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Change Of An Era

David Hose
January 25, 1996

Good evening. You both have been experiencing inspiration this evening. That is why I feel in your hearts a depth and a softness that makes it very comfortable to be here, more than other times that I have been with you.

Letís talk tonight about the changing from one age to another and what it means in the life of the individual. The changing of an age is not just, in the obvious sense, the change from one era to another, not in the way that I want to speak of it tonight. But the change which is going on in this age is a change back to a true and original age.

There are many changes of ages; for example, when the automobile was invented or when great change in political thought came, when the end of slavery came in a certain part of the world. These represent changes in ages for cultures, for people. But the change, in the era that you are living in, from one kind of thinking to a very different kind of thinking (let us say from one quality of thought to a completely different quality of thought) is not a change that is brought about by new inventions or new political thought or the freeing of slaves.

No. Itís change that is brought about by an altogether profound renewal of consciousness of Me within each and every human being. I talked to you long ago about the building of a network of heart. This network is far beyond your movement, far beyond a few people who may be in contact. There are people in this network whom you may never meet, like through the computer Internet that is growing so vastly now. It is a symbol. The power that turns on the light to those computer screens is invisible, yet it is bringing so many people into contact with each other. Well, on a much deeper level, there is a spiritual internet being built. And it is not just being built by Me. You are My partners in this project, and it is the opening up of your own heart, through whatever experience and whatever kind of nature you may have, or wherever you are coming from, whatever the language or race, it is the individual experience that is bringing people to a place of opening up, a place in which I can begin to speak.

In essence, I have spoken a long time. When your child is deaf you donít stop speaking; you still try to communicate in whatever way you can as a parent. And so, it isnít that Iím waiting for the hearing to be restored before I try to communicate. From your point of view, you think, "Now God began to talk to us." Well, I always have been speaking, but itís just that you suddenly got some of that wax out of your ears, some of the wax out of your hearts, to be able to start to hear something and start to realize that concepts of God, beliefs of God, the thought of God in the intellectual sense is nothing, means very little, and is only good for debating back and forth. It is the reality that you and I are in union that makes life be for you what it was really meant to be: rich and deep, moment by moment opening up.

That is the kind of age youíre moving into. And so, it is an age of interchange. Inventions canít make interchange. Different political thoughts may be able to change peopleís thinking to an extent but, on the other hand, it canít penetrate the deep human heart. The penetration can only come from this opening up between you and I. And that is what is going on at this time. Please have faith that I am working in the lives of many members of your movement. And, for that matter, many other groups often think of Me in terms of only themselves, but let Me remind you that everyone is My child. Every human being, though they be born into the most horrible of circumstances, has an eternal existence. And if I am to perfect My creation, then they too have to come to that moment of perfection, even though they be a child conceived in violence. And so, My providence, as I look at this earth, is not just as wide as only one movement or one group, but it is wherever there is a child who is on the path toward opening his heart to Me and the work that I want to do in his life and through his life, even if he is ten million miles from that moment or place of meeting with Me. If he takes even one step closer than ten million miles, I am excited.

Thatís the heart of a parent, and I canít hide that heart. I canít pretend that I donít have that heart. I do. And I can see millions of miles, and so when I see that soul turning toward Me, even ten millions of miles away, and looking faintly toward a very, very dim beam of light that is a faint reflection in his eyes of truth or of goodness or of something that attracts his original heart, then I am so happy. Thatís how far My providence goes, and it expands everywhere. This is the problem of many groups. The "us and them" mentality about the world is a sin, because in separating yourself from the world you are separating yourself from Me. And that, in essence, is the meaning of the word sin -- separation from God. The true and spiritual attitude of this era must be to recognize your union with every single soul on this earth and to live with that union in your heart. I am the Parent of them all.

If you only accept certain of My children who have recognized Me in a certain way and who are correct in your mindís eye, this is hypocrisy if you say that you are My sons and daughters, because you are subtly denying so much of the family while you only hold to certain brothers and sisters. That is why there is nothing inherently wrong with a movement of spirit, of faith, of love; but the movement must be one that truly goes out to the whole world and, ultimately, has no separation. Truly, in the past, the reason this separation has occurred is because individuals within these movements many times stop evolving on the individual level, and they look to their movement for salvation and begin to look at external things like doctrine, like certain beliefs, like certain individuals for their salvation.

This is wrong! There is a time when doctrine can help a person and lift him out of ignorance, and there is a time when a savior walking on the earth can lift people beyond the ignorance theyíve had in their own past. But ultimately each and every one of you must come face to face and heart to heart with Me. The Savior himself has done this, time and again, in many cultures, that person who has been called The Savior or The Buddha or The Christ. But, finally, each and every person must do that very same thing -- nothing between us, face to face. My people so often have fallen short on this point because they fail to look deeply within. There is the problem in the West (a problem that is especially sad for Me) and it is a sense in My children that "I as an individual cannot reach God."

The very thought itself denies their path toward Me. And then, "Why can I not reach God? Because I am not worthy, I have sinned, I have wrong thoughts, I have wrong actions. How can God accept me?" I have told you before and I will say it again. I accept you because, by your very existence, you are already My son and daughter. Whatever your pattern of sin or incompleteness, I accept you. That does not mean that in doing so I accept your sin and say itís alright. You and your sin are not the same thing. I accept you as I have created you.

