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Relationship With God From God's Point Of View

David Hose
March 4, 1996

Good morning. I want to share this morning about your relationship with Me from My point of view. But first, let us look at it more from your traditional point of view.

In the past and up until today, with relatively few exceptions, people who have taken the path of relating with Me, especially through the religious way, have had a very limited idea and, therefore, capacity as to what is the relationship with Me in their lives. Many have accepted that the church will define what is the relationship with Me. Through certain ceremonies, sacraments, and ways, they then have a well-defined relationship with Me. Through the readings of the holy books and the traditions, they feel content.

But beyond all of that, when you say to your Heavenly Parent, "We want to know Your heart," what does that mean? I would hope that it means you want to know what I feel and what I'm looking for in you and through you. If a child comes to the parent and says, "I really want to know your heart," then that means tell me how you see me and how you see our relationship and what you are looking for. And so, I want to share about that a little bit this morning.

What I am looking for, very simply, I can share with you little by little, because if I share everything with you moment by moment, it would become overwhelming. The Kingdom, as you call it, is the place of higher and higher, greater and greater relationship between My people and Myself. It is not the relationship of King and followers or of God and humanity in the distant sense, but, as I have said to you so many times, it's the relationship between parents and children. Ultimately, it is not, even in that relationship, a static relationship--I am parent; you are children--because you become parents, too, as you grow and have your own children. And so, we can share as parents together. And, in that respect, I long for the most intimate relationship with you.

As you look at your own children, don't you long for the time when they can grow up and have the experiences that you have and be able to understand fully your own hearts--whatever you've gone through: suffering, joy, very deep experiences of spirituality, painful experiences of lost expectations, all of those things that comprise your life? You would like them to come to you someday and be able to say, "I know, I really know because I also tasted those experiences." And so, our relationship is to be that. That's the Kingdom. Ultimately, it's going toward joy, not suffering.

You are starting a path with Me that began in earnest almost four years ago, and I want to open that pathway to you more and more. I'm speaking just of you now, because you have reached out for Me and I address you as H and W [names]. I don't speak of you as two of several billion people on the face of the earth, because you will know that each and every person is in a bit different place. And that's the preciousness of our relationship, not only the fact that I can relate to all people, but the fact that we can be fully intimate and honest and frank, one to one, two to two.

Yes, I want to move on, and the two of you need to understand that (1) you have been brought to this place of relating to Me through a path of extremity. You have been put in extreme conditions by whatever destiny, but it was in those extreme conditions that you reached out and embraced Me and allowed Me to embrace you.

Finally, (2) you were asked to go beyond those extreme conditions. And your path is unique in that respect because you yourselves may have even asked for a miracle where somehow those extreme conditions could be relieved. Yet, in one sense, the relief hasn't come. I want you to know that that's not My will and it does not reflect the fact, W, as you said, that you don't want to feel like you have to be living on the edge for Me to trust that our relationship can be a good one. My heart is that I want to take you away from the edge and give you a very firm foundation to build upon.

But there is this principle of your responsibility and Mine together. Know that My heart is fully with you and fully supporting you as you build and as you pull away from that edge and really find blessed ground upon which you can build. Also, I want you to know that My joy and your joy also, the ultimate joy, does not come if suddenly some miracle occurred and everything was okay--a miracle outside of yourself.

It could be helpful, but the ultimate miracle is in your path with Me day by day and being able to go beyond that situation of being on the edge financially, in terms of your physical situation, in terms of all of the things that surround you. And that is why I'm asking and why I said to H last week that I don't want to let our relationship simply be this kind of session, but that it is in absolute and natural need of intensifying day by day. By intensifying I don't mean stress intensity; I mean concentration intensity. And so, yes, if you want to call it a training course, that's up to you, but I want to let you know how I see our relationship. And the limit is unlimited. There is no limit.

There are patterns in your lives, both of you, and, of course, all people, that hold you back. And I cannot move those patterns away from your minds, your emotions, or your relationships. I can somehow help you to see them, but in our daily encounter together it is you who needs to put our relationship as the most important, the most fundamental thing and not to let those extremities overwhelm you. Ironically, sometimes it is the edge that brings you to Me, but sometimes at a certain point the edge can limit you. Do you understand what I mean? Living on the edge brought you to Me in a very unprecedented way, but unless you can defeat that edge-life in your own maturity process, then that edge can become a limit.

A parallel here is that the church has brought many people to Me from a relatively distant place, but at a certain point if the church is just depended upon alone as an end in itself, then the church is like that edge, that extremity. It's a blessing initially, but in the long run it is a limit. Even in the case of your own religious experience, it does not mean, as I have said before, the ending of the church but the recognition that the church is not the final goal. Our relationship is the final goal. And that is truly the foundation for the Kingdom.

