The Words the Hose Family

The Dignity Of Godís Child

David Hose
February 2, 1996

Good morning. What you have shared this morning, W [wife], are very central thoughts, very important germs for growth. And I am really happy to hear these things, because they go right to the heart of what I want to share with you this morning. Do you know that your husband was thinking and thinking, after getting up and taking a shower, as to what he wanted to somehow understand from Me this morning? And finally, after going around and around, he got the message to share with you.

If, at times in the past, you have thought the message just comes from him you were mistaken, because it becomes a product of your interaction. You might think I have all these talks prepared to give to you on a certain date, but, as I have said to you before, I want to know where you are and what is in your mind and heart. And in that way I can respond. You see, many people have the idea about Me that I just know all, sort of like a big book of wisdom on your living room table, and you just open it up on a given day and read the latest great wisdom; and then you think about that for awhile and look very pious, and then go off and try to practice it. But I am not a book. I am not words on a page. And I am not just set in what I want to say. Yes, I am the Originator of certain principles and certain deep and very fundamental truths, and life comes out of that, creation comes out of that.

Itís like you: You conceived and had your children, and in doing so you followed certain basic principles. There is no other way you can conceive; there is no argument about that. Thereís only one way to conceive the children and thatís a principle. Yet, as the children grow, your daily path with your children is not just according to an absolute kind of path but depends very much on your interaction with them -- what you see, how much they are realizing, where they got into trouble, where they got hurt. And you respond. This is where the Absolute comes together with the day by day, and so there is infinite potential for growth. And this is part of the joy of creation itself.

Thatís why for Me the most exciting creation of all is children, because those children are so dynamic on every level. They have intellect; they have a heart full of emotion; they have an eternal aspect, of course, which is the spirit and which is most central; and they have their relationships together. And so, when you put all of those things together, My interaction with you becomes most exciting for both of us. And, not just intellectually but in terms of fundamental development, we all come more and more to realize the beauty of reality. Itís like an ever-expanding kaleidoscope, like little K had last night. Only this kaleidoscope isnít just changing within a small area, itís forever expanding, changing, and growing. This is the beauty of creation itself. Itís forever expanding and taking many different facets.

So, coming back to your own interaction together and our interaction as a trinity, itís so important that we keep this relationship day by day. And there isnít just one person standing in the shower trying to think what I might want to say next on an intellectual level. Thatís why I sent him out of the shower to share with you, and thatís when real relationship takes place. And I am most interested in real relationship, not just philosophizing as an individual. Thatís when many people get into trouble with Me, because they separate themselves and go into a world more about God than a world with God.

This is not what I wanted to talk about this morning. I wanted to say this simply because of what happened this morning, and through those things, too, much learning can take place.

Your comments, W, have been more than important this morning because they speak of a very new era. Last time we spoke of a change of an era, but let us talk about what is very fundamental to that change. That is, the realization of the dignity of the childship to God in each and every human being.

What is that dignity? Itís not just an external type of dignity, but it is that place where each child comes face to face with Me and has within him or her that same element that is within the parent. That fundamental creativity, that desire for good, that ideal, all of those positive things are there. And as the child begins to awaken to that position of childship and true dignity, that child can no longer walk in the old paths that he or she has walked before. And, at a certain point, that childship is irrepressible and wants to assert itself more and more, just as when you have been lost in the darkness of a tunnel and you see a little bit of light, you go toward that light. But as that light gets brighter and brighter, do you just stop and say, "I think Iíll just stay in the darkness a little bit longer; Iím not interested"?

No! You race toward the light because you know in that light is freedom, in that light is the freshness of the outside world, and you no longer have to be confined by these rock walls around you that have been the cave. And so, indeed, as you come to awaken to that dignity of being My children, nothing can stop you from seeking that.

Now I want to say that there are things that can slow you down. As you said this morning, W, these old kinds of thinking are one source of this slowing down toward that ultimate goal of childship to Me -- the thinking of the lacking points rather than the affirmations of the true points, the good points, the strong points. And with this I want now to talk about something a little different and then weíll come back to this.

I want to speak on a historical level, but very simply, about the reality of a world fallen away from Me. The world as it has been since the time of the human Fall is a world where there has been very little presence of parents. And, in fact, if you think of the role of religious institutions historically, they are like foster parents for My children. Foster parents are not the ones who have conceived the children, but they have been given trust to care for the children. Now, in your own home area there are a lot of problems because, in many cases (and, by the way, this is coming out a lot on the radio), these foster parents have abused the children that have been given to them in trust to raise because the children came from some kind of broken home or whatever.

Some of these foster parents have been very good and really loved those children, but in other cases some foster parents have abused the children. And it seems that many of these foster homes take these children in just to get money from the state. And thatís why the care of the children becomes very poor, very low-level. The central concern, then, is not the growth, the development, the ongoing care and nurturing of the child but the benefit of that foster family in some external and material way. And, therefore, the children become victimized by this attitude.

Well, let Me say that religion has a role, in a sense, of foster parents down through history. When you think of the original relationship between Me and the individual, there is no need for foster parents. And, as you say in Unification teaching, there is no need for religion, and there is no need for the Messiah because the original relationship is there. It is in this time, after all of this history and all of this foster parenting, that, as you experience in our relationship now and as many people are experiencing in different parts of the world, you are beginning to come to the discovery of that true childship to Me. And you want to finally leave the home of the foster parents with, of course, whatever thanks to the good things they have done, but also with the understanding that that is not the final and ultimate home for your heart. Your ultimate home is in our relationship, in this true parental relationship. This is true even of the ones you call the True Parents. They realized very deeply that this is the original relationship that should exist throughout the world, and because of that realization you have honored, respected, loved, and followed them.

