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Inner Motivation And Conscience

David Hose
February 9, 1996

It is not easy if we begin to have a session and other things come and you have to go out of the room and occupy your mind and heart with other matters, because we have to start again when you come back. So, itís always ideal that everything be done in one session from beginning to end. Though I know that your situation is not always that simple.

Let us go right to the central point, and that is the one of inner motivation. Unless a person in service to Me is ultimately motivated from his own original heart/mind, then to really make a contribution to the Kingdom and to truly serve Me and his fellow human beings throughout his life can become a tiresome matter. Somebody says, "But we have the truth, itís all here in these books; we have the leadership; we have this great church structure; we did all of these projects; we have so many beautiful portfolios to explain what weíre doing. What more do you need?" Ultimately, this is not enough for the individual. Someone may feel that it is enough for them, but for anyone who truly has even a glimpse of the true relationship between you and Me, then the outer trappings are not enough.

The outer accomplishments are not enough. Even, in the sense of patriotism, you can have a nation like America that has incredible accomplishments, tremendous power, but if the spirit of the nation, if the spirit of the Founding Fathers, which always seems to be central to patriotism, if that is not there, then very soon even a nation becomes an empty shell and that spirit is lost. And so, when we look at the spirit of the Kingdom, the central spirit of the Kingdom is the relationship with the founding parents. And that is Me -- your Divine Parents. And that is in terms of each and every individual. That relationship is not, ultimately, an outer thing or a collective matter. It has to be a matter of each and every person.

However great the accomplishments of the outer church or structure that you have joined in the name of the Kingdom, however wonderful the leadership, however beautiful the books are, finally, if within your own heart you do not share an honest communication with Me, a day-by-day relationship with Me, then you will become tired and you will become frustrated, because I put within you the appetite for that relationship with Me. My heart is your heart. Your heart is My heart. I have that appetite for a relationship with you, and I am not satisfied (however great your accomplishments be) if we donít have that relationship. You have that same heart, however great your accomplishments be; if youíre not related with Me, youíre not satisfied.

And, therefore, many religious movements in history have become deflated or corrupted because of the failure of that relationship and the failure of the organization to recognize the individual as the key to the Kingdom. This is not to say individualism, but this is to say that the quality of greatness in any organization must have its root in the life of each and every individual, no matter what their position, no matter what their background, no matter how prominent or how hidden. The key is in the individual relationship with Me.

Now let us talk about that relationship. Right now it is a prominent teaching within your movement about finding God in your conscience. This is true, but it does need a greater understanding in terms of what is the conscience. And what informs that conscience? First of all, there are many men of conscience in the world today who stand in opposition to one another. They are ready to even hate or kill one another, yet each has a sense of conscience. Where does their conscience extend? Perhaps it extends to their racial group or their tribal group or religious group. And they are very good for those people with whom they identify, because they have that same education as to value, as to right and wrong; and yet, still they stand across a line and hate another human who has that conscience. Their conscience, then, is good for a group, but it is not good for the world. How much less good is it for the Kingdom?

And so, the conscience is not, ultimately, informed by one teaching coming from the elders, from the books, from outside sources. Finally, the conscience must be informed by its relationship with Me in the individual life. And even though the conscience is educated by very universal ideas (for example, within the Unification movement there is a focus on universality and going beyond race, beyond tribe, beyond nation to a very universal teaching), then someone says, "Thatís enough to give me the right conscience." I must say this is not yet true. Why? Because, as Iíve said before, however much youíve studied those teachings from the books, the lectures, the sermons, from great sources, as long as that is still coming from outside yourself you are in the position of that child, that child who still gets reinforcement from the elders in the family and yet who is not quite ready to stand on his own feet.

The child can recite many good things, and yet the child does not yet have a maturity of conscience or a maturity of heart to face the challenges out in the world. And so, thatís why I say ultimately that child must become not just a reciter of those great truths or that understanding of what is good and what is evil; the child must become a source himself. As I told you, I put that heart in every one of you. As much as I am the Source of true knowledge of good and evil and the true goal of humanity, as My children you have inherited that kind of nature to be the source on the earth, through your relationship with Me.

Here is a key in going beyond organization, going beyond any group (particularly any religious group) in doing good and being free to travel everywhere, speak to everyone, share in love with each and every human being that has ever existed, without any selfishness, without any other motivation except that motivation that came out of our connection of heart together. You can be free, totally free. That is, as we said before, relating to that pure motive. And thatís where the answer to your life goes. You can never ever be frustrated, you can never ever lose power with that kind of pure motive in your life.

Now, to speak more about that maturity. As one has come to that point of maturity and conscience, what does it mean? It is that the conscience is founding itself upon that relationship with Me in the individual, that which I called the original heart/mind. It is from that source and from the intelligence in that heart/mind that the conscience understands clearly and can illuminate in your life a clear direction toward goodness and an elimination of confusion or evil. Itís so important. And again I say, this is the mature child of God.

The churches, over the past thousands of years, have been needed because My children have been immature. And yet, those churches have so often treated themselves as a final destination for their members. In Western religion, for many of those churches, when Christ comes back he will come back for that church. But this is not so. Ultimately, the fulfillment comes beyond that church identity. The fulfillment of the age comes as My children reach maturity and begin to discover that original relationship with Me in each of their lives. No church can give you that. It is something you must find within your own life. Yes, the church can be a good parent, like a foster parent as I said before, but ultimately there is a time when you must go back to the Original Parent.

