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Godly Individualism

David Hose
January 19, 1996

Good evening. Your prayers have covered many points that are in harmony with what I want to share with you tonight, particularly this matter of what you call individualism. Also, I want to speak about responsibility in this era and the key to loving -- the key to going beyond the limitations of the world through truly Godly responsibility.

First, I want to congratulate you because in this week you are opening up some doors, not just on the obvious level, the external level, but in your hearts. Youíre finding hope, youíre finding a fire, and this is good. And I want to tell you, even if the external failed, never lose that fire, never lose your inspiration. Donít be controlled by things outside of yourself. I want you never to forget that, because thatís the fire that can truly bring you through all the difficulties and bring you, ultimately, to running quickly toward the kingdom. This matter of individualism is such an important thing to understand. It has been a word that oftentimes is used to demean people or to speak of their shortcomings. In other words, and in your own experience, someone says, "This person is individualistic." It means theyíre selfish, theyíre unable to think of others sincerely but are wrapped up in their own needs and desires.

This is individualism that is not of Me and not in harmony with Me. But there is another individualism that is truly the key to the kingdom of heaven, and that is God-centered individualism. Yes, there is a need, as the kingdom foundations are being laid, at times, to lay aside individual desires, individual uniqueness, etc., and just dig the hole together to lay the foundations. But there is also a time for the individual to bloom and come forth as only he or she can. You see, when you look around you in the world right now, you are living in a world full of very gifted people.

Technologically, the world is being powered by very great minds and brains at this point. You live in the area of the man named Bill Gates. Look at his gifts and what he is offering; he is changing the world. And look at the creative abilities of Hollywood or the film production companies; they can turn out some very moving things. Of course they turn out a lot of things that are not productive for your heart or your mind, but they also have a tremendous ability to influence. And so at this time, if you think that your only mission in life is to cut off from your individual self, self-denial as one of your people has said, and just "dig that hole," well it might be good for a certain time, but there is also a time when one has to truly expand and express that genius and those gifts that I gave to you. I gave those gifts to be used in harmony with Me. We were to sing the song of life together, you and I, your gifts and My gifts, parent and child together in the kingdom.

And when you think of the creative power in the world today that is not united with Me, that is in the name of selfishness or power, thatís centered on individuals away from Me, then you understand why I need people who can bring out their full creative potential: the intelligence that I gave them, the heartistic abilities I gave them, the intuitive abilities, the creative abilities (art, music, writing, expression, speech, singing, and living in general) to be able to set a direction toward goodness, toward life in the true sense, toward that which you call the kingdom, to counter the negative production by very clever and very brilliant minds and hearts. And so I want to stress tonight this matter of Godly individualism.

This is a time of real change for those who have been raised in the Unification movement. There was even a time when those who expressed their creative abilities or creative ideas were told to "just dig that hole," they were told that was their fallen nature and they should just cut it off. But in so many cases, I know, those people were simply starting to visualize what was going to rise up out of that hole, the building of the kingdom -- and they were seeing those dreams. One such person is your good brother and friend, T. Heís flying very high and is very hard to understand by those who are only looking into the hole and still believing that digging that dirt is the only way. Someone has to start to put up the girders, to erect that tower that is going to be so high. And you yourselves have experienced this kind of desire to look heavenward and to truly fly in this way. Individualism in this context is your highest aspiration because it is not an individualism that crushes other people or prefers yourself above other people, or that hurts others or hurts yourself with negative actions or a self-consuming way of life. It is an individualism where you are linked with Me.

This is the path of a true son or a true daughter. And I have to say that this is the time to assume that path. And this is where the greatest strength will come. That is why you find people looking in new places for the strength they no longer feel. Those who have been working that collective way for so long are tired.

They look for something and at the same time they doubt themselves because someone around them may say, "Oh youíre just selfish, you donít want to do what the rest of us are doing." Or they themselves, without even being told, may feel, "Maybe Iím just trying to do my own thing, and perhaps I should just focus more deeply. Or maybe Iím just being taken over by a very immature or wrong spirit." Donít doubt yourself! When you doubt yourself, so many times you are doubting Me! Thatís what keeps people mediocre, not really going toward the high goal. And here is where I want to link individualism with responsibility.