So, it is not enough to rely on definitions given to you from outside sources, even a church. You yourself, in your daily life, have to finally be able to define our relationship together. It is that well of wisdom and depth and power that will give you a life that is full of grace, truth, direction, a dynamic way toward the world that is of Me and is of our relationship in the true and real sense. Do you see the parallel I'm drawing between the edge and the church? It's unusual, but it is valid. You are pioneering a path, along with others whom you may or may not know, to transcend the age of definition of God from outside sources and truly defining God in a conscious, personal way.

Now, this cannot be trusted easily by those who are used to defining God for others; it's not easily trusted. But truly it is the only way. That is why I said the key to the Kingdom is the individual. And the individual, for too long, has been in a sense not trusted. The family must ultimately give birth to those who can go beyond the family. The church finally has to admit that it by itself is not enough and must allow those who have been in its flock, and, of course, benefited by its influence, to go beyond the church.

My sons and daughters are beyond any institution; they ultimately have to come back to Me. And it is in the realm of our personal relationship and that inner definition that you build in your daily life that you will find the Kingdom, as H said yesterday, within you and between you. This is not contradiction. This is not going against anything. This is the path that humanity must take if the Kingdom is to be built, and that means give up the attachment to all your institutions that you hold so dear. Yes, you may keep them, but recognize your destiny is not ultimately there within those institutions and within those definitions that have been laid down in the books and by the elders. You've got to establish that definition within yourself.

This is such a time for you and for many. And that's why I want to be very real in your life, because through the intensity and concentration of that relationship, based on what you have received through the Divine Principle and through all that you have studied and experienced, then you can truly open a great path.

For you personally, H and W, as these weeks go by, whatever you have to face, whatever challenges on any level, I would ask you to try to stay with Me. Now, I have said this before, but I sincerely mean it. Don't let yourselves be caught. And if you are, just try to see it and recognize it and come back to that point, like we have here in this place so regularly now. Let your mind be free. This doesn't mean you won't be responsible. This doesn't mean you won't take responsibility for what you have to do. It means you will be standing on a deeper foundation, you'll have a greater strength and a much larger framework, and that your situation will be defined by our relationship and not by the outer situation.

And, again, that's another parallel. The so-called edge situation of financial extremity, physical extremity, and so forth, if that defines your life and if that gets in the way of our relationship, then how can you transcend it and, therefore, not just transcend it but solve it, ultimately? That is the key. And that is why for Me in our relationship, if you ask Me what is My heart, that is My greatest joy, not that a great miracle come and change everything, but that our relationship can truly change the nature of not only yourself but all that you reach out and touch, all that you influence in your life. And that's My hope for everyone.

That for Me is the greatest miracle that I have waited for for such a long time. And I know that I will never give up to see that miracle realized. And I know that you can bring it about. I believe in you more than you'll ever know because I know what I put in you, what is within you; I, more than you, know the strength, the power that is there.

One more time for those who are going to read this later on, let Me say that that which I have called "the edge" represents the extremity of physical situation like pain or physical difficulties, sickness or whatever; financial extremity, meaning financial difficulty; relational extremities, challenges and relationships within the family and outside of the family; all of these things. This is what I meant by the edge, walking the edge, walking the extremity and transcending it. So, read it with a prayerful mind and you will understand; with a prayerful mind you will see what I am speaking of.

I'll bring this to an end this morning unless you have a question. W? H?

[H says, "Father, I recognize that You are trying to take us beyond our reactions, into the world of how You see and that we really relate with You first, because the old patterns that sometimes catch us are Godless in many ways. They don't take You into consideration as a real presence. And I feel sorry about that."]

Well, in reply I'll tell you that those monks in the Himalayas that you studied, they had to start somewhere, and each and every person must start somewhere. So, in many ways you have made a start. Of course, there are still rocks in the road that have to be moved to make that road broad, and it takes a lot of work. So, please don't be discouraged, because you are not alone. I am with you, as I have told you thousands of times, and I want you to know that.

That's why this last week I gave you those words from the Bible which are so profound if you think of them deeply: "Be still and know that I am God." This is not just something to repeat intellectually over and over; this is something to meditate upon in the moment of your worst crisis. This is what Jesus had to do. This is what so many had to do as they have served, because there's never been a crisis-free life that was focused on serving Me. You show Me a crisis-free life that was serving Me and I'll show you a fairy tale. It's not possible at this point.

So, I'll leave you with that and I'll ask you to pray.

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