The sin, like the dirt of a day of play that you find on your son, has to be showered off. And I donít accept that My son is going to come to the dinner table covered with dirt from playing football, but I know the difference between My son and the dirt. And here is where you are tricked, because many times My adversary would tell you that you and your dirt are one and the same thing. And you just so easily accept this. It is a lie. It is wrong. So you must see that. This is a very important point right now, because when one has not seen the difference between the original self that they are and the so-called fallen self, which is the dirt and grime that has accumulated as a result of history and their own personal lives, then they have no power -- no power to scrub themselves, no power to dis-identify with that way of life. And, therefore, they have no power in their lives to really stand for love, for truth, for the being of righteousness that they are, the being of Godliness that they are. Iím telling you that more and more this age will require this kind of person.

When you look at the confusion around you, the lack of love between children and parents, the violence, the seeming lack of conscience in many criminals today, the misuse of people by one another, you recognize the incredible confusion. This is the death throes of an era, and the illogical quality of it, the evilness that is so illogical is a clear signal of the beginning of a new era. So, truly, you and many like you are needed to stand. It doesnít mean that you have to go out and give speeches on the streets of your city, but to simply, day by day, seek within yourself and one another for that which is right and true and real. And I will show you day by day where to go, and you will know in your hearts where to go.

Someone may carry out a very quiet work, someone may do something very dramatic and everyone sees, but it is of no matter. W [wife], you asked this question about the womenís movement. You are My daughter. I have a work for you to do. And, in fact, youíve already started it long ago. Your answers will not come from thinking about it, but, again, day by day really following in your heart what you know to be. You know, the work that you are doing right now, what you did today organizing these talks, is such an important matter. It is not recognized by church headquarters, not recognized in any official sense; but I know and you know. Do you have the conviction that this can really help the brothers and sisters to open themselves?

[W answers, "They already have."] Yes. Yes, that is really the turning point of an era that youíre helping to turn. We recognize each other and this is the important thing.

I tell you that for all the souls in history books who are known as great or sacred human beings, there are a million more souls who never became known in history books and who are even closer to My heart than those who may have their pictures in the history books. So, you will see as the year goes by how things will unfold, and those things of lasting value, those things of lasting importance become more and more obvious and clear as you open to Me. And you have no thought even of what everyoneís doing or where everyone seems to be going; your only thought is how we go together. And if thatís with everyone, thatís all the better. But even if nobody recognizes, in your heart you know itís right and you live and die for that.

Thatís the most important thing! Look at Jesus and you see that pattern. In his life he was not popular and he wasnít doing what everyone was doing. He was recognized, in fact, but more as a criminal or as a rebel than as a man of God. And so you never know how your life will go. Itís interesting that when you put your life into My hands, you may even find yourself at odds with the people around you. But thatís unavoidable in the world the way it is. It is a world that goes too much by its head, too much by its extremely limited intellectual and emotional perspective and not enough, again, by that original perspective.

The era is changing, and I tell you to stay with Me and watch it happen. Youíll see amazing things in the coming years. This network of heart that Iíve talked about with you is going to grow and grow and grow. And youíre going to meet more and more and more people, even through this business activity, where you can share together something profound. This is what I have wanted, and yet very often the people I have called donít see it. Donít see it. But I will keep speaking. I will keep trying to reach, because I know there are hearts that are opening. Beyond frustration, many times, is an open door.

When people just get to the point of anger or frustration because theyíre not happy with the structure around them, when they go only that far I am saddened, because I know that with just one step more they can open up a door to a whole new understanding of themselves, of the purpose of their lives, of Me, and of this thing that you call the providence. I have to say again that your view of the providence has been very narrow and, again, if you see through My eye Iíll show you the providence with a whole new profile. There are many things to share as we go on into the year, but in this month of January Iíve wanted to speak basically of certain realities that can help you build your foundation for the coming year.

Keep your faith. And W, in particular with the womenís movement in mind, pray for [name] and really support her because as you yourself noticed yesterday, the very thing that is creating the blockage is perhaps necessary in order for her, as that sisterís dream spoke, to stand up and exert that original self that dwells within her. She is a woman who has wonderful resources, but sometimes there is a need for that person to be really pushed and tested (whether the person pushing is aware or not), for that person to really stand and to become a different person, to take a step into the unknown. And when they take that step they will find that the unknown is simply My territory.

So pray for her and pray for all of you women because you do have a very important role to play. But youíre going to have to take that role. Unfortunately, it will not be given to you by earthly men. With very few exceptions, they are still too insecure of their own selves to recognize that the Age of Woman -- and that is a very important aspect of this age -- is upon them and that it is in Godís hands, not in their hands. You can share this with [name] if you wish, W. It is very simple but very important. And do not let her fall back into despair. This is the time for her to stand triumphantly, and all of you along with her, because tomorrow, if her position changed, it could be another woman. Sooner or later all of you need to stand in this respect. Iíll leave you with this tonight. Iím very happy that weíre meeting like this. This year will be a very exciting journey for us.

Let us offer prayer and close.

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