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Forming A Higher Trinity By Allowing God To Be Above The Problem

David Hose
September 15, 1995

Good evening, My children. There is always so much to speak about, but there are more important things and less important things for us to talk about. And knowing that, this kind of time, with both of you together, with Me and with this recording device, let us focus on some of those more important things tonight.

Iím very happy to be with you and to be sharing in this way again because there are many couples, like yourselves, who are going through very similar circumstances. As you know, there are those who have been calling you in the past days to talk about vitamins or to talk about jewelry or various methods of making money. Why? Because everyone is going through the same struggle, trying to find some way to establish a financial foundation. And I know those many couples and individuals are faithful people who know what is most important in life, and money is not most important, but it is a necessity, isnít it, for your family and for your well-being in this modern world where you have to pay for a home (you canít live in a cave) and you canít kill your food in the forest (you have to buy it at Costco).

I am very aware of these things. At the same time, the greatest point of education for you at this time lies in your ability to deepen evermore your daily consciousness of Me, and even in your sharing together you are aware that I am most intimately with you. It is in those times when your consciousness leaves Me and you are only conscious of one another and your problem that you become insecure and like lost little children, trying to find your way through a big and very dark forest.

I am aware of this and itís for that purpose that I want to say to you and to all couples who are in this hometown path and who are facing financial challenge (this is one challenge -- there are many challenges, but this is one that is pretty universal) that this is a time of really deeply learning who I am and how to bring Me into even the most mundane or seemingly ungodly details of your life. For it is when you put Me first and really allow Me to enter your consciousness in every level of your life that you will learn truly the place of ultimate gravity within yourself, and you will learn how not to be just dominated by those problems. You know the four-position foundation.

Well, at the time when the problem becomes your main focus, you can say that you have, in one way, replaced Me, at the center of that four-position foundation, with the problem. And then youíre just interacting between yourselves, focusing on the problem. Thatís a very difficult trinity, isnít it?

Itís not to say that you should just focus on Me and pretend thereís no problem, but put Me above the problem and let Me take a role of greater importance than the problem, if you understand what I mean. In other words, let Me work on the problem with you. I truly want to. I canít, of course, give you all the little detailed answers, but what I do want to make with you is an environment, spiritually, where you can call from truly the adult self in yourself, that mature self, rather than going back to the little child whoís lost in the forest. Itís when you know My presence, more than just in your mind but truly in your heart, that you can call the best from your husband, your wife, and with that kind of union really take a look at the problems that you face and start to make a path to overcome them one by one.

You know, certainly Iím aware that youíre not selfish people and that many of your brothers and sisters, who are in the same situation you are, are not selfish people. But it is possible to sort of come through the back door of selfishness to where you want to live a faithful and unselfish life, but because of these physical and financial problems that you are forever struggling with from Monday to Sunday, just how to survive, your thinking becomes very money centered, material centered.

Not because youíre bad or greedy people but, again, because the problem has dominated you -- dominated your emotions, your energy, so that at night when you go to bed there isnít a feeling of peaceful rest; itís just exhaustion. And I want to rest with you, to sleep with you, to share that peace with you at the end of the day, and to see that you are resting with a sense of having achieved something.

Thatís why I say that I want to work on the problem with you, and that means to take the time day by day to spend with Me, whether it be early morning or at mid-day during your lunch break, or sometime in the evening -- whenever there is a moment of peace -- to just take that time and commune with Me and to know that I am with you. It hurts Me very much when you separate Me off into a part of your life that is sort of like a church and then most of the week you donít even enter that part of your life, which would be called prayer or meditation or communion with Me, but the greater part of your week is just struggling with the problems.

This is like the person who just forgets Me except for Sunday mornings when they try to be religious for a couple of hours. Itís exactly the same thing. And for Me itís heartbreaking because [tearfully] thatís not My idea of a true relationship. I want to have a relationship with you 24 hours a day. Iím not always going to be giving you revelations or great prophecies or all kinds of words. Sometimes itís beautiful to be quiet together. But when Iím in your consciousness that way, when you know that Iím here, itís the time when you can come down to the very deep root of yourself and that is the kind of force or power that can bring you through the problems you have.

I tell you, one thing is the problem you face, objectively speaking, how to establish a good financial foundation. But there is another problem. Itís when faced with that problem you are just struggling, struggling, struggling, then thatís a second problem, isnít it? Itís not just one problem; itís two. Itís the problem objectively and itís the problem of your reaction to it. I truly donít want to preach to you tonight; I just want to work with you on these things.

I know, in your training over the years, you were taught that I donít have time for this kind of thing, that Iím too busy restoring China or the Universe. But, as you know very well, I work in each molecule, in each atom of existence. Then how much more do I want to work with a Blessed Family that is truly seeking to do My will and truly seeking to work on the Kingdom but temporarily has a weight, called financial problems, tied around itís foot. Knowing that heart, what kind of father am I if I say I donít have time for you because youíre not doing some great universal righteous work? What kind of parent is that? So please know and trust Me that I am with you, and that if that second problem, in other words the reaction to the financial problem you have, if you can start to work on that, then I know that you can get through. Furthermore, youíre going to learn a lot in the coming days; and believe Me when I say the times will get better -- it will be sooner than you expect. And it may come from an unexpected source.