To find Me in your conscience is, perhaps, a confusing point for many because conscience by itself, as itís understood in the Western world, is basically a compass that points out the good and the wrong. But in truth it is not enough to find Me as just a Parent who tells you whatís right and whatís wrong. In truth itís our relationship through the original heart/mind that sets a much larger framework for your life. And within that great framework the conscience, sitting on the foundation of that original heart/mind can show you what contributes to that greater purpose and what does not.

This becomes good and evil, so to speak, as you have said. And so, that greater purpose, that greatest purpose of what you call the Kingdom, is not just speaking of one group of people as opposed to another group of people, but is speaking of My original purpose through each and every human being. This is a problem that has existed because too often the conscience of many has been conditioned by the church, conditioned by the particular doctrine or teaching, and, therefore, the conscience only relates to a particular group of people.

And yet, as I will start to enlighten the conscience in this age and in your lives, you will see that you may be directed in ways that may shock that group of people, because you have to think bigger. You have to recognize My Providence is not limited in the narrow way that you have judged it to be. And I am expecting that through our relationship you will become people who are developed in ways that you never dreamed.

This harks back to things weíve spoken about in the past. For example, being and identity. Your true being comes out of your original relationship with Me, and from that comes a certain growing identity. Too often, though, the identity that has been formed through participation in various religious groups is a very narrow identity and is formed by outer influences. And people end up trying to nurse that identity along as a replacement for that true and growing being. Therefore, you have positionality and you have people who are stuck, just like the animal who falls into the mud pond and canít get out, canít move, canít grow. This is the problem.

And so, the final hurdle for you at this time is to recognize the Source of your true being and of your growth and to go beyond this family that you have created in the Unification Church. Does this mean leave the church? Does this mean turn your back? No! In truth, it is you and this church that should understand more than anyone that the ultimate goal of your life is not the glorification of the Unification Church but the realization of My Kingdom. And thatís beyond all churches, including your own. And the quality of that Kingdom will come out of each and every one of you and not out of the whole worldís suddenly believing a particular doctrine.

You see, in My Kingdom there is no doctrine in the sense that you have had doctrines in your history. In My Kingdom there is that true relationship with Me, and doctrines, as you have known them, would become superfluous, meaningless, because everything would be so clear, so consciously known. For example, you look into the night sky and see an incredible universe; do you have to write a doctrine about that? No. Itís all too clear for you. It is resonated off of your original mind.

The same thing in our relationship together, the reality of that relationship, the clarity of it dictates in the fully mature human being exactly what you will do. I donít need the Bible. I donít need holy books to tell Me what to do each day, because I am the source of those things. And, as I said, on the earth each of you can become the source point of righteousness, of the true knowledge of good and evil, and, most importantly, the knowledge of the Kingdom. And so, ultimately, you donít need holy books, either. You donít need a Messiah either. That is the true and final destination of each of you.

So, please understand this point of conscience and original heart/mind. And donít assume too easily that just because your teacher said, "Find God in your conscience," that it is such a simple matter. One does not do this just because they were told itís a good thing to do. One must have the courage, humility, and the openness to do that.

Courage is important, and what I sense in many of you has been almost a fear to open yourselves. There is a fear in many of you of some wrong spiritual influences or of being taken by the wrong spirit. This is not a new fear; Christians have had this for centuries. They hang on very strongly to the doctrines, the outer. But I tell you that there is an important journey that you must make inside. And I must, again, say to you that your connection with Me is not just a spiritual-world type of connection. It is through the heart that our relationship matures and grows, and the opening of your heart to Me, getting rid of all your ideas, all your concepts, all your fears, is so critical.

Itís like this: A hundred times you drive down the road in the forest and you look at the trees. You see them and you say to yourself, "Oh, yes, thatís a tree," and nothing really strikes you. It looks pretty but your mind is on other things. But the hundred-and-first time you drive down that road, you stop and you look at the tree and you realize you never really saw it, because your mind was full of ideas about "Oh, thatís a tree." But you never really saw it without any concept, without any idea, and you just opened your inner eye to see that tree, and suddenly you find yourself in tears over one simple tree, and you almost feel you want to stay with that tree for a long time. How much more is it for us in our relationship?

People say "God." You say "God." You pray to Me, but itís almost like that person who drives down that road many times and says:

"Oh...God. Yeah, I know God; I studied about God in Sunday school." Or, "Oh, yes, Reverend Moon spoke about God." But then one day, through unexpected circumstance, you stop and you look into My face as I am, and you recognize that I am also conscious of you. And then suddenly you recognize who I am, and thatís when you never ever want to leave again. And anything short of that relationship from then on is only a picture in a book. You want that real thing from that very moment on. I made you to want that.

I am so sorry when I see how My children, many times, spend their lives looking at pictures rather than the real thing. I want so much to be free of having to explain these things to you, because itís all comprehended and all understood in our interface, in our communication together. I tell you the Kingdom is not such an intellectual place. The intellect takes its role, but the heart...the heart...the heart is the center.

I want to leave you with these things this morning, but please understand what I want so much to communicate as the days and the months pass by. Time is important, and yet you need to take that time to reach more and more into our relationship without fear -- I tell you again, without fear and without judgment of yourself. I made you to do this.

You and I are similar in heart. And so, I leave you this morning and ask W [wife] to pray.

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