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Happy Birthday

David Hose
March 15, 1996

Happy Birthday, W [wife]. Iím very, very happy that in this first few minutes of the morning we could have our own birthday party here, sitting on the bed as you woke up, and that you could really include Me in your early celebration.

There are so many birthday parties around the world every day, but not many of them really think about Me. I donít say that from the viewpoint of ego, but from the viewpoint of wanting to be included in all of the celebrations of your life. And your birth is the first important event of your life for Me also. When you look back at the whole reason for life and the reason for your birth in the original sense, it was really a celebration of parent and child together, you and I together. So, I want to be the one who pops the most balloons, who blows out the candles with you, who makes the most noise, who laughs and celebrates most deeply from the belly. Happy Birthday.

The greatest gift of all is not wrapped in a package but is the gift of life itself. Itís a gift for Me, too. I Myself am amazed at the beauty of life. Do you think that I am not amazed? Do you think that I have a very blas=E9 attitude about life, just because I am the one called the Creator of life? Not at all. Like any artist who looks at his own painting, I want to thank a higher power than even Myself for that most beautiful creation. I donít look at it and say, "Well, I created it; anyway, nothing special." Not at all. And so, you see, you look at Me as an absolute being, but absolute, if you understand, has no beginning point. Itís infinite, infinite, infinite, going into infinity. I Myself am grateful and thankful for the gift of life.

What I want to give you this morning is just a little affirmation or a reminder as we continue this journey together. Letís call it a road sign along the path of your journey, and that is the affirmation of our communication together. This communication, I am happy to say, is beginning to be more and more a part of your daily life because you are allowing it to be. It is so important; itís going to change the world. You see, there are so many billions of people in human history who have not had this communication with Me. And, of course, I want to say here, it is the communication Iím talking about, not just the two of you, which will change the world. Because itís going to be coming and even now is coming into the consciousness of more and more people.

I want to look for a moment and share with you the challenge this communication has faced in history. Itís a challenge born of the Fall. Itís something that we have talked about before, but not quite, perhaps, in the way I want to say it this morning.

First, the fall of humanity is a loss of that intimacy with Me, that communication with Me. And, therefore, a darkness, a shadow, a feeling of distance has ensued between My children and Myself. Itís as if one of your own children, for example, committed a murder or did something that he or she knew was completely at odds with your own convictions and heart. And that child went into a period of nothing but self-hatred, loss of the feeling of connection with you, loss of the feeling of inheritance from you of any good things, and just became one struggling, suffering individual caught in his own problem.

And then he passes that on to his children and so forth. You can see the problem right there. The second thing is that these children have, from time to time, been able to realize enlightenment or at least reach some level of understanding of (1) My existence and (2) My thinking and hope for them. Such realization has come about through religion and upon the foundation of enlightened people whom I have sent from time to time -- messengers -- to tell My children about their Parents.

And, therefore, in memory of those great moments in history when those messengers have arrived, religions have been formed. And the religions, as I have said so many times, have done a great thing in terms of making that moment of communication with Me sacred. But, as is so painfully obvious today, when you look at the religions of the world, they have not fulfilled their purpose. Itís not to say they have failed, but they cannot be an end in themselves. The true end point or goal of religion is to bring My children into communication with Me, as it was to be in the beginning: free of any limitations, total and complete, without any kind of regret, without any kind of shadow of sin (in other words, separation from Me). And that, if you can believe it, is what is dawning in your lives today and in the lives of many people around the world.

Yet, I tell you, there are those who may close their eyes to that dawn because theyíre afraid even to hope for such a beautiful thing. Whether it be a sense of unworthiness or fear or, as youíve heard people saying lately, "This is too good to be true," they may put their hands over their eyes and want to remain, somehow, in the shadow. Itís a middle position that has become quite comfortable. And so, faced with the problems of daily life, those people who have their eyes covered from this dawning can more easily go back into the shadows than to take their hands away from their eyes and look into the sunshine. And yet, this is the dawning of the Kingdom era, a new era of our complete, total and free communication. This is the time to take your hands away from your eyes. Look into that sunshine. Donít worry, the sunshine of My love wonít burn the pupils of your eyes. It will just heat your heart to the point of true childship. And believe Me, it heats My heart up, too. I want you to have the courage to believe that that can be and not to go back into the shadows.

The shadows are the shadows of the past that still echo from the early sin of your first ancestors. But I tell you those shadows are to be obliterated, are to be ended by the rising sun. Dare to believe that. This is no longer the period of sinners forgiven by grace. This is the period of children who have no regret for what they have experienced. This is the period of looking forward. Our communication is something total and complete. Itís a whole new level of your consciousness, of your being, and I do truly want you to believe that.

You know, you have recently gotten involved in some new business ventures, and you find many people saying to you: "Itís too good to be true," or "How do we know what these businesses have in their mind? Maybe they just are trying to take our money." The mentality in this world is not easily trustful. And in the affairs of the fallen human world, thatís called caution or wisdom -- not to just jump in when you donít know whatís in that swimming pool -- there may be an alligator at the bottom!

But Iím very sad when My children have that same feeling toward Me. I want to bring the dawn of this new day, and they cover their eyes. [Tearfully] They want to hide in the shadow that has been the shadow of their suffering for so long. And itís been My suffering, too. I wonít bring you any bad thing. And even if you continue to cover your eyes, much as the sun, Iíll never go back down and bring the night again. Iíll only continue to rise in the sky of your heart until such time as you know that the light is true, [very tearfully] and look at Me face to face. It will be then that you will know My love and youíll come to know truly who you are, and the immense power and foundation that you stand on.

There is a field that you have been standing on that is like marshy ground.

Itís like the swamp where the ground is soft and not easy to depend upon. But if youíll only dig down several inches, youíll find an immense foundation for the Kingdom. And as you continue to clear away to that foundation, youíll realize that itís been there all that time. Sin is just like that few inches of marshy ground, and yet, you and your ancestors have been so dominated by it. Those in history who dug down a little bit and found that precious, powerful foundation tried to testify to those around them who were still stuck in the mud of that swamp. Itís so strange, because oftentimes those who were still stuck in the mud would look at those who had found the true foundation, who had realized their own true sonship/daughtership to Me, and would even come to worship them. And yet, those who were worshiping would still stay stuck in the mud instead of digging down and working together to clear off all that mud and discover for themselves that foundation.

Each of you has a special spot to clear in that foundation that no one else can clear. Each of you has a special element to unearth in the foundation for the Kingdom yourself, which is unique and totally beautiful, totally Godly. Donít ever give up.

And donít let your daily problems (financial, emotional, physical) defeat you or pull you into that mud area. I feel sorry for the physical cross you have to bear. No parent likes to see a son or daughter suffer. But on the other hand, I want to say to you, you know Who truly is the foundation of your soul and of your life. Affirm that every day and you have already defeated your pain, even if physically that pain still persists. You have defeated your pain and it has not pulled you into the shadows. Donít let your hands come up to your eyes. Look Me in the face and know that I am your Parent. You are My daughter. Know it with everything you have, and we can not only walk together, we can run together over any place where we wish to go.

I want to leave you both with that this morning. Recognize that I may be crying, but My happiness is great to see the dawning of this day. Remember, as I told you, the sun wonít go down just because My children persist in putting their hands over their eyes.

The sun wonít go down. It will rise until one by one the hands come away from the eyes and you DARE to believe that this can happen and that YOU are a very important part of it, one by one by one. All of you who read this in the future, know itís true. KNOW ITíS TRUE! Know itís true. I love you passionately, and I want to see you face to face, nothing between us. God bless you.

Iíll leave you with that, and Happy Birthday.

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