But I want to say to you that each couple is prevailed upon to do this. It is not simply a matter of following that first couple who discovered most deeply that truth. It is a matter of doing this yourself. Because if you donít, especially with the emergence of this age, you will become more and more frustrated. And that is whatís going on right now within your organization. You want to rush toward that true relationship with Me as your heart opens more and more to the light at the door of the cave, so to speak, and thatís why, more and more, nothing will repress that. And so, the final foster parent, you might say, is your own organization. That foster parent, however, and all of those foster parents in history, have to have the same realization that you have. They are not exempt. No one is exempt from this plan, this path toward restoration of the dignity of that true parent-child relationship.

Today when you feel that you are not treated with dignity, on one hand someone may say, "Thatís just your ego; youíre not humble and you have to listen to the voice of the elders." That may be. But I want to go deeper than that and say that that is not the only point. The more essential point is that you have discovered within your own hearts and experience together, whatever your path has been, that you have that living relationship with Me. And if there is no regard for that by you as an individual, or as husband or wife with each other, or by the people toward you, or by you toward the people around you, then everything becomes just ego, just survival of the fittest. And this becomes very ugly and a very sad, self-defeating situation. And this is why within your own organization, if this most essential development is not free to occur, there will be a rebellion. And I donít speak of rebellion in terms of hatred or ego, although those emotions may come up in the process. But the most essential rebellion is the rebellion away from that foster home to go to the true home. And thatís why that final foster home must realize that it is not the final home, and that each and every child living in that home must be treated with the dignity of the son and daughter of God.

Look at the world around you today and you find a great sensitivity on the part of women, people of different races, the handicapped, even people who are too fat, basically people who have been treated by others with a certain concept: "You are this color or that color," or, "You are handicapped," or, "You are poor and I am wealthy," etc., all of these concepts. People feel caught by such concepts, and they want to stand up and say, "I donít like that. I am not what you think I am. Inside of me there is something far more than just what your opinion has been." And, therefore, you have such sensitivity today, donít you?

I tell you, the final chapter of that story lies in the realization of sonship and daughtership to Me. Indeed, if I am cut out of the process and people donít realize that the impulse to revolt against racism and superiority stems from the impulse to claim true dignity as My children, then a terrible war could result in your world. But, truly, if each one of you can come to realize that that motivation and that impetus from so many who have been downtrodden in the past or thought of in ways that are the product of bigotry, if that can be recognized as the simple aspiration for the restoration of childship to Me, and if they can see beyond color, beyond culture, beyond physical condition that this is coming from the very deep heart and that it applies not only to those who have been downtrodden, but to those who have done the treading, each and every person, then a new world is already at hand. And it is.

That is why I told you before that youíve got to learn to see with My eye in your interface with Me. I told you that the two of you can come to know each other because we work as a trinity. But it also works on a much broader and deeper level, too, as you look at the entire world.

So, there is this request today thatís growing in each and every human being. It is truly the most fundamental spiritual revolution that is taking place already. You are part of it and there are others who know this very same point who are part of it. And you will, as I told you before, come together and know each other as the days and weeks, months and years pass. And this web can be lifted like a net, just like the nets on the sea of Galilee, to bring My children up out of the depths of a very dirty place and lift them to the light of the sun.

You are facing a microcosm of this very issue within your own movement. And it would be particularly strong in your movement because youíre teaching these very things. And yet (whether the members be teachers or students, whether they be of high position or of low position or no position, old members or very new), if within their hearts they see that itís all just been an intellectual exercise only on the blackboard, then there will be more and more frustration. But I tell you, beyond frustration, as I said before, there has to be penetration into the realm of seeing through My eye, seeing oneís self.

As you spoke this morning, W, seeing oneís self through My eye and affirming oneís self through My eye in everything you do, not just conceptually, but in your daily path and looking at others the same way, then I tell you within your movement there can be a blossoming and a growing. And there will be a breaking of old shells. You see, the historical pattern of churches is that because they have been given something of great value, they try to enshrine it and build a cover over it. And that cover is very hard. And once that cover is in place, the beauty of that fundamental treasure at the center of that tradition canít get out. And also, they block the way to those who would try to reach that beauty. And so, there is a forgetting there of the fundamental point that the shell should not exist. And that shell, again, is religious identity, it is institutionalization of something that should not be institutionalized, of something that should be free to move throughout the world. This is a problem that is in the process of passing away now.

And so, it comes back to this fundamental childship to Me, having that sense of being, growing, and developing within you in a healthy way, coming back to your true home and helping others to do the same. In the process it may sometimes mean a fight, it may mean all kinds of dynamic interaction, but the ultimate point is coming home.

In closing this morning, I want to say that I am very happy that you are pursuing this path of our meeting week by week, because youíre nourishing, youíre feeding that within you which is true and which is son and daughter to Me. These old patterns of thought are very strong, and they want to persist like an older brother who sees a newborn baby and is almost jealous of that child and wants to push it down. Babyís in the bath and brother comes along and pushes his head under the water, because the big brother wants to take the center position and the baby looks weak. And yet, that baby is so important. And so, those old emotions are like the older child within you. But recognize that the key is the parentsí heart, and the older child must ultimately submit to the parentsí heart, because that newborn baby, indeed, is finally the only reality, the only true reality. That big-brother pattern of that foster-home thinking is not real.

Donít give it the dignity of reality by allowing it to dominate you. That baby is where your dignity lies. And, believe Me, that baby can grow very quickly, very quickly.

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