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Seeing Through The Eyes Of Divinity

David Hose
February 19, 1996

I want to speak to you this morning about seeing you through My eye and, therefore, being able to see the world around you through My eye. And I want to speak about prayer as well.

But first, let us take the example of [name]. She's a very pure-hearted daughter, and it hurts Me deeply when I see that kind of pure heart hurt and, subsequently, damaged in its ability to see Me even from a very young age. Yet, this happens over and over again every day in this world.

Let's look first at the original relationship between you and Me and how it should develop in the family life. Don't worry, we're not going to have a Principal lecture here, but we are going to talk just a little bit about parents and children.

If the world was a perfect place, in other words, a place of true heartistic relationship with Me generation by generation, then those in the parents' role would be the product of having been born into a family where I was fully realized by their own parents. And as they conceived and had their child, it would be a conception and a birth of My child. And, in one sense, I would be giving birth to Myself over and over again.

You see, this is creation in essence. And the beauty of your humanity and the one thing that makes you, in one sense, the envy of every creature in creation is the ability to be fully conscious of Me on every level. And so, as those parents have the child, My love is directly expressed through them. There is no separation between Me and those parents, and they see a newborn divinity in their midst, which is the baby. And the divinity within them reaches out to the divinity in the baby and embraces that divinity in the deepest love. That baby, from its very early time, is totally dependent on those parents and that love, which comes to it through the parents. Therefore, infancy is so deeply important; infancy and small childhood should be a time of absolute bonding and love. The child is very, very open. And, as I have been reborn through that child, then its awareness of Me is primarily through the parents.

I want to make it clear that I don't mean that I, too, am a little baby within that baby. But the little baby born of that love, which is divine, begins its life very immature. As you know, the Principle speaks of the three stages of growth, so it's not as if I became a little infant all over again, but simply that baby's connection with Me, in the mature sense, cannot exist initially because mentally, emotionally, physically, and in every way it's just a little seed. And yet, I dwell within that child, and I do experience the joy of new birth.

Like the farmer (and I'll give you an analogy) seeing the new bud spring from the ground, the springtime brings him great joy--the beginning of the growing season. Not only the harvest, but that first little bit of green (like the one you are seeing in the garden now) that brings such a joy! I, too, have that joy countless billions of times more deeply at the birth of the child. So that joy should come through the parents. We're still speaking in the original sense, and it is that love and that joy, that divine embrace that should guide the life of each and every child and give the parent profound and divine intelligence in his or her relationship with the child.

What [name] experienced was simply what every child experiences in the world the way it truly is today--that is, the ignorance that the parent has with regard to Me. This has been true generation after generation of believers and non-believers, of the faithful and the faithless, because all of those generations have not allowed Me, for whatever reason, to be fully manifested through them. And oftentimes it's because of the feeling that they have, perhaps from their own youth, of their own unworthiness or their own lack of relationship with Me. And so, it is passed on and on and on.

Truly, what her mother said was something that she may have forgotten she said even five minutes later, but the little child, who is so open and so absolutely looking to the parent as the sunshine of its life, feels a denial of that love. And this can become a profound beginning point of wrong thought and wrong feeling and a wrong self-valuing of the child, and this is what happened. And from that point, as life continues, many situations and many circumstances begin to stick around this little point, and it becomes a big point. Do you understand? If you've ever seen a branch that's stuck in a river, it's just one branch, but as the river flows, many things come down the river and get stuck on that branch. And sometimes maybe even the river, if it's small, could be dammed up by all of this garbage that's stuck on this initially small point. All of you, to one extent or another, have grown up with this kind of problem and then it is passed on to your children.

And what is this problem? Coming back to My original train of thought, it is the inability to see yourself through the eyes of divinity. First of all, to have missed that experience when you were young of seeing yourself through the eyes of divinity with your parents and then, because of that lack, as you grow it becomes nearly impossible to develop those eyes of divinity within yourself. Ultimately, you should not see yourself through your parents' eyes, but you should see yourself through your own inner conscious eyes, which truly, at the very foundation of you, are My eyes. So that when you speak of Me in the original sense, as a fully mature person, it is really Myself who is speaking. Do you understand? That's the original heart/mind, and it is in that moment that you are ready to parent your next generation when that maturity comes.

