messiah, where heart should be the most powerful factor in guiding him and then all of those under him as a result.

But I want to speak this morning about something you might have missed. And that is that the hierarchy of heart, before it can be truly meaningful and before you have any Kingdom of God, must be within the individual. The whole hierarchy must be contained within the individual, fully conscious and functioning.

Letís look at My original ideal, My original plan for your life. Looking at human life as it will be lived in the Kingdom and human consciousness as it was originally intended to be, it was the center of heart, as I have said to you so many times, from which you would live. Not another personís heart, not the Messiahís heart, but your own heart. And, indeed, it is that center which becomes so crucial and central to understanding the way of life, the purpose and the walk of life. If we look at the intellect, the logical ability of man, the more outer emotions of man, like your daily emotions of happiness, sadness, and anger, the instinctual needs of man, etc., all of these originally are to be under the heart.

The heart was to be the center of gravity for all of these things, and all of these different faculties were intended to be guided by the heart. Why? Because it is in the heart, in that deepest heartistic place in you, that you and I are to commune and to share everything. It was from what we call the original heart/mind that the conscience was to be guided, that the logic was to be enlightened, that the emotions were to be, ultimately, guided and put into proportion. That in its full maturity is the meaning of direct dominion.

There are still many within your movement who think of direct dominion in terms of their relationship with the True Family and with the Messiah, that if they are in total obedience and total harmony with that outer structure, then they are, somehow, in a more direct dominion. Let Me say that if there is not the development of the inner individual heart going on -- in other words, that personal hierarchy of heart -- if that is not developing internally in each individual, then the outer is just commentary. Itís just the outer, put it that way.

What is the purpose of the Messiah? The Messiah is the exemplar of living in that direct dominion of heart, the one who comes as a teacher and is to help individuals establish that right hierarchy within themselves. And, in that respect, heís the teacher who needs most to be listened to from the deepest part of ourselves. But the great mistake of humanity, time and again, in relation to the ones called the Messiah (or even the great wise men and women who are followed by others) is believing that itís the Messiahís heart that is going to save them.

Oftentimes they fail to trust -- and I will say this three times -- they fail to trust, they fail to trust that their own hearts are just as valid as the Messiahís heart, that they with their inner ear can hear My voice through their own hearts just as much as they can through the prophesy or the sermon or whatever of their teacher. And here is where the problem comes. This is idolatry.

Idolatry is not simply the worship of false idols. Idolatry can very easily be the worship of a very true human being. The problem comes in that one does not come to the altar of their own heart at the same time that they are worshiping at the altar of another personís heart. This is idolatry. It was the fundamentalism in Christianity that turned Jesus into an idol and took away from him the original meaning and the original greatness. It is the same tendency that will do this again and again when individuals do not recognize the path within their own lives, within themselves that leads to their own most holy place -- you may want to say their own internal Messiah -- and that is their heart.

If the historical Messiah cannot bring the individual who follows him to this point, and if those followers are simply satisfied just to follow him, obedient as they may be, it is not enough! And what you will have, finally, is a spoiled family emphasizing its particular Messiah and having a very "us vs. them" attitude about the rest of the world. Now, hereís the difference: You find a person who has been in touch, who has really found that realm of his own heart, such as that Mr. [name] that we spoke of many years ago in Japan.

Do you think this man is sectarian or is limited or has an "us vs. them" attitude about the rest of the world? No. He is very inclusive. He is a joy to Me now in the spiritual world, and he represents a very bright light in the spiritual world because itís My light that shines through him. It is the light that lights all people and does not limit itself to only one group. Love does not have a limiting property. Love is love. Love is for all. That is My love. It is when you worship at the altar of another personís being rather than your own that you become selective, that you limit your love to those who follow that other person, Messiah or saint or whoever. But it is only when you find that heart, that true place within yourself from which begins the realm of direct dominion, that the limits will fall away and you will find yourself in love with each of My children and all things in this world.

There is a problem with historic religion, and it is a problem that must be surmounted at this time. There is today a great mistrust of the self. You will notice that in the schools there is a great mistrust of the idea of creation. People want to understand everything by the intellect, but it is the intellect that, if you remember, is in a lower level than the realm of heart. The intellect, if held in its original proper position in relation to the realm of heart, can flow very harmoniously with that realm. But the intellect cannot replace the heart. Thatís an important point.