The highest form of love and the highest form of being comes when you are in a direct face-to-face relationship with Me as an individual, fully responsible and responsive to Me as I am to you. Iím not asking you to treat Me like a king, because you are My kings and queens. I bow down to you also. And I want to lift you up higher than Myself.

You are My sons and daughters. This is not royalty. This is family. And in that way, as you come before Me, as we come to link up with each other, truly then you begin to feel this toward others. The life of true responsibility and true Godly individualism is the life of no blame for others, the life of no jealousy, no envy, because you are not looking side-by-side, youíre looking straight into My face. And as you look more and more into My face, then you can see those others through My eye.

There is no other way to look. Jesus Christ talked about loving your enemies. He knew the secret of loving the enemy. It is not just pushing yourself in some way to find a way to just look at that person and try to love them, because many times your enemy may be very nasty to you and do very evil things toward you, as they did to him. How could he love them if he was only looking at those things? Again, he was so focused and so concentrated on Me internally that as he looked at those so-called enemies, he could see them through My eyes as his brothers and sisters, as My sons and daughters who simply were asleep, caught up with their own Godless individualism and insecurity, fighting what they didnít even understand, like little children.

How can you hate little children who are in the darkness and just flailing with their arms against something that they have no idea of? Do you understand? If you hate them, you put yourself on the same level as they are. And if you can learn to love by coming into that Godly interface with Me through your heart and that attitude of responsibility, then youíre going to know the true meaning of loving your enemy. This is not a condescending love, looking down on them like stupid little children. No. It is a love that wants to lift them up because you recognize that youíve been there too, and you have, at any moment, that same potential to go into that darkness.

You can never think that youíre completely free of that and that you never have to worry. Be careful of conceit. And so, again, this is a key. And as you work with Me this year, as you work together, I want you to try to focus on going beyond blame, going beyond anger or frustration at those who may be positionally above you in your movement or whatever, and simply to see them as I do. This is not an easy thing to do because you spent so long seeing them as you see them, and thatís complete with emotions that perhaps come out of wrong words they gave you or the time they walked away from you when you were in need. And so itís very hard to see them as I see them because you have strong impressions of how you felt, how you see them.

But I want to ask you to try and approach Me that way and really try to pray for that perspective. Truly, to pray for another person is ultimately to see them as I see them, to melt into My heart and look at them through My eye. This does not mean to be just accepting of the wrongdoing of another person when itís there and to sort of melt into this all-accepting love. No. It may mean taking steps to correct that wrongdoing, but, as I told you before, you donít want to take steps just from your own ground but, again, from My ground, and thatís ultimately My heart. And as I see that person, I want to lift them up out of the ignorance, out of the conceit, out of the wrongdoing, to lift them up. This is the highest form of judgment, I tell you. I canít just lift them up without their responsibility; they must recognize what they have done and be accountable for it -- as you have, too, in your life and as you must continue to do in your daily life.

It is no different, their process and yours. The actions may be different, the wrongdoings may be different, but the process is ultimately the same in front of Me and in front of My eye. As you look at your children, for example, do you see the process of their growth, even though their characters are different and their patterns may be different, do you see it basically different? No, itís pretty much the same for each of them, being accountable for themselves. So, I want you to know that I look at each person that way.

Even a Hitler I look at this way; however monstrous his crimes, I cannot banish him, ultimately, from creation. He is an eternal soul and I have to lift him, even this man who killed so many of My precious sons and daughters, I have to lift him up and raise him to be a good son sooner or later. That is My love ultimately. I know what was inside of all that evil; I know what was inside of that. You see, thatís what I mean by looking through My eye at someone. We live in a world where people are so quick to condemn for even one wrong word, because they are very young and very childish and donít realize that interfacing responsibility with Me. And so when I speak of Godly individualism, Godly responsibility, this is the foundation of Godly love.

Love initiates out of your heart, not because you studied it in a holy book, not because some holy man told you it was the thing to do, but because you experienced it on your path and you came to the top of that mountain, and you looked into the face of love and you reflected it. Itís not an easy way, but itís the only way to go. That is where I want to bring this world, each and every one. And so I ask you to use this year to learn and never give up because I am with you and I wonít abandon you. Please donít let those wanderings be so long. Always, if you wander, come right back, because we can only go to a good place together. I love you and Iím going to leave it at that for tonight. I realize you may have questions, but I want to let you think about these things tonight and to leave these with you.

Iíll say goodnight and ask W [wife] to pray.

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