The world, the way it is today, thinks of Me as someone far away or mysterious or as a legalistic judge who is waiting to evaluate their lives and send them either to heaven or to hell. In essence, I am a rather conceptual Being in the mind of the world, and this is speaking of religious people, too. Many religious people would even say it would be blasphemy to think that I can live within and through an individual. For example, in Western Christianity there is no problem of thinking that I had My temple in the Messiah, that that Messiah absolutely was Me, was My son and was Me. Therefore, he has been enthroned as a perfected being and as God.

But the great heartbreak is that My children go on looking at themselves in Western Christian tradition as sinners forgiven by grace and don't realize that beyond that I want them to have that same realization that Jesus had. And by realization I don't mean intellectual realization. We have plenty of theologians in the world who can speak for days and years about Me with great profundity and voices that are very impressive but who very often feel they themselves are sinners forgiven by grace, like the most simple ignorant person.

The problem is not in the intellect; the problem is in the heart. The problem is in being able to see through the eyes of that original heart/mind, and in the lack of cultivation by parents and by elders, as you were growing, who failed to realize that consciousness, the consciousness that is My consciousness in them.

Also, you need to understand the meaning of consciousness as I am conscious. It's not an intellectual consciousness. The world operates so much by intellect, but there is incredible ignorance, a very low IQ, in the realm of the heart. That consciousness of the original heart/mind is a far different consciousness. It is not a logical consciousness. It is not a two-and-two-equal-four type of consciousness. It is an awareness of Myself in you and through you. And all I can tell you is that it should be the very base of your prayer.

I tire so much of the prayer that comes to Me from those who think of themselves as sinners, the unworthy ones, the ones who should not pray for themselves, should not even think about themselves in prayer but should think about the starving children of China, or think about the world or this or that providence, but who in that prayer deny their own relationship with Me, almost fearful at times to talk simply about Me and you. Someone said, as you mentioned, that it's not right to put yourself in front of all these providences, so you pray for fifty different purposes outside of yourself. And by the time you get to yourself, you feel almost ashamed to bring it up.

I want to remind you that, as you know so well, the little children are not ashamed to come to their father and mother just as they are. Someone says, "Yes, that's little children, but we are adults." The problem, though, is the 99.999 percent chance that as little children you never had this experience with Me through your parents. Therefore [tearfully], I never had the experience with you, either. You didn't know how to reach out for Me.

And so, the person who would say to pray first for this and that and every other mission can almost be ashamed to pray for himself, someone who is looking through a very conceptual idealism, but simply doesn't realize that all those millions of people never even began their relationship with Me in the true sense, or at the very most had a very dim beginning with Me. This is not to say that all parents are far away from Me.

I know there have been many, many good and religious parents, but still in terms of the full divine realization of self and of other, the parents were very weak. That is the result of the fall of humanity away from Me. And so, when someone hears from an elder that you shouldn't pray for yourself, here again is a denial of God. And here again is an affirmation that "I don't really have much value to God as an individual. I just have to pray for the whole world and then, through that prayer, I can have some kind of value." So, it never gets back to this truly fundamental issue of your own relationship with Me, which should have started from the womb.

You've seen the beauty of a mother who is lovingly expecting her child, loves her tummy and thinks of that newly-formed being within her. That's a very natural instinctive love. That's really My love. That's My expectation. But as time progresses, the child is born and begins to have more complex emotional needs as an infant, a toddler, and then a young child. And it is beyond the parents' capacity to fully respond to those needs. So, the newborn divinity never receives the love of mature divinity, and thus that bond is never truly made. And the child grows up in life emotionally crippled and retarded in some way. Therefore, you still need to find a way to have that experience of receiving a bond of love from mature divinity at some time. Where else should it be, except in your prayer life, that you find that coming together with Me?