Do you know how it is when, for example, you wanted to bring someone to God, and you worked and worked and worked and worked, and it seemed as if the whole world didnít care about God. And then after 90 or 100 or 150 days of work and looking for somebody, then one day while you were eating lunch someone came running up to you and said, "You look like the person Iíve been shown in a dream who was supposed to tell me something about God. Is that true, is that you?" Well, it seems that you didnít even do anything to bring that person to you, but please understand that on the foundation of your effort and your dedication, I could prepare you for that moment. So itís the same thing on this level of finance. Please donít be defeated by the problem, and donít put that problem in that first object position place. let Me stand where I am and then together we can work out this problem day by day.

H [husband] and W [wife], and H, I have to tell you particularly youíve got to talk more with your wife about this kind of situation. You become emotionally like a child and you want to run away from it and you donít want to hear it -- because she does not make it easy, she wants you to know clearly. Iím asking you to please become more objective about this and stop this emotionalism, because it is not good for you.

You are a couple and both parts are needed. Sheís the one who has to face the reality of the bills and, therefore, she needs you to be right there with her. Whether it be once or twice in a week, you make your plan. But the two of you should take the time. She said this to you many months ago, and you just find a way to go to the garage or out on the road. I know you have to do that, but you donít have to do it all the time. You have to put aside a little time during the week to talk together. Otherwise, itís very hard for Me to work between the two of you if you are emotionally reacting. Then whatís this trinity about anyway? So, H, thatís not right and Iím asking you to please calm down a bit. Do you understand?

There will be many, many couples tested with this hometown era beginning, but this is a good thing. It is a good thing and it is not, ultimately, how you can all become financially successful. Itís how you really build that trinital relationship with Me in this time. Thatís the most important thing, isnít it, because there will come a time when youíll need no money -- itís called the spiritual world. Then what have you built? Understand, there are many wealthy people in this area where you live who are divorced and maybe they have alimony coming. Do you think they are happy because they get $10,000 a month? No. So money has very little to do with the final solution to eternal life. Itís just a beginning point, but understand whatís the most important thing right now. And, as I say, if you will understand that then your practical problems will have a better chance of being worked out also.

W, is there anything you want to say to Me or to H or...


W says: "No, you pointed out exactly, because many times I felt alone and I didnít feel like I had a partner who is going through things with me but is struggling separately away from me. So, I hope to work that out together."

I have to say on Hís part that he wants very much to be successful and takes it very personally if that success doesnít come. And I know that you want to be absolutely included in his thinking. But again heís struggling with a certain artistís mentality that he wants to make a great painting or a great drawing and be recognized, not just selfishly, but truly making a statement on My behalf. He needs to see the difference between that and the foundation for that great painting, which will be the two of you as a couple with Me.

This is what many artists have failed to see down through history and, ironically, even though their works look very beautiful, many times there is great sorrow behind them because of lack of relationship with people, whether it be a friend or, particularly, a partner or spouse. So, he also has to struggle with this, and it is a very deep kind of karma that is coming down through art history time and again. And that too can be worked out in your couple. It just takes a certain understanding and that is what restoration is about. Can you understand that? It has to do with types of personalities.

To change the subject a little bit, I just want to make a few remarks about the other area that youíre dealing with right now. And that is your relationship with the church as a whole and particularly with the True Parents.

As I told you before, this is a time when an inheritance has got to take place, and that inheritance is going from the older generation to the newer one. So, just as your working through your financial problems demands that we work together, the challenges that you face as you look at the church right now and as you look at the future with many questions, again, our union is important in that respect. Whatever good has been done by the church, by True Parents, will last eternally. And nobody can change that in all the earth.

Whatever inequities have come, those will have to be dealt with. But if, in the face of those inequities, just as with financial problems, you just become like children, reactive and emotional (and there are many who respond in this way), well, then we have two problems. Thereís the objective problem to be solved, and then the other problem is that thereís nobody who can solve it because theyíre all caught up in their own emotional reactions.

Itís very parallel in both cases and so we need to work on those things so that you can see clearly and see truly what is real and what you are needing to be doing. Yes, if people, just like children, get into the realm of emotional reaction (they get on the telephone, they talk back and forth) they want to stir up so many conversations about scandalous things. But what does this accomplish?

Someone says, "Well, we have to talk about these things." Yes, I agree, these have to be brought up, but they need to be brought out in the context of My presence. In other words, on the foundation of truthfulness and not simply on the foundation of that emotional reaction. Otherwise there is no solution. And so again, just talking about things is not the point. Itís what ground you are standing on as you speak about them. Remember I told you there is nothing wrong with being righteously angry, but on whose ground do you stand, Mine or yours? Please recognize that My ground is much larger and, truly, if you stand with your feet planted firmly on that ground, then many things can be worked through. And each couple has a certain thing to take care of, whether it be smaller or larger. This is My concern.

This is enough tonight. I just want you to go ahead and share these things as you have in the past. And I want to spend a lot of time with you this fall, because both of you, after a year of many struggles [laughter] are ready for a next series of talks, together, all of us. We need this. And I am very happy. Donít think that I want to get after you because we havenít talked enough. There are times when we go apart, in the sense of our consciousness, and a time when we come back together. Just know, though, that I am always together with you.

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