In the world today you will notice that heartistic knowledge or true wisdom is in danger of being replaced by intellectual knowledge, that so-called outer knowledge, gathered knowledge, logical knowledge. And the point I want to make here is there is a very different quality to knowledge, which is gathered, logical and external, as opposed to wisdom which is internal, intuitive and comes from daily communion between you and Me. Again I will say that it is that inner wisdom that was originally intended to be most important as the key and central guidance for the intellect, for the outer emotions, and all of those things. But many of My people have come to mistrust that. And even those who faithfully follow the Messiah donít trust themselves and donít even come close to recognizing that inner Messiah within themselves. And so, they follow the outer Messiah, and yet they miss the inner Messiah. Such following is not true following; it is blind following.

You know the word "insight"? Last night at the meeting, probably many who were gathered were given insights through the sharing that went on. That word insight is important. Insight means inner sight, inner vision. When sharing is very deep and rich and when the hearts are liberated among you women, donít you feel that inner vision coming alive? And thereís a flow. You walk away from that meeting feeling so happy because your inner eye was opened. Well, this truly is meant to be every day.

This inner vision is the eye that is meant to guide you. It is the eye of the spirit, so to speak, which is to guide the individual. But in the individual where the outer structure has become the Messiah and the inner structure is unknown, this eye is closed, and this is blind faith. Someone says, "I donít have blind faith. Logically I can prove that the Principle is true, everything is clear, Iím not just blindly believing." Blindness is not just a matter of intellectual blindness. It is when the inner eye of the heart has not yet opened (when that inner Messiah in the inner hierarchy of the heart of an individual has not yet started to dawn) that you have blind faith. Thatís the problem! This is what hurts My heart very deeply, because without turning that key you do not have the key to the Kingdom-what you call the Kingdom. Indeed, I want to work in each and every life and I will ask you to trust.

I want to bring something up here. Today H [husband] went on for 10 or 15 minutes as he began his talk and then he stopped the tape recorder and apologized and turned back and I spoke to you. What did I say? I said, H, you are still holding on to your intellect and youíre still insecure about letting that inner heart flow, letting My voice work through your inner heart to where you can have the freedom under that inner heart to know that Godís word is expressing itself.

Even after these many years, H still worries about what is going to be said or whether he can work it all out intellectually to express it. This is a problem right here. Let it go! And let that inner heart guide the intellect, the logic of this talk. Let that be the center. There is a fear among many of you in your movement that if you donít have some sort of intellectual grasp on the Principle and you just let your heart guide you that youíre going to become guided in the wrong direction. IS THAT NOT LACKING FAITH IN ME?!!! You mix up the matters of the inner heart with emotion. Youíre afraid that youíre going to be guided by your emotions if you donít keep your intellect firmly set in place.

The inner heart is not the daily emotions. That most holy place within you where we communicate and where we connect is something far more profound. As I told you before -- I want to put it succinctly -- it is the center from which your emotions are guided, from which your intellect can be enlightened, and from which your daily life can be guided along the path that is true. So, at some point youíve got to let go, youíve got to let go and trust your own inner vision and the opening of that inner eye. Without doing that in the name of the Messiah, that outer Messiah that you follow, it would be very easy for you (just like the Christians a few centuries back) to burn people at the stake, to crucify them because they didnít follow your faith, to justify all kinds of wrongdoing in the name of your religion. DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE AGAIN.

This is the time of opening that inner eye, and I tell you that the Kingdom will not be stopped as these eyes open and as this inner hierarchy of heart comes alive. The outer hierarchy can be established very naturally on that foundation and with a very deep heartistic base. But without this foundation, your outer hierarchy will be oppressive and blind, proud of itself, puffed up, and can do great evil all in My name. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!

If your inner eye is opening, you must speak the truth and you must share deeply and fully. I do not care about any outer hierarchy if it is blind. It must be enlightened. And make no mistake, I donít speak of revolution in the old sense, of overthrow, because too often the blind overthrow the blind. It is wisdom and sight and vision that must dawn on darkness. That is not overthrow. That is the morning which everyone loves because it is the coming of the light. That is not rebellion; that is light in darkness. That is different.

So, I leave you with these thoughts this morning and ask you once again to ponder: Where is your true Messiah and where is that Messiah who will initiate what you call the Kingdom on Earth?

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