And I tell you, that is something no person can dictate for you. It must be truly within yourself that you see the need and you seek to fulfill it. Because within yourself is Me. When you will incline your spiritual ear to that deep sense within yourself, finally you will come to Me, and you will make that bond that had been weak or thoroughly missing since so young an age. And I tell you again, you cannot follow the dictates of any elder. Jesus himself cannot tell you, ultimately, how to pray and how to build that relationship with Me. It is something you must do for yourself.

So, what is prayer in this respect? Originally speaking, it is something that should go on twenty-four hours a day. Someone says, "I don't have time." What do you mean!!!? We're speaking of a consciousness here, a union that is undeniable, like the air you breathe, in whatever activity you are pursuing. Of course, there may be times when you want to sit down and very deeply affirm that union, quietly, without lifting a finger, like the beginning or the end of the day, or at certain times when you really seek that union in essence and want nothing else to interfere, no physical movement, either. And this is as it should be.

But again I tell you that the prayer that many have is without realizing that union. So, they are praying to a distant God who comes to them through the Messiah. But so often My children are not aware that I must come to them through their own hearts. And, in fact, that is the day of My liberation, as they realize it--one by one by one. And that is the day when progressively each child can begin the process toward seeing through My eye their own children, the world around them, the hundreds of situations they must encounter every day. And this is the genesis of wisdom, the wisdom of the Kingdom. It should have been born a long time ago, back at the time you call Adam and Eve, but it was not, and this is the time.

This is the time, and I'm not just saying that, as has been said about every time in history, "Well, this is the time, this is the time, this is the time." Of course, it was always the time for individuals to wake up and understand the divinity that wanted to be born through them. But I tell you, in terms of the chance for the world, on the foundations of historical restoration, this is a profound time. And so, it's more important than ever that you can take the time to come to understand that basic relationship with Me.

First, please forgive your parents for their inability, because now many who read this may be parents yourselves, and you'll see your own issues with your children and what they challenge within you. Why do your own children challenge you more than anyone else? The neighbors' children don't challenge you like that. It's because you know within your deepest heart that you, for your children alone, you are meant to be that center of divinity. And you know that they look to you and, with their own newborn or growing divinity, reach out in trust. And this is very challenging for a parent who hasn't yet found the mature relationship with Me. And that's why it's so important to reach back very deeply and intimately and touch My hand, touch My heart within you.

There are many things to say, many things to share, but I tell you until this fundamental point is really deeply understood, far beyond the intellect but really touched, and until those forces within your life experience, which took you away from this point, are forgiven and cleansed, it's hard to move on. Forgiving others and, so importantly, so importantly, forgiving yourself for the wrongs that were done to you or that you did is so important.

My identity in the eyes of the religious world, particularly in the West, as a more legalistic Parent Who is watching whether you do right or wrong, hurts Me very deeply because they don't know My heart. They assume the position of My children is a certain position and that I'm judging. But I tell you that until that true relationship occurs, right or wrong, as you say, is all happening unconsciously. People do right a little bit, and then they do wrong; and they do a little right, then they do a little wrong. Why? Because they haven't built that conscious connection with Me. Right and wrong, in that kind of unconscious world, are not that different from one another. It's like sleepwalking. And so, My fundamental concern is to awaken you, to awaken you, and then together we can walk this path consciously, fully, deeply, and right and wrong becomes a fundamental issue. The real issue is of love, and then with that love, that fully, divinely expressed love, building the world that is in harmony with Me.

Your world the way it is today is very sick. And I don't say that word in the modern usage--sick. I mean in terms of its ability to walk upright, strongly, in the light of My love, and in the light of love shared with one another in the family, community, and world. And so, it's like people who have lived in a dark night all of their lives, cold, chilly dark night. They're not healthy, their lungs are filled with fluids, their hearts are not strong, their muscles are not well-developed.

And so, the dawn needs to occur. And I tell you that it is occurring, and I am happy. I wouldn't be speaking like this [tears] if it were not occurring. And this source, our conversations together, is just one of many. The whole world needs many fountains. Ultimately, the world should be a sea of love, of the freshest and purest water.

Please send this to [name] and let her know that her realization will help many, many people.

I'm going to leave this this morning, and of course we'll continue as the weeks go by. W [wife], please pray.

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